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Valerio's POV

“Where is that asshole?” I shouted at the staff. They were all intimidated by me but I don't care about them.

“This is not the way to talk.” I heard my father walk out of his office. Surely, he is screaming at me.

But he knows, what has happened? How can I lock myself up like last time?

No, I am not repeating that again.

I ignored Papa, Leonard Rossi, who held the same expression of concern that Kate had given me while giving the news, but I ignored everything and sprinted into Antonio's office.

My dear Fratello knew about the incident but did not tell anyone. I'll fucking kill him and Kate will be widowed today.

“You're fired, Ms Freeman,” I screamed as soon as I saw her. Oh, no! This woman was trying to seduce my brother, showing her breasts while he was completely disappointed in her.

Yes, we fucked her once, but my brother did not want to see me naked, so he left as soon as he was done. He's not into adventures, I guess. While I fucked her mercilessly. I enjoyed it when she begged me to stop.

Even, I can fuck her here but I don't want her any more. I want Beth. Eli. My family.

“That bitch was annoying, but she was good at her job.” Antonio breathed a sigh of relief and hugged. “That's why I didn't fire her.”

“You didn't tell.” I did not hug him.

“We are not showing the world anything.” Papa pushed us inside the office and Shawn stood outside the office, guarding us. Our family matter.

“What are you talking about?” My brother asked and I laughed at his acting skills. It looks real. We were trained to be skilled liars and now, he is testing his skills on me.

“About Beth.”

“Who told you about her?” He asked, changing his expression, ready to slay. “She is safe.”

“No ... she's not safe. Rogers sent her to his cell. Nobody knows what happens there.” I punched him but he dodged.

“He won't kill her,” he said deadpan.

“But he will torture her.” I smashed his landline.

“He may. His daughter is in a coma.” Dad interrupted. This is the first time he has spoken in this matter. He usually ignores talking about this. Although he wants Ava, But he also knows the fact that whoever has kidnapped her is a powerful mafia. He suspects Schmidt. They are involved in human trafficking.

“I made a deal with Rogers. He is almost there. We will get Ava. “Antonio tried to assure us but I know, it's all an illusion.

“Can't you see?” I successfully punched him, causing him to fall to the floor. “He is playing with us. He owns the best private intelligence service agency, yet he gave false evidence against Beth 6 years ago. “

“I just want my daughter.” He shouted. I could hear the frustration of a father. I have a daughter and I will kill anyone who dares to hurt my daughter. Just like I killed Roman, that bloody paedophilic. I was disappointed later. I should have tortured him more.

“You're a failure,” I said and sat down on the floor to look at him. “You need to convict someone. Beth was there. And. You took the opportunity so that Kate would come to you because she refused to come to you. “

“Kate loves me.” He pounced.

“Of course. That's why she paid the price. Her daughter.” I laughed seeing his condition. “You knew what you were doing when you had already taken her to your bed even though you were married. You committed a sin and everyone paid the price. “

“I had no choice but to marry Cheryl. It was a loveless marriage.” He justified himself.


“Nobody forced you. You choose to marry her, then you find Kate. You impregnate both of them and then left Kate alone. “ I reminded him.

“That was the right thing at the time. Cheryl was giving me an heir.”

“Until you find out the real situation. That child was not yours. She was raped under your nose.

“We are in the mafia. We are more enemies than friends. The risk is ....... ”

“Admit it. Fratello. You failed.” He advised my dear Fratello.

Il fallimento non è importante. Ava è importante. La Famiglia prima di Tutto.” Papa interrupted. I know, he's right. Family is important. Ava is family, so does Beth. They both are family.

(Failure is not important. Ava is important. Family comes first.)

I got up to straighten my suit and decided to deal with fucking Rogers by myself. I want my Beth at any cost and talking to my dear Fratello about this is nothing but wastage. He is overpowered by fake trust.

Rogers is playing and Antonio is too busy to find out.

dove stai andando?” Papa stood up.

(Where are you going?)

Per portare la mia famiglia,” I replied and walked out of Antonio's office. Asking him about Beth or deal or even Rogers would lead to nothing. I have to do it alone.

(To bring my family)

“Don't ruin. Rogers is a man of his word. He would bring Ava back.” Antonio warned me but nothing could stop me now. I have made my decision.

“What about Beth?” I entered into the elevator. Shawn followed me and so Antonio and Papa.

“She's not family.” Antonio snapped. “That bitch took my daughter.....”

“Careful, Fratello. She's my soon-to-be-wife. She gave me my first child.”

“He's doing the right thing. That redhead is the mother of his first child.” Papa supported me. He knows how it feels when you lose the love of your life. Ma almost left him but at the end, their love won. It is hard for ma, but she loves Synn like her own.

“Do whatever you want to do. I want my Ava.” Antonio looked grim.

“When I am done with this shit, I am leaving with my family,” I announced.

non puoi abbandonare la famiglia,” Papa warned.

(you cannot leave the family.)

la famiglia si prende cura l'uno dell'altro” I said. “Beth è la mia famiglia e non vi importa di lei

(family cares for each other) (Beth is my family and you don't care about her)

“That bitch is manipulating him.” Antonio murmured to himself but we heard him.

I was eager to get away from my Fratello and walked faster than I imagined, to reach to my car. For the first time, I felt that shouldn't have trusted my brother. When I trusted him for the first time, I lost my virginity to our babysitter, who wanted him, but he manipulated her and made her sleep with me for years. He still believes that I don't know about all this, but we are family and family stands for each other. So I never discussed this with anyone.

“Where to, sir?” Shawn asked while starting the engine.


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