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Dr Morris

Beth's POV

Kate placed plates on the table as if she's preparing for breakfast.

"Have breakfast." Kate offered. But I chose to ignore her. I prefer it as a safer option. She sighed.

"Eli." She looked at Elizabeth.

Oh! So she calls her Eli. But I would prefer calling her my Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, a living Barbie with two ponytails and her pink t-shirt with denim shorts.

"Mumma is hungry." Kate gave the plate to her.

Elizabeth took the plate. She walking with baby steps. She's such a baby. My baby. She gave the plate and tries to climb on the bed. She made herself comfortable near my leg as now I was sitting in Indian style.

"meno spaventoso." She looked at me with a smile. (Less scary)

I offered her my plate. She looked happy and settle herself on my lap. This was the best feeling ever. She started eating from my plate.

"Yum." She said while eating Sandwich. "Share?" She gave her half-eaten sandwich.

"She made it for you." Kate was adoring us. "She's definitely your daughter."

"English?" I asked my daughter.

"Little." It looked like she has to think hard for this word.

"She's learning English." Kate sat down on the bed. "And other languages too."

I was busy enjoying my daughter's cooking. She could be a great chef one day if she wants to be.

"Valerio loves her. She is his Princess." And this was the limit. Valerio is not capable of loving anyone. He is a monster.

"She looks like me," I muttered.

"It doesn't change the fact that she's his daughter."

She said something to Elizabeth which I couldn't hear. And my baby ran out of the room happily.

Now, I was furious. How dare she sent my baby away from me?

"You mean a princess who was born out of RAPE." I was raped again and again until they were sure about my pregnancy.

This was their punishment. Kate demanded my punishment.

"I wasn't aware that they would do this." She downcast her eye.

"Which part do you mean?" I was frustrated with her innocent act. I never knew she's a good actor "Rape, getting sold or me being in whore house or......" I was trying to emphasis on those words.

"Please." She looked like she's about to cry. "I know you've been through a lot. But I wasn't aware."

This made me laugh. I laughed. She would never accept it.

She didn't say anything and started to pack furiously. She took out a thermo-flask and pressed the call button.

"Valerio was just angry. At least, you could have discussed with me about those men who approached you." She holds her stomach. "But you were being you. A stupid." A nurse opened the door. "Please call Dr Morris." She said to the nurse.

"What is her condition?" She asked Dr Morris as soon as she entered.

Dr Morris is a beautiful, independent lady looked in her mid-30s. I envied her. Once I wanted to be independent like her.

"Miss. Bell, I am asking you." Dr Morris asked.

"Uhhhh....." I couldn't understand.

"Do you remember what you said before you lose consciousness?"

"I talked to you?" I don't remember talking to her.

"Yes, you were conscious even after delivery. Then we lost you for a few minutes." Dr Morris read my file. "Do you remember?"


"Ok. So what is the last memory you have?"

"I was at the party." She nodded at my reply.

"This belongs to you." Dr Morris gave me a box with a sympathetic look.

With hesitation, I opened it. I wasn't sure what it had. But it's definitely not good.

It was a good framed made up of clay that children use to play, that has 4 footprints. 2 pairs.

"I know how it feels to not be able to see your child." Dr Morris stood by my side. "These are footprint, of your daughters. It's the least I could do for you." She rubbed my shoulder. "This left one is elder and right is younger. You should name them."

I wanted to cry but not in front of Kate. And I never thought I could name any of my children.

"What is your name, Dr Morris?" I whispered.

"I am Dr Autumn Morris." She smiled.

"This is Autumn Bell and Summer Bell." I finally named my babies. My elder daughter is Autumn and my younger daughter is Summer. Since they are twins they should have the twins name.

"Summer is my younger sister." Dr Morris chuckled.

"No middle name?" Kate asked.

"Why?" Dr Morris looked curious.

"I never thought I would name them. They were going to them from me." I remembered that horrible memory when they took my babies from me.

"No one will ever take your babies from you." Kate sounds determine. "They are your part."

Even I thought they are part of me. But still, none of them are with me.

"You requested to kill the babies before losing conscious." Dr Morris sighed. "You said they would take the babies to somewhere." She gave me a business card. "If you need help."

The business card has her office as well as personal contact number with address. Even clinic's address.

"Mrs. Rossi. Take care of her. She's weak. We would keep her under observation for 24 hours. Then she can go home."

But I have no home now. Where should I go?

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