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Men from Mafia

Valerio's POV

"Are you sure it's not intentional?" I asked papa, who busy in his laptop. Time is money. When he joined me to Berlin, I was amazed but later, I understood he's a father. A grandfather who wants his granddaughter to stay happy for eternity. If she wants her mother, he will bring her mother to her. He even forced Antonio to join us.

"This is offending," Antonio growled. "We have been waiting for almost 2 hours."

"They said it's a family emergency." Papa was least interested. "Family comes first."

"That fucktard is not a family man," I stated.

"I see you remember your friend very well," Antonio smirked knowing that mentioning my name with him irritates me.

"He's not my friend." I snapped. "He was in class. That's it. I don't prefer a psycho's company."

"Even his father is not a family man," Papa remarked. "I haven't seen Schmidt since we were kids. He was always that fat weakly. But later I heard the tales of his brutality."

"His son followed his path," Antonio said. "Why does everybody called your FRIEND a psycho?" He asked me.

"His psycho talk. I never cared........ He talked about..... Something pure bloodline." I scowled at my dear Fratello. "I had to handle him when you slept with his sister."

"It's not like I forced her." My dear Fratello gave a crooked smile. "She needed someone's support."

"You were bloody married," I yelled. "With Cheryl."

"So was she."

"She was a widow." Our attention was caught by the man who entered covered with blood, trying to clean his face. His light blue shirt dress is now red. Mafia man.

I remember him as a loner boy who hates everyone, thinking himself as superior. Above everybody. Well, we all were mafia prince, we were supposed to be superior to others. We were trained to be superior.

"I am a much better topic for discussion." I see him sitting like a king on the couch. "How can help you, Mr Rossi?" He ignored us and directly asked our father when he knows that Papa retired and have given his empire to his sons. Even Synn is part. We all three are equally influential in our empire. Papa divided our field in such a way so that we don't fight with each other and support our family. For us, family comes first.

"I want you to look for my granddaughter, in your circuit." Leonard Rossi was in mood. He didn't request him.

"I believe you know who I am." He challenged our father.

"Of course, you are Andrew Schmidt. Son of Marcus Schmidt." Papa mocked him. "Now, I believe, we don't want to cross each other's path."

"I don't take orders." He warned.

"I am not ordering you. I am here to look for co-operation." Papa replied.

"Description?" Andrew asked.

"Auburn hair. Brown eyes." Antonio said.

"Photo?" He glared at my brother. The movement of eyes got my attention. His one eyes didn't move. It means he sees from one eye. But his both eyes were fine during our school days. He was the one of the sharpest shooter. He is as good as Mark Rogers.

"Your one eye......." I was about to ask but the look he gave me was something that I couldn't decipher.

"We have enemies more than friends. That's mafia life." He said. "My other eye is not working. Call me a Cyclops monster."

He was as calm as the ocean. I could feel his anger. Yet somehow he managed to control himself. He hasn't forgiven what Antonio did. My brother took advantage of his sister vulnerability and slept with her. That was the last time, he was friendly with us.

"Whatever." Antonio shrugged off. "I don't have her photo. Her name is Ava."

"If my resources are accurate. Your daughter must be at home with your wife." He mocked him. It is obvious that he was provoking Antonio announcing his strong espionage, so that Antonio would lose his temper and will eventually attack.

"I am talking my elder daughter." My brother growled. "She is almost 8."

"Are you accepting that you are inefficient in protecting your daughter? Women of your family." He laughed at my brother.

Before Papa could interrupt, Antonio attacked him, but he dodged and pulled out his gun. Mafia men have to be prepared for every situation. But Andrew Schmidt is as fast as thunder.

"This is my territory." He warned us.

"And you still believe we are here without the preparation." Antonio laughed when we all three Rossi pull out our gun.

"Trying to cross me," Andrew smirked then he men entered and targeted us.

"We are not trying to cross you. We have crossed you." I said warning him about our snipers targeting over him.

"We are here to talk." Papa offered. "We can talk or else..... We can talk afterwards. A little blood will not be a problem."

"I like the invitation," Andrew said and unlocked his gun.

"There's no need for blood." Antonio proposed. "Just look for my daughter. It's not an order. Since we both are in Mafia, I am just asking for co-operation."

"It's hard to find her without any photo." He replied.

"Then look at every girl that is age below 10 years." I snapped. "Look for a woman as well."


"Waist-length red coloured hair, blue eyes. 7 fingers," I said keeping my gun inside, knowing that our snipers will not move from their position keeping us safe.

"Quite unique features. Sounds like a doll." He kept his gun inside, followed by my father then at last Antonio.

"Do look for both of them," Papa said.

"I can't assure you. We have thousands of men, women, girls, boys. Even transgender. So it's not an easy task." He added. "Don't rely on me."

He looked least interested and ignored us most of the time. He even reeked of sweat, blood, like true Mafia king should be. Well, rumours said, he wants to rule over the world.

Deciding to prepare a plan to look for Beth and Ava, we left. I need to call to every mafia for alliance so that I could look for both of them. I don't trust Rogers nor Schmidt. Rogers took Beth to his cell, but she wasn't there when we looked.

Lost in deep thought, the roar of a car caught my interest. The view in front of me crept me out.

Knowing the truth, I fumed with anger. I was ready to burn the whole world. 8 years back, Rogers was nothing but an insignificant bodyguard who lived in a trailer with his daughter. His rise was mystery. But his rise and Andrew has everything to do with each other.

That bastard is not whom he claims to be. And I don't care whoever he is but I'll kill that bastard.

"Rogers is dead." I declared.

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