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Birthday Gift

Victor's POV

“Where is he?” I asked August.

Damn! That man has the audacity to contact Mark. I wanted to tell my best friend, brother. But then, his answer would be as usual. So, I decided to sort it out in my capacity.

“He was not ready to leave.” August looked tired. “He is in your office.”

“You must take a day off, August.” I pushed him towards the main door. August hardly ask for any day off. He is even ready to work on weekends. He is one of the old and best team members. He knows our journey.

Mark never called us his staff. He called us his team. Family. He even provided us home along with the job. I know what he does is sometimes unethical in every aspect but it is life. Never fair to anyone.

“Mark made clear last time,” I yelled at the intruder. He completely ignored me and continued to drink his whiskey.

“I wanted to meet Mark, not his staff.”

“He doesn't find you important. So he sent his staff.” Mark call us Family.

“Very well!! I can go to meet my granddaughters.” He mocked. “I know his address.”

I laughed. He just called those girls his granddaughters. He is kidding. But his face is deserted of any expression. The similar to that face that I see every day. Older version of Mark.

“Nothing will change the fact that Mark is my elder son and his girls are my granddaughter. Technically, my empire belongs to him.” He announced.

“Nah..... He has his own empire to handle.”

“That boy made me proud.” He genuinely seemed proud. Initially, I always thought he portrays an act about his father love but now, I do understand his feelings. I was damn proud when Neil beat the shit out of Nancy.

“Well, your boy is a man now.”

“Congratulations. About your child.” He clapped loud.

Damn! He knows that. I'll kill this coward that left Mark when he needed him the most. If he knows about my family, then he could use it against me.

“Your voice convinced the news, I wasn't informed about it. Only a father knows how it feels to see your child becoming a better person. And you said my boy is a man now, with so much adoration that I understood, you do have a child now.” He clarified.

“Mark doesn't want to have any contact with you.”

“I know, I was trying my luck.” He buttoned his blazer. “Just passed my precious granddaughters those gifts at the reception. This is the least I am asking.” He was ready to leave. “You would be a grandfather someday. I just want to see that little one.”

“I could send you her photo.” I offered him.

He forced a smile. I feel sympathy for him. But he is facing his Karma. He made his bed now, he should lay on it.

I was about to leave but then I see Mark's message. He wanted to talk to something urgent.

Well! He knows.

“Don't bring anything from that coward,” Mark warned. No hey. No hello. Bastard.

What the hell!!!! He is technically a bastard but According to his father, Mark is the rightful heir.

“He is your father.” I reminded him. “He just wants to see Sylvia.”

“I am a father too. You know what I am doing.” I could feel him smirking. “I need you to come here as fast as possible. Clean your son's mess.”

“What he did now?” Fuck! It's harder than I imagined. Being a father is requires double energy than having sex.

“Nancy....” He laughed. “He needs to learn how to respect a woman.”

“Yes- but no fake feminism. I believe she deserved it.” I laughed.

“It's not easy to be a father.”

“Then think about your father.” I tried for the last time.

“A father never leaves their child.” He fired back.

I didn't say a single word after that. I just couldn't. He is right in every sense. We both know Marcus is a fucked up person.

With one of the biggest empire in the world, he is not happy. Who would be when your child detest you?

I looked at the two mountain of gifts. Clearly different from the other. I can see that the poor grandfather doesn't know about his granddaughters likes and dislikes. So he brought every single thing he could imagine.

I picked up all the cakes ordered by the so-called mother, Abigail. Damn! She ordered for the whole city.

Since I am in the bakery, I decided to call Jenny to ask for her craving. Pregnancy suits her. And I love her for being pregnant. Her skin glows and craves a lot.

“How do you feel?” I said as soon as she received the call.

“No greetings at all.” I can imagine her pouting. “Well, I want a mango pastries. Chocolate chip.....” She stopped speaking. I could hear her whispering to someone, specifically a woman. “No, leave it. Beth will make me everything. She made awesome cookies. She knows how to bake.”

“Then, you should treat her,” I suggested. “I will be home soon after collecting cakes, and whatever Abigail ordered.”

“Just control Neil. He is out of control. He hit Nancy.” She complained.

All I do is laugh. I laughed until I felt tears in my eyes.

Before hanging call, I heard Beth requesting for Blueberry ice cream.

That girl is naive.

I know, Mark is a hard person to deal with but love needs patience. Abigail gave up on him too soon. Both Abigail and Emily lacked patience, but it's the first time, I am seeing he is chasing after someone. I always thought he is waiting for someone right, now it seems like he was always waiting for Beth.

My subconscious mind keeps reminding me that what Mark does is unethical sometimes. But it's life. We have to fight. It's his way of fighting.

He gave me home, job and now, I have a family.

I know, he loves Beth. I can see it. Everyone can feel it.

Despite being a secretive person, I can predict that he is up to something that involves Beth and Eli as well.

Eli is too young and Beth is naive, and he is manipulating both of them. Their whole life.

Maybe he loved Abigail, so he is using both mother-daughter for his bloody revenge. I don't know. All I can feel that they both, innocent soul is going to pay. But I know, Mark is a good person. Or not?

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