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Friendly Advice

Beth's POV

"Did you bake them?" Savannah almost moaned while eating the cookies that I baked for her. Of course, I didn't have money to bring the gift. So I thought that maybe she might like cookies. "You should have your own bakery. I can help you. Just pay me with these cookies."

"That's my mother's recipe." I blushed.

"She taught you to bake."

"Yes, she taught me about cakes, sweets. And...."

"My mother left me when I was three. I cried the whole night when dad said she is busy. But I knew she will never be back." She took another cookie. "She never taught me anything."

"But she does shower you lot of gifts." A teen boy that looked almost like Elijah said. He had a lot of gifts bag and was waiting for Savannah to reply, but she avoided him. "Happy Birthday, sister." He finally said.

"I don't want any wishes from a bastard." She started collecting cookie in her hands, as many as possible. I understood she's preparing to leave. "Fuck off, Synn"

"Even you are a BASTARD too," Synn said trying to stay polite but he's annoyed. It appears that he has self-control. This behaviour of him reminds me of Antonio.

"Bastard?" Eli asked.

"No cursing around my daughters," I warned them.

"Eli, would you like to see Tinker?" Savannah ignored me and invited Eli.

"Tinker?" Eli asked.

"Yes, it's Tinker Bell. Your mama has a puppy." She cooed my daughter.

"I have a puppy too. Snow." Eli bounced on her chair. I was afraid that she might fall down and hurt herself. "He said you send snow to me." She looked at me.

"He?" Both Savannah and I asked together.

"She's talking about Mark Rogers." Synn ate the cookie. "è fottutamente fantastico." He moaned. (It's fucking awesome)

Savannah took Eli with her and Synn followed his sister, trying to talk to his sister. He looked desperate to talk to his sister. I can tell that he's trying to be in her life. He is trying to be her brother.

I cleaned the kitchen as well as Sylvia's face and hands who was busy eating pieces of cookies.

"I see you are alone." Mark hugged me from the back and just turned my head a little and licked my lips before kissing me hard. He sucked and bite my lips causing me to lose my strength of standing. But he held me tight, helping me stand.

It was someone gasping that persuaded him to get away from me.

There, stands an average height blonde. She looked sexy and elegant at the same time. I was jealous of her. She's a woman of every men's desire. Those facial features looks like Savannah.


She is Abigail who continued to glare at me. She doesn't like me.

"You are Elizabeth?" She sounded disgusted.

I knew, I don't look pretty and my hand looks awful but I do look decent. What is disgusting about my appearance?

Mark ignored her and kissed me again, this time it was deeper. I was satisfied with the first time of his action. Every night, he scented like her. Now, she knows I am the one he wants.

"Yes- this my Elizabeth." He pecked my lips again after replying Abigail. "Elizabeth, you know her. Abigail Evans. Savannah's mother."

"You look as pretty as Savannah." I tried to polite.

"Seriously...." Abigail raised her eyebrows in amusement. "You look naive." She ignored me and looked at Mark. "She's next Emily to you."

"She's my first Elizabeth." He clenched his teeth. "Savannah is not here. Lunch is being served outside. At lawn."

"Take Sylvia with you. I am joining you both." I kissed his jaw, hoping that it would calm him down.

"Mama....." Sylvia pouted when I passed my bundle of joy to her father. "Mama...." She bites his biceps and he screeched.

"Baby... Mama will join you." I cooed her and she pouted again.

Mark kissed my forehead and left without acknowledging Abigail.

"You look a lot like Eli," Abigail remarked. "You are Beth." I nodded as a reply and she became uncomfortable. "That baby calls you mama." Again, I ignored her. "So you are sleeping with him." She mocked me and as usual, I ignored her. I couldn't form any word. "Do yourself a favour don't fall in love with him. That man is incapable of loving someone."

"But he loves Savannah. Sylvia." I defended him.

"He is a great father. But not a lover." She said with a vicious smile and sat.

"You love him?" I said while trying to keep myself calm. Her presence is annoying. She reminds me that Mark has a daughter with her. She will always be the woman who gave him his first child.

"He's the father of my first child." She looked satisfied with my condition. "I have always loved him."

"You left them." I accused her.

"That's MY daughter's point of view. Ask Mark." She chuckled. "I had to leave for Synn. I was pregnant with him and Leonardo Rossi is very protective of his child, along with Antonia and Valerio. After all, my son is the youngest among the Rossi brothers."

"Antonio and Valerio are his brother?" I thought there are two Rossi brothers but the youngest one is surprising. It means Abigail left Mark and Savannah for Rossi brother's father. That man must be old enough to her father. I was nauseated by this thought.

"I can see your face." Her face was without any expression. "I am not his wife nor his mistress. I used to work as an escort to billionaires. And one night, while escorting Leo, Synn happened. We were drunk, and he paid a fortune to me to shut my mouth. That man had no idea that I loved Mark so much that I was going to pretend that it never happened. I tried to abort to Synn. For Savannah. For Mark. But for a Rossi family comes first. Sarah took my son, Mark left with Savannah then........... I had no one." Her voice held no emotion as if she's habitual of repeating her story again and again. "Rossi are in mafia but they are not bad. They gave me home, job as an advisor to his legal firm, helped in education...... Synn knows I gave birth to him, but he doesn't acknowledge me as his mother neither Savannah. No one acknowledges me." She chuckled. "I tried to........"

"Mark..." We heard Victor. He sounded impatient.

"He is in the backyard with Sylvia," Abigail yelled as an answer to Victor's call.

"Beth... Tell him I am going to the office for business." Victor was hurry and surely, he does know about Abigail. I thought he would tell me face to face, but we heard him slamming the main door, implying he left.

"Even Victor doesn't acknowledge me." She let out a humourless laugh. "I loved Mark so much that I had the courage to let him go." I could hear the pain in her voice. "Yet He never loved me; even after Savannah. But he is a loyal man."

She ate the cookie and moaned. She ate another two cookies continuously.

"It tastes familiar." She ate another.

"You both grew together?" I asked. Damn! I don't like this woman at all, yet I want to talk to her. She knows Mark since forever. They were in an orphanage together. Maybe I can ask about his father.

"Yes, We were almost kids when we started messing around. He lost his virginity to me. I taught......"

"I don't want to discuss that. Just tell me if......"

"Be careful he's a manipulator. Don't trust his every word." She patted my cheeks. "Friendly advice to you."

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