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Cold treatment

Beth's POV

This little girl is Elizabeth. My Elizabeth. My firstborn. No words can describe her beauty. Her red hair neatly combed and had a white hairband. I could not imagine someone could be so beautiful. But whom I am kidding, She is my baby of course she got this from me. I wanted to look at her but she is scared.

But why?

“saluta tua Madre.” She caressed my baby.

(Say hello to your mother)

“paurosa” My Elizabeth wailed.


She kissed Elizabeth's forehead. “Elijah, portala da tuo zio” she said to a little boy.

(Elijah, take her to your uncle.)

“She is not good with new people” I knew she was talking about my baby. And watched them going out of the room.

All I wanted was to hold my baby but I couldn't. She didn't even look at me.

“Let me help you.” She tried to help me as I wanted to get off the bed.

How could she act like nothing happened? My life is miserable because of her. I cannot even bear her presence. Her touch burns me.

“I can help myself, Madam.” I got away from her touch. I had a sore throat but I wanted her to know that nothing is the same as it use to.

“Madam?” She questioned me.

I knew she was talking to me but I chose to ignore her and tried to walk towards the bathroom.

“ Why are you so stubborn?” She started coming towards me. But I was determined not to seek any help from her nor to help her.

I yanked her away without caring that she was pregnant and reached the bathroom. I looked around and I realized that this is a luxury bathroom. The first question that came to me was who is paying for it?

These people will not spend a single penny on me. Something worse is waiting for me.

I was shocked when I saw myself in the mirror.

Is this me?

My appearance looked like I was hit by a lorry. I had a black eye. I knew it was from the punches that I received that morning. I had purple, dry lips. Even there were slap marks on my face. Perhaps this was the reason that Elizabeth wept.

I washed my face and tried to put my rough hairs into a bun and of course, I failed. My right hand had cannula and my left hand only two fingers, index and middle finger.

I lost my ring finger just after the birth of Elizabeth. It was a so-called gift from Antonio to remind me that no one will marry me as I am a whore now. Losing my thumb was the reward that I earned when I tried to fight against some mafia Don. And they cut out my little finger because they were bored.

It was their entertainment. But it was painful for me. I screamed. I begged but nothing worked.

Walking out of the bathroom, I saw her sitting on the bed. She had swollen eyes, red nose. She must cry. Why she is even crying?

She should be happy. She is pregnant. She looks so married. Antonio loves her. She is complete.

I gather all my courage and moved towards the bed. She understood that I want to lay down, so she emptied my bed.

I climbed into the bed and I closed my eyes as soon as my backrest over the mattress. It's not every day that I get to sleep in the bed.

“You should eat.” She said “You were in an induced coma. It's been 3 weeks since you had a meal.”

I ignored her. But she touched me. “Please, Beth.” She said with concern in her voice.

“I want to sleep,” I said.

“At least, eat.” She said.

“You should go. It's not healthy for the baby.”


“Please Katelyn” this time I requested her.

Kate's POV

Her every word was full of pain. As if she needs a huge amount of energy just to speak. I couldn't bring myself to leave her alone. Antonio broke my trust. I asked him to teach her a lesson, not to punish her for a lifetime.

I covered her with a blanket and gave nurse instructions about her previous health issues that she shared with me, when everything was fine, then I left.

She looked so broken, fragile that I was afraid to touch her. I was surprised to see her alive. That too, pregnant. Doctors said that she died after delivery. I guess, he's going to pay for this mistake. I'll make sure of it.

Initially, I was happy that she was being punished but when I saw her naked crying, trying to cover herself as much as possible in Valerio's bedroom. I realized her punishment. By that time, she was already 28 weeks pregnant. If I had known sooner, I could have helped her.

Her only crime was that she trusted the wrong person. She made a mistake, she paid for it but again, when I made a mistake, specifically a wrong decision, she paid for it.

“Baby, she's the one who is going to name you,” I tell my baby who is going to join us soon. As a reply, my baby kicked. “You will love her. I promise.”

“How is she?” Valerio asked. He had sleeping Eli in his arms. I feel bad for this little girl. Even she's a victim too along with her mother. I want to make up to both of them.

“We have to make sure she's fine,” I said. “Elijah?”

He didn't reply to my question and walked away. I know, Elijah is outside waiting for us with that creepy Roman.

No one said a single word but I know, I am responsible for this mess.

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