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Men of my Life

Beth's POV

This Valerio was causing me pain and his kisses were burning on my body. My struggles against his massive body was not enough. I sobbed, hoping Mark would come to save me.

“It hurts.” I cried.

I heard someone gasping and Valerio stopped. Even he heard it too.

“Someone was here.” He said while zipping his jeans. “Asshole ruined my mood.” He wore his t-shirt.

He was about to kiss me, but I leaned away. He said he loves me, but we don't force the person we love. He raped me, no matter if he finished it or not.

This action of mine angered him. He furiously grabbed my hair and pulled me forcefully into his kiss.

I fought.

Before, he could hit me, Tinker attacked him.

Who opened the door?

Someone saw us.

I took this opportunity to go to Mark then I heard bullets from my behind. In the same room.

I turned to see Tinker laid in the pool of her blood, motionlessly. She was hardly breathing and I could see, hope in my little puppy's eyes.

I hit Valerio but nothing affected him.

“I hate you,” I screamed and this affected him. His eyes softened.

“This bitch was.......”

“That bitch is mine. And you were hurting me.” I hit him again before holding up Tinker in my arms.

I can't lose her.

“I heard......” Mark was about to say, but he stopped and looked at Tinker in arms. He checked her breathing then he gave me an alarming look. “Victor, I want Williams to be ready.” He yelled and went outside.

“Please-save her.” I followed him. “She got shot.”

“Who shot her?” Mark asked.

“This bitch was......” Valerio was following us as well but I beat him and completed his statement.

“Saving me.” I finished.

“Williams will be ready. I am not waiting for any fucking ambulance.” Victor took Tinker and almost ran to his car.

“We are joining you,” Mark said to Victor. “Get the hell out of here, Rossi.” He shot glares at Valerio before leaving.

“We will talk,” I promised Valerio. “But later.” I cried. “You shot my Tinker.”

“It was an act of self-protection. Trust me, I know you love her.” He babbled out.

“Please not now,” I begged him.

“He can leave whenever he wants.” Mark intertwined our hands and lead us to his car. “She will be fine. Don't worry.” He assured me and kissed me.

His kisses eliminated all the traces of Valerio's touch. I need to tell him about what Valerio did.

He could misunderstand the situation.

“I want to tell you something,” I whispered, he heard and nodded.

“Later....” He started the car and drove to WILLIAM ANIMAL SOCIETY.

A huge campus surround by animals, doctors, students, people. What is this all? It looks like a hospital but then I can easily differentiate veterinary students and doctors.

“Bullet is out. She's fine.” Victor looked relieved.

“Can I see her?” I asked them.

“Of course, she would love to see you.” Mark hugged me before leading me to Tinker Bell.

I see, the little puppy was covered with bandages. She was breathing really slow. But she looked in peace. I took her paw and caressed her paws.

She's enjoying it.

“She's fine.” Mark caressed her fur. “That bastard will pay.”

“He's bipolar.” I defended Valerio. I know, being bipolar is not justiciable to murder attempt, but it doesn't mean that those people that have bipolar enjoys their condition. They fight every day with themselves.

“He should have seek help. It's his fault.”

“It's easy to fight with someone else but how will you fight with yourself. He.....”

“Stop... Taking his side.” Mark warned me. “You need to rest. We are going home.”

“Who is staying with her?” I don't want to leave my Tinker alone.

“Right now, it's Victor but August is coming.” Mark pulled me to the car.

Although I wanted to stay with my brave Tinker, I didn't protest. I need to talk to him about what Valerio said.

He maintained the calmness and drove. But he looks disturbed.

“I thought we were going home,” I asked Mark.

This is not the way for our home. He was driving in the opposite direction. Abandoned road. What he is doing?

“What Rossi was doing in our room?” Mark parked the car aside. “You smell like him and I hate that.”

“You k...know?” I stammered. “We c…can t…talk.”

“Yes, that's what I want to do. Talk.” He took out his watch and threw it.

“Why did you do that? That was an expensive watch.”

“Abigail gave me that.” He unlocked the car. “Now, tell me. Was he good?”

I shook my head and got out of the car. He doesn't look stable and though I want to clarify the situation to him, but clearly it's not the right time. I started walking away from him to the unknown. But I was sure, as long as Mark is here I will be safe.

He laughed and started following me in silence.

That's creepy.

I walked a few meters but then I stopped, and he stopped as well. He was imitating my move.

“You are acting like a psychopath.” I turned to see him. “So don't follow me.”

“As if you know where are you going?” He looked entertained.

“Mr Rogers, what do you want?” I whispered. “I want to clarify the misunderstanding but.....”

“He was there with you for an hour. What do you want me to expect?” He yelled.

“I expect you to trust me. Yes, I wanted him, but he's not you. I want you.” I fired back.

“And I will have you here.” He paced to me furiously and carried me to the car.

He made me sit on the bonnet of the car and unzipped his penis and massage himself while touching my vagina.

“Already wet.” He smirked. “Take off your panties now.” He ordered but I refuse. “Very well then.” He said and tore apart my underwear.

“You are angry.” I tried to stop him.

“And anger sex works amazing for consoling.” He enters his manhood slowly.

“We are.....” I tried to control my breathing. “On the road.”

“No.,” he growled. “We are the bank of the road.” He entered fully and stayed, making me feel him inside me.

“I don't want to give anyone entertainment.” I protested.

“It's my land. I rule here.” He pulled out, fully. “And you are mine.” Then he entered again and started thrusting into me.

I moaned and tried to support us but with every thrust, I lost my strength.

He covered his face with breast and used his both hands to hold me in the place that he desires.

“Mark.....” I massaged his biceps and felt his every part inside me.

“Fuck...” He groaned and increased his pace and soon, ecstasy hit our body.

“I am trying to be better… Ginger.” I think I heard him before drifting to sleep on the bonnet.

I know Ginger. But how?

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