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Little Sylvia

Beth's POV

“She was prematurely born. She is not well. Please feed her.” She sounds desperate.

“How can I feed her?” I was confused How can I help her?

“You had your delivery. I am sure you must be lactating.”

“But I haven't breastfed before.”

“I'll help you. She need it. Please.” She entered into the room. “I am sorry for your loss. I mean your babies. I heard about them.”

“What else you heard?” I sat on the bed.

“Babies wouldn't have survived anyway. They were too weak. I guess you didn't have a good pregnancy period.”

“Life isn't fair all the time.” I tried to hold the baby.

“I am Jennifer Thompson. I am her wet nurse but past few months, I am not lactating. I am afraid if I inform her father about it, he would fire me. This job is the only source of income for my family.” I guess, she was trying to justify herself.

When I hold the baby, it was like magic. So this is how it feels to hold your baby?

Luckily, I never got a chance.

Jennifer taught me how to feed, burp and hold while feeding.

The name of the baby was Sylvia. She had her name band on her hand. She's 5 months old.

She holds my breast, took a nipple in her mouth and started sucking it.

There is a weird sensation all over my chest area. She was sucking. I was lactating.

I was breastfeeding her.

Breastfeeding your baby is an amazing feeling. But she is not my baby.

“Leave her with me for tonight. I'll take care of her. I will not harm her.” I was already in love with this little angel.

“You won't be able to do any harm.” She chuckled. “I am in room no.208. I'll be back by morning.” She walked towards the door. “I am taking treatment. I am sure I would be able to feed her soon. Thank you for your help........”

I wasn't interested in her words.

I caress little Sylvia's chubby cheeks. Her baby smell was so addictive. She holds my index finger and looks at me to give a smile.

She's not scared of me. Not judging me. She completes me.


It was already morning when I opened my eyes. And this little girl is still holding my nipple. I caressed her chubby cheeks. She's still sleeping.

The sound of a stir was heard from the hallway. I knew it was early morning. But why everyone is rushing?

I sat and looked at her, she's awake now.

I decided I should feed her for last time. Jennifer must be coming to get her.

She's such a smart baby. She knew I was about to feed her. She held my breast with her chubby hand and started to suck it. She closed her eyes with satisfaction. As if it is her territory.

Babies are really innocent. I caressed her cheeks. I already know that I can't get enough of her.

“She's here.” Jennifer opened the door.

“At least, you could have informed me.” A man was walking towards the door.

My breasts were uncovered. This is so embarrassing. I tried to cover myself before he could look.

“Why are you breastfeeding her?” A teenage girl looked so angry. Damn angry. “Are you planning to kidnap my sister?” She accused me.

I shook my head and held the baby tight. Sylvia was scared. She is crying. Everyone is screaming.

“Savannah, behave.” I looked at the man who is scarier. He had a scar over his right eyes brow. And stubble beard as well. He looked old with a white patch of hair on his left side of the head. He looked well-built for his age. And his eyes bags witnesses he is tried. He's a man in black, with black cargo and a t-shirt with guns.

Why does someone need guns in the hospital?

What it is with hospital authority?

A giant, scarier man is walking with the guns in a public place.

I hate this mafia world.

“Good morning, little Sylvia.” He said.

He called her little Sylvia. I call her that.

I tried to cover myself, as his focus was on my almost exposed breast.

I was so uncomfortable in his presence.

“Oh, woman! He has seen boobs. Lots of boobs. Delicious boobs.” Another man present in the room smirked.

“She's too young for you, uncle.”

“I really appreciate your concern for my daughter, Miss.” This man in black was talking to me. “I want my daughter.” He took her.

She was crying. She become red. This is breaking my heart.

“You are hurting her.” I took her.

“Don't worry, women. She's safe.” Another man said.

“They are her family.” Kate was said the door with Elizabeth.

“Good morning, Mrs. Rossi.” Scarier man said.

I was so scared. He had this dangerous aura just like Antonio. Maybe more dangerous than him.

“Princess.” He called Silvia with his husky voice and bend down to our level. He was so close to me that I was not able to breathe.

Actually, I cannot breathe when mafia man is present around me.

He took her but this time he was gentle with her. She didn't cry this time.

“Have a good day miss.” He said to me. “And Mrs. Rossi.” He nodded to Kate and went out of the room with turning back.

Little Sylvia is too young to understand what happened but this was heartbreaking.

I felt rejected. Abandoned.

All I could do is to see Little Sylvia sleeps sounds in his arm.

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