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Sisters in White

Beth's POV

My leg hurts. My body hurts. But I like it.


I opened my eyes to see the time. 6:30. I couldn't sleep all night. He kept me busy. Even after Savannah arrived, he didn't stop. He resumed from where he started.

He tried every position I could imagine.

“So you are fucking him.” It's Savannah. She was leaning on the door frame of the closet, I assume. “He is showering gifts.” She lifted the boxes of filled with medicines and gave it to me. “ I don't want you to trap him with a child.”

I was embarrassed that she knew what we did last night. I tried to cover myself with a blanket and didn't say anything. How could I say when we both know that what me and Mark Rogers did, is not acceptable to Savannah.

The first task I did, was to swallow the pill and then I got dressed to meet her. But she wasn't available. I was welcomed by Hunter.

He took me to training and Sophia was ready to look for Sylvia.

While jogging, I saw Mark was with Victor, dressed in casual.

“They just arrived,” Hunter said.

I was practising to unlock the gun, when Mark hugged me from my back. It startled me. He hugged me until my breathing was normal and gave me his signature kiss.

He licked my lips before placing his hunger kiss on my lips and kissed my forehead before leaving.

“I see- Mr Rogers looks happy,” Hunter smiled. “You make him happy.”

“Of course, she warms his bed.” Savannah mocked me while passing through us. She was jogging, looked tired with eye bags. Is it because of me?

“She was furious when I ruined her plan.” Hunter laughed. “She was planning to seduce my best friend. But I ruined it.”

“Why your best friend?”

“Because she knows my feelings.” He passed me another gun. Another variety. How many types of guns are available in the world?

We need to stop the violence.

We kept practising until I was ready to pass out. It was Mark, who supported me to walking back to home. Our home.

I was ready waiting for my daughter to come when Mark objected my dress. I wore sober jeans and white blouse. Yet again......

“Change before I teach you in my way,” Mark growled but I ignored. “So you want to whore around your lover.” He accused me.

I didn't say anything and went to change. Bloody man.

“Elizabeth..... Wear white.” Mark said.

Isn't he sorry for what he said?

“I don't want to Valerio to look at what's mine.” He explained.

“Yes- I am a thing now.” I snapped at him. They all treat me like a thing.

He cursed before caging me into his arms and pour all his anger in his kiss. I hate that he kisses me, every chance and every time, I surrender to him. All the time, he drags me to his bed beneath him, when he's angry, or when he's sad, or any other feeling. He is a man lot of needs.

“Don't do that....” I gasped when I felt his teeth on my breast. “I will wear a white.”

“I look delicious in white.” He sucked my nipples. “Let me taste you.”

“Later?” I whined.

“Then, there would be more.” He pecked before leaving.

I wore a knee-length button white dress and Sophia tied my hairs. I really need to have a haircut. As days go by, tying my hair is becoming a major task.

I was busy in baking cookies when I heard someone shouting 'mommy'. It's Eli. She calls me mommy. She wore a white jumpsuit with a pink Snickers.

Without wasting any moment, she hugged me. I couldn't believe my daughter is here. I was on the verge of cry and hugged my daughter.

“You didn't come to my birthday.” She pouted.

“I am sorry baby.” I kissed her head.

“Matching.” She pointed at my dress, telling me that we both ate wearing the same colour dress.

Sylvia was pouting, sitting on the floor next to us when we didn't give her enough attention. I laughed at this cute little silver and carried her to settle down on the kitchen counter.

“Who is she?” Eli asked.

“Mama......” Sylvia hugged me, establishing her territory.

“You don't love me.” Eli was almost ready to cry assuming worse, but she was waiting for my answer.

“Who said that? You are my baby. I will always love. Mother loves their kids.” I kissed my daughter's nose. “And I love Silver as well.”

“It means she's your baby too?” Eli gave a curious look at Sylvia was glaring back at her. Are they jealousy of each other? But I think, they both are too young to understand any of this.

“Yes... She's my baby too.” I replied. I really feel Sylvia is mine. I breastfed her. I witnessed her first step, even she calls mama. Yes, she's my baby.

“It means she's my sissy?” I nodded at my daughter's question. Suddenly, Eli beamed with joy. “She's mine.” She said like she sang a song.

Eli didn't waste any time and kissed Sylvia's chubby cheeks which she didn't like, of course. Sylvia screeched and pushed Eli away and scooped closer to me.

Sylvia and her 'phelimaphobia' (phobia of kisses, according to google).

“She doesn't like me.” Eli frowned.

“She doesn't like to be kissed, baby. You are her sister then why don't you play with her?” I offered her.

“But she.....”

“She will love you.” I kissed Sylvia who was looking at Eli with curiosity. “Sylvia is a good girl.”

I took Eli and Sylvia to 'our room', mine and Mark, where I arranged various dolls for them. They were getting better with each other. Eli was called her sissy and within a few minutes, Sylvia wanted Eli to focus on herself.

“She is your daughter.” Savannah interrupted pointing at Eli. “Looks exactly like you.” She looked at us and then her dress. “Dad brought us all the same coloured dress.”

I turned to look at her dress that suited her perfectly. She looked almost a beautiful woman. She's 17. I realized Mark brought us white dress purposely.

He gifted Eli white, made me wear white, gave Savannah a white dress and dress Sylvia in white.

“Who are you?” Eli hugged Sylvia as if she was protecting this little baby who was busy in frowning.

“I am Savannah. And that baby is my sister.” Savannah said.

“She is my sister too...” Eli was quiet before she jumped and ran to Savannah. “It means you are my sister too.” She exclaimed as if she discovered something. “I will tell you everything.....” And that's how Eli started talking to Savannah.

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