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Silent Talks

Beth's POV

We were driving back to home. Home. That sounds so foreign yet soothing to me. I feel like I do have a family to go back to.

Maybe this is my new beginning.

Mark is still the same. I feel like I have done something wrong. He barely talks to me. And whenever he does, he tries to converse about those topics that have nothing to do with us. It is obvious that he is ignoring a meaningful conversation with me.

Every night, he comes home smelling of an expensive cologne, and he never fails to claim me, every chance he gets. I always fail to deny his demands. I discover that I can not say no to him.

“Who is preparing for the party?” I tried to talk.

“Already been done.” he sounded least interested. “You just have to get up and be there.”

“What does she like?”

“Aren't you too interested in her?”

“I just want to be good to her. We hardly talk to each other.”

“You don't have to be in her good book.” He comments.

“Yes- because I am warming your bed.” I snapped at him. He was behaving, like Savannah's approval doesn't matter. She's his daughter. His firstborn. Her consent matters. Always.

“You are not my bed warmer.”

“I am next Emily to you,” I stated a fact. I never wanted to be mistress but now, that's what I am. He showers gifts and his so-called concern in exchange for me to be in his bed.

“You are my 1st Elizabeth.” His voice had a foreign emotion but his eyes were cold. Barren of expression. “We will talk to Savannah.”

“I don't want her to be hurt.”

Mark nodded, assuring me that he heard me and kissed my left palm. He does that every chance he gets. Reminding us that I am a handicap.

“Do you trust me?” It was an unusual question. These words meant that MARK ROGERS lack the confidence. Despite being interested in his question, I nodded hoping he would tell me the reason of this question.

“Rossi is coming.” He continued.

“And my baby?” I jumped for joy. If Rossi family is coming then it means my daughter is meeting me.

He nodded with a chuckle. I am falling with the smile of this man.

“Even...... Abigail is invited.” He was surely nervous. Abigail.

“She left a voice mail. I see you have your watch now.” I taunted him.

He cursed yet continue to drive.

“You were with her......”

“We were planning the birthday party. She is Savannah's mother.” He clarified.

“Then why did you smell of lady's perfume every night?” I fire back.

He didn't reply. He was silent and refuse to look at me. Why do I feel betrayed?

“You are sleeping with her.” I accused him.

“I am with you.”

“Yet you smell like her perfume.”

“We can talk.....”

“Stop... It's suffocating here.” I requested.

He parked his Ashton Martin aside and opened the window half but kept the child lock. Sometimes, I hate this man.

“You keep sleeping with her and then you come to me.” I was disgusted by this. How could he sleep around with multiple women? Then again the answer is 'he is a man with needs.'

“I just needed a stress relief. It happened only once. I was sure you would deny my touch.” He blurted out. “It happened.....”

“Then why the hell every night you smell like her?” I whispered yelled, thinking about Sylvia who was sleeping peacefully.

Again, he refused to look at me. His silent treatment. He imagines that I have a superpower and I could listen to his thought so that there's no misunderstanding.

“You love her.” I don't know why but I felt heartbroken.

“No... It was just the heat of the moment. I slept with her once. She tries to seduce......”

“Yes- that's why you smell like her every night.”

“For fucking sake, keep your mouth shut and listen to me once....... She has been trying to seduce me to sleep with her again. It all happened before we started anything.” He touched my palm but I kept our distance. “I would never cheat in you.” He sighed.

“But you smell like her.” I cried out. “Why did you plan the party with her?”

“She's Savannah's mother. She wants to be part of her daughter's life.”

“It's Sylvia's birthday as well. I want to be part of Savannah's life too. I want to be a part of both of your daughters life.”

He opened his mouth to say something and then closes it. I think, he understood that I am desperate to become a part of Savannah's life. And he took my chance away.

We sat in silence for a while then we drove back to home. Actually, his home. A renovated home, that looks bigger now.

I took the tour and found 2 new rooms added. They managed all this in just 5 days.


“Savannah will be back around midnight.” Mark had been trying to talk to me but I don't want to talk to him.

“Tomorrow 11 O'Clock.....”

“I will be there for your daughters birthday celebration.” I interrupted. “After all, Abigail planned it.” I was in the mood of mocking him.

“Valerio will be here.” He said with caution. I believe, he's anxious about it.

“I want my daughter to be present in your daughters birthday celebration.” I walked to my room but it's not my room any more. It is a library. I looked for my room but I don't have any room now.

“Our room is beside Sylvia.” Mark kept following me. “Elizabeth- stop acting like a child.”

Instead of responding to him, I pushed him away, but he didn't have any effect on him. Rather, he looked amused. He raised his eyebrows challenging me and I embraced what he had planned for me. He lifted me on his shoulder and took me to his room and tossed me on the bed.

“Sylvia is sleeping. Be quiet.” He warned me.

He took out his t-shirt and then vest. His hands pressed my waist on his bed and his hunger kisses almost made me surrender.

“Talk to me.” He sounded vulnerable but I didn't give up and kept quiet. “Then we can have our silent talks.”

He tore my dress and my panties, to dive into my valley of womanliness. I pushed him, but then he dug his nails on my thigh causing me to moan.

“Sh...” He licked my vertical lips. “Silent talks.”

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