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Cellular Chats

Beth's POV

Sie riecht köstlich” I heard a familiar male voice.

(She smells delicious)

I am scared. My heart is ready to blast. I can't see what this man is doing neither I can protest. They have blindfolded me and has tied me to a comfortable bed. I could feel his breathing over my skin.

I am naked. I felt helpless.

“sie hat Angst” Another male voice said.

(She's scared)

There are two men in this room. I am dead today. These two men will kill me today.

I cried, knowing that my begging will not work.

“Ich kann nicht warten” He groaned and turned me to lay on stomach and touched my entire body. He touched me slowly as if he is learning my every curve.

(I can't wait.)

He rubbed my butt cheeks and then suddenly, he put something cold, hard rod inside my butt hole.

I screamed.

He is penetrating my butt hole with his hard member. His thrusting were inhumane. It's burning. My whole body is on fire.

I screamed aloud for help, to stop him but nothing happened. Finally, I lost my strength and closed my eyes to sleep...



Everything appears black. I can't see. I panicked and tried to move but then, I realized I am stuck. They handcuffed me. And. It stinks here. I am sure it is blood mixed with sweat. I could hear people screaming for help. For mercy. For God. For death......

I wept thinking about worse. I want my babies. I want Mark. I want everything to be normal.

“Thank God you are awake.” I heard a deep voice. He sounded relief and tired, at the same time. “I thought you are dead.”

“I can't see anything,” I whispered.

I couldn't see if he heard me or not, neither he replied but after a few moments, I saw a ray of light entering into the room through a hole.

“I tried to dig the wall but, this is all I could do. Hope you can manage it.”

“Where are we?” I coughed.

“Of course, in hell.” He said. “I am rolling the water bottle in your direction, try to catch it.”

I heard him rolling bottle and surprisingly, I caught the bottle in first attempt and drank and drank till it finished the whole bottle.

“I think, the bottle is empty now.” He chuckled. “That was the only bottle of water we had.” He sighed. “What you did? To Rogers?”

“I crossed my line. I hit his daughter.”

“Savannah?” He sounded amused. “That girl belongs to another level.”

“You know his family?”

“Yup, I was very close to him once.”

“What you did?”

“Slept with his fiancée.”

He is that man. But he is dead. Then how??

“Mark killed him,” I yelled.

“There were two people with the same face.” He explained. “I used to work as Savannah's bodyguard then later I was assigned to Emily. I loved that girl. Tried to woo her, but she loved Rogers. He didn't love her. He was looking for someone. She had our affair because she wanted to feel loved. My twin brother wanted to have fun, so he dyed his hair, built his body to look exactly like me and slept with her when I wasn't around. Emily wasn't aware of this neither I was. But Rogers knew. That's why he killed him.”

“Mark Rogers knows everything?” I asked.

“He owns the best private intelligence services.”

“It means he knows you are innocent. Then why are you here?”

“His anger. That man has a severe anger issue. August told me he even went to rehab.”

“I want to get out of here. It stinks.”

“It will take time to calm him down. Then you can go.” He heard him adjusting his position. He is chained, just like me. “Don't provoke him. He is very impatience when he is angry. You will not be able to tolerate Angry Mark.”

“He won't hurt me.” I was sure, he would never hurt and I know, he loves me. Although he never said he loves me but he does love me.

“You love him.” He said. “Just like Emily.” He laughed. “What is so special about him? Every woman loves him.”

I ignored him and struggled to sleep but the caused me headache.

I didn't know when the light came but I could see a lantern. Mark was sitting on the chair looking angry, ready to slaughter me like a butcher.

“Good Morning.” His drunk voice echoed in the cell. “You look good. But my daughter is in a coma.”

Savannah is in coma.....

What have I done!!!!!!

“Is she ok?” I managed to ask.

“Actually, both of my daughters are great. Savannah is in coma and Sylvia is calling her mama.”

“Can I at least see Sylvia? She has never been without me. I didn't mean to.....”

“I know what you mean...” He slapped me. “You ruined everything. I loved you.”

“Rogers, you are drunk.” Chained man said. “You will regret it.”

Mark laughed loud like a devil. He threw me on the floor with a harsh push, causing to hit my head on the floor and I felt blood running through my face.

“I am sorry.” I sobbed. “I ruined us.”

Yes, I ruined. Mark loved me and I hurt him.

Next thing I know was Mark dragged me on the floor by pulling my ankle and then tore my underwear. It's painful.

I know where this is going.

I struggled and tried to stop him, even that chained man tried to stop him, but we failed. I don't want to hate Mark. He is not himself right now. He would regret it later.

Mark turned made me lay on my stomach. And I cried out when I felt him inside my butt hole.

Sie riecht köstlich” Mark whispered.

(She smells delicious.)

I know this voice.

Mark is that another man.

Mark was there in the whore house when I was raped. When I lost my thumb.

He was around me all those times and he didn't help me. He just sat there and watched it.

Maybe enjoyed the view.

Mark Rogers is a sadist.

His inhumane thrust reminded me of everything that happened to me. All the pain. Torture.

I laid there and waited for him to finish, but he didn't stop and soon, assaulted my womb. Mercilessly. It felt as if I would die.

I cried thinking what my life is now. I thought Mark is a good man but no... He is evil. He regularly visited whore house, yes he did. I have heard him, Multiple times speaking this language. His accent is different when he speaks English.

I hate him.

But I used to love him.

He said I ruined everything but actually he ruined everything. He played an equal part in destroying my life. I will never forgive him.

Mark Rogers is a master of manipulation. He never loved me.

Abigail was right I shouldn't have trusted him.

I lost the count of his release inside me. Before I closed my eyes to find peace...

“HE wanted her. Tell HIM, she's ready.” I hear Mark for the last time.

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