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Another Rossi

Italian could be wrong, I don't know. I am using Google Translator.

Warning: abusive contains, mature language.

Beth's POV

What is the time now?

Where I am?

Will they kill me?

Who will take care of Vicky?

All these questions kept my mind busy. I need water. My body was aching. I have been tied for days, I guess.

“I hope, you are enjoying our hospitality,” Antonio said.

He was standing outside the cell, which stinks of blood. Screams were clearly heard. It's dark here. Many people are here. I could hear them.

He was looking satisfied with my condition.

He walked towards me like a hunter walked towards its prey. Slowly. And right now, he's a hunter, and I am his prey.

“Please, trust me. I would never hurt her. I love her. She's my best friend. My family.” I cried.

“Family don't betray each other.” He snapped.

“I was trying to help. She needed you.” I tried to justify myself.

“Yes, you were definitely helping her. He bends down to my level. “And see, what happened.”

“They assured me, nothing would happen to her. Whatever you had, they wanted just that.”

“ Are you even listening to yourself?” He laughed. “They narrated you a fake story and you believed it.” He slapped me. “Do you know who they were?”

“ I am sorry. I know, I should have talked to her. I am sorry.”

“ Your sorry will not bring back my daughter.” He kicked hard.

“I am sorry.”

“Valerio, ricorda che hai detto che avresti fatto qualsiasi cosa per me.” He was glaring at me but I knew he was talking to someone else because I don't understand this language.

(Valerio, remember you said you would do anything for me)

“si Fratello.” A man said. He looked almost like Antonio. They were a brother. But what they were talking.

(Yes brother)

“Voglio un suo Rossi.” Antonio looked at him and started walking towards the chair.

(I want a Rossi from her.)

“Fratello, è a malapena una adulta,” Valerio said.

(brother, she is barely an adult)

“e la mia Ava era una Bambina.” He roared this time.

(and my Ava was a kid)

“Romano, trattienila.” Valerio looked at me with hatred.

(Roman, hold her.)

“sì” a scary man stepped forward. (Yes)

Valerio was unbuttoning his shirt. And that scary man started to loosen my wrists.

Before I could understand anything, I was dragged by my feet and Valerio was hovering over me. Without wasting any time, he started to take off my jeans.

Now, understood what his intentions were. With all my power, pushed him but I failed. He belongs to the category of giants. He didn't have any effect. I bite his biceps. He yelled and slapped me with his full power.

“Roman,” Antonio roared.

“sì,” Roman was busy in holding me.


“Please let me go,” I begged. I was helpless. Roman held my wrist tight and Valerio had already taken off my jeans along with my underwear.

“We lost a Rossi because of you and now you will give another Rossi,” Antonio announced.

I yelped. Valerio entered into me without any warning. It hurt so much. This is my first time, and I am losing my virginity to a stranger.

“cazzo, è Vergine,” Valerio whispered. (fuck, she's virgin.)

I cried and bite Roman's hand but nothing happened. Without giving me any time to adjust, Valerio started moving in and out of me. I tried to close my womanhood, but he pressed his right hand over my thigh to stop me and another hand over my waist pulling me towards him.

“sei stretto.” He moaned.

(You are right.)

I could feel my blood in my thigh. Every man present in this cell was looking at me with lust and Roman helped the situation by tearing my shirt. Now, I was so exposed to them. My black bra was at the show.

I felt so ashamed that I closed my eyes. I turned my head towards the wall and shut my eyes as tight as possible.

“Lascialo divertire, Romano,” Antonio said. (Let him have fun, Roman)

As soon as Roman left my wrist, I tried to push Valerio away, but he was heavy and didn't move away. Soon, I could feel his sloppy kisses all over my chest.

I cried, begged him to stop but with my every request he pushed into me harder as if they were his fuel.

It felt like an eternity when I felt something warm inside me. And with this Valerio collapse over me. But within a few seconds, he started moving again. I knew it's his second round. He took me at least three more times before I blackout.

Again another nightmare, I was not able to breathe. It is too hot here. I am sweating. I am used to my worse memory but still, it never fails to remind me about pain.

I heard a soft knock. It was a woman with a baby. She looked scared. And the baby had puffy eyes.

Poor baby was not able to breathe to hiccups.

“Please help me.” She looked scared.

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