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Beth's POV

“What is she doing here?” I murmured. I am not angry with her kids. They are cute. Especially Evie. But Elijah is an exact copy of his father. He usually glares at me and I hate the fact that Antonio is his father.

“Ahem...” She tried to catch my attention but I choose to ignore her. “Would you like to join us at the park?” She asked.


I didn't reply to her.

“Eli would be happy if you join us.” She sounded hurt. Now, she's using my daughter against me. Emotional blackmailing.

“Who said Eli is going with you?” I snapped at her.

“I don't have to ask you permission to pamper my niece.”

“I am her mother.”

“I know, you don't like our presence but.....”

“You are wrong.” I took a deep breath. I think I need to clear her many things. “Kate. It's you whose presence is suffocating. Eli is staying today.”

Kate looked hurt with my rejection and declaration, but she was the one who demanded my punishments.

“Mommy?” Eli poked me. “Zia?” She asked about Kate.

“They will come tomorrow.” I tickle her and giggled. “Cookies?” She nodded and followed me to the kitchen. We left Kate, Elijah and Evie, without biding byes.

“I protect my sissy,” Eli said, referring to Sylvia. “She was missing you too.” She pulled me to Sylvia's room.

My baby was busy with the rag doll. I felt apologetic that I ruined the birthday party. It was her first birthday. But it ended with blood.

She walked to Eli, ignoring me. It was amusing. Sylvia, for the first time, preferred someone else over me. I love watching both of my daughters interacting.

“Mommy, I have my own room here. Next to Savannah.” Eli informed me. “Mark brought me new clothes.” I smiled and kissed her palms. “Can I ask you something?” She looked nervous. I could feel that she's uncomfortable about something. I nodded and she smiled. “Is Mark my new papa?”

This is a weird question. Who the hell gave this idea to her?

“No, Princess.” Mark was carrying trays of snacks. “No one can replace your papa.”

“But you both look Mommy and papa to Sylvia...” She looked guilty like we are going to scold her.

“Because we are her mommy and papa.” Mark kissed her forehead, like he does to Savannah and Sylvia. It appears like Eli is his daughter too. “He is your papa. Mommy is your mommy.”

“What should I call him?” She asked me.

“You have a lot of time to think, Princess.” He scooped her in his massive arms. “You are so much like your mommy.” He cooed her.

“Because I look like mommy.” She gave him the 'duh' look.

“Of course.” He tickled her. “You are brave like her.”

“I was brave. I saved Silver when she was missing mommy. I miss mommy too.” She said innocently.

Mark didn't reply and carried my daughter, Eli out of the room. She giggles and threw a lot of flying kisses to me and Sylvia while leaving the room in Mark's arms.

I could hear them talking distinctly. They were talking about various things which I couldn't differentiate. It sounded like father-daughter talk.

Although, Valerio was not good with me but I never want Eli to hate him. I need to tell Mark that she's a Rossi and Valerio loves his daughter despite everything.

Sylvia was sleeping, when I heard someone rushing in the library beside our room. It was Savannah.

She looked devastated and the whole library was almost destroyed. She was looking for something, desperately.

“I can help.....” I tried to collect the books on the floor, but she kicked causing me to fall on the floor.

“You whore....” She grabbed my jaw. It hurts. This girl has power. “You are planning to kill us.” She accused me. Her hazel eyes were red. She reeks of alcohol.

Yes, she's drunk.

“You are drunk.” I gently tried to pull out of her grip, but she tugged my hair with her other hands resulting me to yelp. “You are hurting me.”

“And you are planning to hurt my sister.” She threw me on the floor. “I saw you last night. You had fun. With your lover. On my father's bed.”

That scared me. She was the one who saw us. She misinterpreted the situation.

“It's not.....” I tried to explain but she slapped me.

“Shut up. Bitch. At least, Emily never brought Miles in dad's bed. You act like naive but actually, you are opportunist.”

She was ready to punch me but somehow, I managed to get away from her. She is not in a condition to listen to anything.

I ran away from her, trying not to scream for help. Sylvia is sleeping. I can reach to Mark. He's downstairs with Eli.

“You are a whore.” She followed me. “Bitch. Your daughter doesn't deserve you. Eli doesn't deserve you.”

“Please, don't bring.....”

“You would make her like you.” She caught me and dragged me with my hair. “A whore.”

“You are crossing your limit,” I warned her. She shouldn't have brought Eli in between. She has a problem with me, so she should resolve it with me but no, like an immature she's ready to create a scene.

“She looks like you. It wouldn't take long when she could start behaving like you. And people will have her thinking about you... They would fuc......”

I didn't let her finish her statement and punched her, just like Hunter taught me. She heckled me. A mother. Yes, they made a whore but my daughter is not a whore. And Savannah made a mistake.

I pulled her through stairs to reach Mark, but she keeps fighting, called me names. Finally, I lost my all patience and slapped her. Not once or twice, but multiple times. I lost the count and my palm ached.

She continued to call my daughters name. That's it. I punched her so hard that I heard her noise breaking.

The impact was so harsh that she couldn't handle herself and fell down from stairs rolling over, ultimately landed on the bottom.

I couldn't breathe for a while, when I realized what I did. She was bleeding.

Mark came running and witnesses his daughter laying in floor unconscious in the pool of her blood while I have blood in my hands.

“I didn't mean......” I ran to Savannah but Mark didn't allow me to touch her.

“Are you fucking insane?” He screamed.

I was startled and Sylvia started whining. Everyone from outside came and understand the scene.

Hunter didn't ask anything and carried Savannah with Sophia's help to definitely hospital. Jennifer took Eli with her to Sylvia and Mark looked furious but refused to react.

I followed Mark but he ignored me.

“Everything happened.....” I tried to explain but Mark interrupted.

“Hunter. Sophia takes her to the hospital. I am coming.” Mark said.

“Dear, listen to her.” Sophia pleaded. I know she was talking about me. Yes, Mark needs to listen to me.

“Go. Now.” He roared, ordering them. “What were you thinking?” He asked me once they left.

“I wasn't thinking at all.” I tried to honest. “I would never hurt her.”

“Yet, you did.” His hazel eyes held anger. An anger that has the potential to burn everything possible.

“She was speaking absurd about my daughter.” I sobbed.

“So, you hit my daughter.” He tried to calm himself but I could see he's failing. My wisdom was telling me to run away but I wanted to take my chances. “I trusted you, with my daughter's life. And this is what you did. You took everything for granted.”

“She was drunk. She called me whore.” I yelled. “Your daughter needs to learn how to behave. She is nothing but a spoiled brat. Maybe that's why Abigail left her.” I pushed him. “Whatever happened, she deserved it.” He still doesn't trust me.

“You are nothing but a good fuck.” He slapped me. His hit was so brutal that I almost couldn't listen to anything for a while. I felt his punch on my face and the last word, I heard, before losing myself into a dark world.

“You are a whore. My whore.”

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