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Beth's POV

He was standing there with his full glory, looking stunning actually healthier. I never noticed his previous appearance was distressed. His eyes had eye bags before which I never noticed

Mafia prince.

If I hadn't known real him, I would have fallen in love with him.

Now, that dark jeans and grey polo shirt fitted his muscular body so well, that any girl would drool over his body.

He looks too handsome to be true.

He came to me with his hesitant steps and I held my breath. What if he hurt me?

“Shouldn't you welcome me back?” He smiled. A genuine smile. “Mommy?” He teased me.

“Well... Welcome home.” I stammered.

He was about to hug me but Mark hugged from the back and kissed my head.

“Thank you for coming. Rossi.” Mark sounded satisfied. I know, he's teasing our guest.

“You should be thankful to me for other things too. Rogers.” He flashed a smile without moving his eyes from me.

“You look healthy, actually....... Valerio” I said. I was shocked. It came out of my stupid mouth without my permission.

“You noticed me,” Valerio smirked while Mark tightens his grip on my waist. “I want to see OUR daughter.” He said to me.

I nodded and pointed towards the direction, where Eli was with Hunter and Savannah.

Mark claimed my lips with his signature kiss without wasting a single moment, in front of Valerio. He licked my lips and kissed me like it's his last kiss.

“We have a lot of unfinished business.” Mark reminded me of my promise this morning.

Although Mark whispered, but he was loud enough to be heard.

He wanted Valerio to hear this.

Valerio stood right in front of us and glared at Mark. The aura of their tension could be felt by everyone, later awkward silence enveloped our surroundings. Everyone is looking at us.

I could see, Valerio was trying hard to control himself.

“Valerio, Eli is waiting for you.” I finally managed to distract.

Without a word, Valerio left for Eli. I could feel Mark smirking all this time over my shoulders. I bite his palm to get his attention. He laughed as if I was tickling him.


I decided to leave him. I need to change my dress, that looks dirty. I learnt an important lesson that 'don't wear white around kids'.

I had a bath and changed into a baby pink dress. But, Valerio welcomed me in the room. Mark and mine's room.

He looked relaxed and was looking at photo frames. That has photos of me and Sylvia. Mark wanted the room to be filled with the memories.

“You are sleeping with him.” He sounds calm. It is a calm before the storm.

I need to leave, so I walked slowly to the door and find it closed.

“I was hoping you would do that.” He turned and smirked. “Need help with hair?”

I shook my head. His eyes are furious opposite to his body language. He let out a vicious laugh and took out a box from his pocket. It's a ring.....

Our engagement rings.

“You forgot this.” He gave me our engagement ring.

“I don't want to marry you,” I whispered afraid of getting hurt.


“I don't love you.”

“You love him?” He came closer to me and kissed me.

His kiss is punishing me. I tried to push him away, but he held me tight. He pulled me so close that I could feel his heart beating fast against my breasts.

He growled before pulling me to bed.


He will force me.

“I can fuck you so hard that you won't be able to even sit.” He covered my mouth with his mouth. He hovered over me, resulting in me to be caged beneath him.

Help........I need air.

“Hey....hey....” I felt his hands cupping my cheeks. “Just breathe.” His voice was soothing.

“Don't hurt me.” I cried.

“I would never hurt you. Trust me.”


He rested his forehead against mine. He breathed in our mixed cologne. He pecked my lips before looking right into my eyes.

“I was 14, when our caretaker introduced me to adventures. World of intimacy....... She was damn hot, and I was a horny teenager. I called her Ivy....... I enjoyed fucking that 21 years old bitch. She introduced me to BDSM, DDLG..... I became a sex addict. I could fuck her anywhere without any protections, and she took care of it. She fell pregnant and that's how our little secret blew.” His eyes held emotions, truth.

I felt apologetic for him. She molested a child. “I am sorry that.......”

“I enjoyed banging her.” He chuckled. “Her tight pussy made me addicted. When she aborted, our father imprisoned her, and she worked like a slave like day and night. I had to fight with my addiction. It was hard. , I gave up and made her my personal whore. I banged her merciless like she taught me. For years.”

“Where is she?”


His eyes carried no emotions. They looked dead, I don't feel safe. I want Mark, he makes me feel safe.

“Beth......” He unzipped his jeans. “May I?” He asked permission.

This is a new Valerio. A Better person, who is asking my consent. But I didn't answer him. It is cheating when you are with one person and you have sex with another.

He gently took off his t-shirt and patiently waited for my answer.

He was my first. I lost my virginity to him. He is my first kiss. Father of my first child.

“I am trying to be better for you. For us.” He cupped my cheeks. “I am bipolar. And. Nothing. Nothing will justify what I did to you.”

Indirectly, this man is justifying his actions. He is using his bipolar to justify that he was it himself.

“What exactly you did to me?” Suddenly, I feel a sense of power. Valerio was beneath me. He wants me to forgive him.

“I r.... raped you.” First time, a confident Rossi was stammering.

“And?” I looked into his eyes.

“I hit you.” He confessed.


“I love you.” He pecked my nose. “I never regret having you. But. You do. I am your nightmare.” His voice trembled. “But I want to be a man who deserves you.”

I kissed him.

I do feel something for him. But I am not a cheater. This is my goodbye kiss to him.

He kissed me back. His kiss contains his emotions. I could feel him sobbing inside.

He caressed my neck, collar bones and rubbed his member against my stomach. I could feel him getting hard.

I need to stop...

I tried to pull out, but he rolled over, changing our position. Now, he is under me. I feel like I am the in-charge. He surrendered himself to me.

This is wrong.

But, this shirtless man beneath me said nothing and waited patiently for me to act.

One last time.

A goodbye.

I am not a cheater.

I touched his well-built chest and felt his breathing boosting. He looked at my every move. My touch is hiking his breathing and giving him goosebumps.

I love the effect I am giving him.

Instead of proceeding with any of my wild thoughts, I kissed his jaw, chest, then abs. I wanted to look at the member but no, I really want Mark.

I claimed his lips and rubbed my womanhood on his member.

He growled and caught my ass with his hands and kissed me like a caveman.

“Goodbye.” I finally managed to break the kiss that I desire now and was about to get up from his lap, but he pulled me again into his arms.

“Please.....” I cupped his face. “We can't.”

“You think, Rogers is a good man..... But he is not.”

“Stop...... You don't know him.”

“He framed you.” He almost yelled. “His intelligence service gave information about you. He said you were the one, who gave information about Kate and Twins. He gave us your information.”

Is this the truth?

“I just told them, that Kate is still waiting for Antonio with a surprise.” I justified myself.

“You love Rogers.” He asked me. “But he doesn't love you.” He pulled me close to him. “He is manipulating every one of us.” He licked my jaw. “You are mine.”

It feels good.

But he's not Mark.

I pushed him. But he was stronger. He grabbed my jaw and sealed a kiss. It's painful.

I can't breathe.


“I love you.” He said. “I never wanted to hurt you but....... I refuse to accept that I am unstable and I need help.” He looked vulnerable and had tears.

A Rossi is crying.

Breath in......

Breathe out........

“I am trying to be better but I need you.” He touched my vagina. “Please — last time before I leave.” He gently tossed me on the bed and freed out his excited member. “I need your memory to inspire myself.”

He didn't wait for my answer and took off my underwear to entered into my channel of femininity, causing me yelp due to sudden contact.


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