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Beth's POV

“If I were I would have already done that.” I heard the man who destroyed my life. His voice was full of amusement.

How could he be amused?

How the hell he could enjoy someone's misery!

“Watch me.” I challenged and cut my wrist. It's painful but I know it is worth it. I can't tolerate the life that was waiting for me. Death is an easier option.

He rushed toward me to take the razor away and dragged me to floor to hit my head on the floor.

“I am not like your lover. I will not tolerate your tantrums.” He growled.

I laid there and held my head due to the impact of the hit. I want to die. I need to die before he does anything worse.

“Bring them.” He roared. I heard him taking out his belt, phone and gun and locked them in a locker in front of me. “I have a wonderful gifts for you, Ms Bell.”

He opened the door and two scared kids walked into the room.

The girl looked like......


This is a dream. It's not true.

I pinched myself to bring myself to reality but the sting was real. It is the reality. This scared girl walking in front of me with a toddler boy is none other than Ava.

Yes, She's Ava. She looks like a young Kate. I saw Kate's family photo.

Ava is alive.

But she looks scared. Malnourished. She's even hurt.

“Meet our son.” He scooped the toddler boy in his arms and brought him near me. “Abioye, she's your ma.” He cooed him.

The toddler boy looked scared. His heterochromic doe eyes were trying to control tears. One is blue and the other is grey.

He is my son. My baby. I always missed him. He looks one of the most beautiful thing, I have ever seen. I carried this beautiful boy inside me and wanted to hold him to make him feel safe but I couldn't.

“He's scared,” I whispered.

“He should be.” He looked proud.

“Let the kids go,” I begged. “I would anything.”

“That's what Cheryl said. But she broke her promise so killed her.” He shrugged off. And made Abioye sit on the bed. “Take care of him.” He ordered Ava. “Cheryl was Antonio's first wife. One of my whores. She was a captive here.”

“They are kids.” I cried out. “They don't......”

“Yes, but they will grow up soon.” He knelt in front of me. “Ava is Suri now. She is my hidden weapon. My siren. I wanted Elijah but his daughter is fine. She could satisfy me. Sometimes but not now.”

I slapped him. I know, this could lead to my death but I don't care. I already want to die. His thoughts are just evil like him.

“You are evil, Andrew.” I spit on him. “You framed me.....”

“Indeed.” He grabbed my jaw furiously. “Even I fuck my own sister to impregnate her. I can fuck you here in front of my son to teach him how to fuck a woman, but he doesn't understand anything. He's not even 3. But I assure you, I will make him worse than me.”

“Let them go.” I pleaded. “I will be as loyal as your dog.”

He laughed and went to kids. He tugged Ava's hair and threw her on the bed.

“I will definitely let them go, once I am done with both of your pussies.” He informed. “You shouldn't have hit me.” He started to force himself on Ava.

She's a kid.

She's crying and struggling and Abioye is weeping. My son is scared.

I went to Andrew. I can't let this happen to a child. No. This is not happening. Not until I am dead. He can not harm them. Not in my presence.

I punched him. Nothing happened. I kicked him. Nothing happened. Finally, I hit his manhood, that caused something to him.

He fell down on the bed trying to hold himself.

I immediately helped Ava to get up and scooped Abioye in my arms and led them to the bathroom.

“Don't open the door until it's me,” I said to Ava.

The poor girl looked traumatized but like a brave girl, she held Abioye and nodded, giving me relief that she understood what I meant.

There is something about Rossi, they become brave when it comes to family.

“You bitch.” Andrew hit me with his belt but I managed to lock the door.

He must have opened his locker. He had a gun. Maybe I could do something today.

He hit me, till I lost my strength to fight back and carried me to his bed. I could feel his hands on my body. He took off my dress, making me naked.

His inhumanity was proven when he thrust into me and without giving me any time to adjust, he started moving.

It pained. I could feel my blood rushing out of my vagina.

“I'll taste your daughter, soon.” He groaned.

That's it. It is his last day. No defence, only his death.

I waited till I feel he's vulnerable enough. I took the pain. Once, I feel he's enjoying my pain I kicked his chest and ran to his locker.

I searched and searched.

“You will not give up.” He came to me.

Finally, I found the gun and pointed at him.

“Do you even know how to shot?” He laughed. “Or which gun is that?”

I didn't reply to him and somehow managed to load the gun with one hand and two left fingers and shot him.

He was shocked. Even I was shocked. What I did was shocking. I never expected that I would kill anyone. All I wanted is a peaceful life. But I am a killer now and I need to finish it.

I shot him again. On his head. Then I targeted his chest. And he fell down.

“Evil never dies. Even Rogers is evil like me.” He laughed. "We.....we- both a.....are......."

He stopped. He couldn't finish his statement.

Is he dead??????

I checked his breathing, heartbeat. Nothing. He is dead.

I am thankful to Hunter. He is a good teacher. He taught me useful tricks of self-defence. Although I am handicap, with one hand working but somehow I feel powerful.

With my injured steps, I made to his closet and wore his t-shirt and sweatpants. Tried to pull my hair into a bun but I failed, reminding me of being a handicap.

I knocked the bathroom's door calling for Abioye, softly. I could see Ava is scared to death and trusting a stranger is hard for her.

I tried to smile and kissed her head, that somehow soothed her body. When I reached to Abioye, who was hiding inside the bathtub, peeked out to see me. Seeing me, he hid his face inside the tub. I could hear my baby sobbing.

“Badman is gone,” I whispered to him and sat on the floor beside the tub. But he continued to sob, refused to raise his head to see me.

Few moments later, I felt a hand on my head. I got panicked and turned to see its Ava. She was trying to put my hair into a bun.

“Are you an angel?” She asked me.

“I am Beth.”

She said nothing and joined Abioye to bathtub. I watched them, sleeping peacefully. They both look so angelic that I forget that I have murdered someone a few feet away from us.

I used to think, Mark is my safe haven, but I was so wrong. I used to assure myself that I am safe with him, and I was lost until he found me. But I think like always I trusted the wrong person. But I saw my man in black, before drifting to my serene rest and peace running into my body.

Finally, everything is over. I started my life with nothing but ending with everything. Yet it's all soothing. This is it, my end. Maybe next life, my journey would be easier. Now, I can meet Ma, Dad and Vicky, my baby sister, my twins. Maybe everything is fine there. Maybe......

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