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Family Dinner

Beth's POV

“Why did he hit her?” I couldn't believe that a 10-year-old son of Jennifer could be so aggressive. She always mentioned that since her husband left, her son, Neil behaves lost in his own world.

“He is a calm child but... I don't know.” Jennifer looks exhausted.

“He must be having his own reasons.” I tried to calm this pregnant lady, but she continued to weep. “He is a good kid.”

“You haven't met him. How do you know? I tried to convince him to meet you many times, but he refuses.” She groaned. Pregnancy and hormones. Unfortunately, I never enjoyed any of my pregnancy “She was the one. Nancy, I frowned when Jennifer said. Nothing made sense. “My ex-husband left us for her.”

Are we talking the same, Nancy? Last time, I remember she wanted to claim on Valerio. If she's already married then, why would she want Valerio?

“She worked as Eli's caretaker,” I informed.

“Yes, that bastard left her as well,” Jennifer replied as if this is what she accepted from her ex-husband. “I was young when we got married. Actually, he knocked me with Neil. We got married, and he always hoped my parents will transfer our ranch to him, but they kicked us out. Yet, we tried. Then he left.”

“Your parents didn't like him?” I can understand, their parents instinct. They were right about him, I assume.

“I was mad at his so-called love. And after the divorce, I just couldn't go back to them.”

“See, you have Victor now.” I tried to cheer her up.

“Because he wants a family. He was never serious about us.”

“What your parents think about Victor?”

“They were relieved that he earns a good fortune and definitely not after their business.” She caressed her invisible baby bump “Maybe he wants sex.”

“And.......maybe he wants all of you.”

“How does it feels to be with........ Mark?” Her glowing face was laced with concern. “It's like a fact that he was involved with multiple women. Just like Victor. But Mark has children with them. This is will affect both of you.”

“Even I have kids with other men.” I don't know why but I tried to defend him.

“And.....both- the cases are different.” She covered my palm with her palm. “Those women will always come after him......but he does love you.”

“You knew that?”

“Everyone. Like a fact.” She smiled. “He loved from the day he saw. Everyone knew that except both of you.”

“He is not good at expressing.” I quoted those lines, that they all have been repeating.

“He is very protective of you. He brought Tinker, and soon Racer will be ready soon. He even sent Snow to your daughter knowing that you love.....”

“Who is racer?”

“Your service dog.” She shrugged off. “Tinker and Snow are guard dogs. Mr Rogers is training Tinker himself and Snow is been trained at Rossi. So that, both dogs know whom to save.”

I never noticed that. Tinker is a guard dog. But she's a puppy now. Cute one. Who likes to roll on that precious carpet' and bite her legs. She even loves to run away from Sylvia. Tinker has 'sylviophobia'.

“How do you know all these?” I asked.

“Victor told me.”

Her reply made me think twice about Mark and me. Mark never tells me anything about him. It's others that tell me about him. I know nothing about Mark Rogers. Even whenever I ask him, he gives me silent treatments, or he snaps at me. But yes, he does have sex with me, like a madman.

“Your bitch is furious.” Savannah snarled.

“Tinker?” I asked offering her the chair beside us, to sit. She sat while nodding as a reply to my question, without looking at me.

I followed the crowd, to see Tinker growling at Nancy. Victor was trying to control at a 10-year-old boy. Neil. He was ready to jump on her. Abigail was furiously cursing Victor and Mark was enjoying everything.

“Please, it's ruining the gathering.” I requested Mark. I don't want Savannah and Sylvia to remember this as their worse birthday.

“The bitch refuses to follow my command.” Mark is definitely entertained. Why wouldn't she listen to him? He trains Tinker, every morning by himself.

I poked Mark aggressively multiple times. I am not letting anyone ruining my daughter's first birthday. He wasn't affected and caught my forearms in amusement to pull me close and gave me his signature kiss.

“We have public here.” I hit his biceps. And decided to take matters in my hands.

“Tinker!!!” I called my little puppy. “Tinker!!!!” I tried to imitate an authoritative tone. I could see her getting calm. “Tinker is a good girl.” I cooed her and she looked back at me. “Tinker Bell.....”

Finally, my calls works and started to waging her tail. I kneel down so that she could reach me. She walked back to me but gave her warning growls to Nancy.

“Teach that bitch.” Nancy snarled at me.

“You were hitting me,” Neil yelled.

“Kiddo.....” Victor warned his son. “You disappointed me.”

“This is not the first time he did.....” Abigail defended.

“He's definitely sorry.” Victor looked at guilty Neil. “To Jenny but not to you Ms Smith.” He patted his son's shoulder. “Next time, finish it.”

“Don't teach him.....” Jennifer hit Victor's shoulder. “Nancy, he....”

“Will always do that. Better stay away from my family. Including Eli.” Victor warned Nancy.

“Eli is a Rossi... Not your family.” Abigail laughed like a manic.

“She is mine.” Nancy glared at Victor.

“You can't have everything,” Victor smirked. “Eli is a kid that needs to stay away from a homewrecker. Now, we don't want to teach her some immoral.”

“I wasn't aware that he was already married.” Nancy cried. “I always thought he loved me, but he was bored with his wife and wanted to have fun. He left me for a richer bitch.”

“It wasn't her fault.” Abigail tried to touch Mark, but he took a step back.

“Let's have dinner.” I offered everyone politely. “We are family.”

Jennifer widened her eyes but didn't say anything. She looked hurt and gave me a lost look before smiling.

“Yes, we all are family.” She held Neil's hand. “Come on, Nancy. It's a family dinner.”

It was surprising that Jennifer invited Nancy but it was the right thing to do. We were almost ready for dinner but I knew something was not right. That's when I saw him.

What is he doing here?????

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