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Giving up

Beth's POV

Dr Morris said that I would be under observation for 24 hours but here I am still, in hospital in the same room from last 2 week.

Every night, I would wait for little Sylvia but one of the nurses said that they left.

Doctors are treating me for my scars all over my body. Other doctors say I have something PTSD.

I don't know what this new shit is.

Either I want my Elizabeth or my little Sylvia. But none of the hospital staff is co-operating.

Doctors say that no matter how much they treat me, there will always be a few marks.

Everything is irritating now. Every doctor, nurse.

Newly appointed nurses avoid me as sometimes I snapped at them. Sometimes I become violate. Sometimes I throw away the foods. Or sometimes I am just staring.

I didn't mean all this but when they say they could understand my situation, then things go out of my hand.

Today, Kate is taking me home. Her home. Because I am discharged from hospital, I guess.

She seems busy in understanding the medicine and instruction given by the nurse about myself.

I am just right here and yet, they are treating me as if I am not in the room.

The ride with Kate was enveloped with awkward silence. She tried to make conversation but I ignored her.

Her happy voice reminds me of the mistake which I made that offered her happiness.

And what was my reward? Where is this Andrew Schmidt? Who was this Andrew Schmidt? No one gave me this answer.

Sometimes, I feel Andrew Schmidt is responsible for my misery. He kidnapped Ava and killed her. And I had to pay for it.

"Beth, we'll rest for today." She holds my hand. "Then, we'll go shopping tomorrow." She helped me to get out of the car and took me to a suite. Why she's taking me to a hotel?

"Sleep tight." She whispered and left me in a big room.

I don't need a big room. I want my life back. But No one hears to me here, like always. Anyway, I have learnt to keep my mouth shut.

Next morning she took me shopping. She bought me dresses which I don't need it.

I am not going to wear those ugly dresses and invite other men. I remember last time, they gave a dress to seduce an old man. He was a sadist.

He paid to see lesbian sex. He bought a young woman with him and told her to have sex with me. Of course, which means she was supposed to rape me.

I am not into girls. I like boys. Actually, I used to like boys. But now, I just want a home with my babies.

That woman tied me up to the bed and sucked my breast. I wanted to puke but I couldn't. Even my mouth was tied. She ate me like she was starving for days.

I tried to fight. I screamed but nothing happened. That man was looking at me like a predator. He was enjoying it.

I thought after she would be done, he would join but he didn't. Instead, he whipped me for hours. It felt like my skin was about to peel off from my body.

He called me names. He spit on my face like he disgusts me.

"She didn't reach her orgasm." She looked angry. "I wanted more. Her stamina is amazing." She was referring to me.

That day, I tried to kill myself, again. But I was saved.

Kate was speaking nuisance and took me to the parlour. I was given a new haircut and other beauty treatment.

It felt like renovation. They were renovating me.

I could feel, Kate was trying to talk to me. I don't want her near me.

"We would leave for home by tomorrow," I didn't reply when Kate said those words.

It was her home. I don't have any home.

I kept glancing outside the car's window. I was trying to keep my distance from her, not wanting to invite any other problem for me. I already had enough.

"We will eat something here." Kate took me to the restaurant in the hotel. "What would you like to have?"

"Poison." I just wanted her to shut her mouth.

She looked shocked and it took a minute for her to react. Finally, she chuckled and called for someone to take the order.

The waiter was looking at me every now and then. She ordered for me as well.

"Are you Katelyn Rossi?" A teenage boy looked nervous. Although he was talking to Kate but his grey eyes were concentrated over me.

Am I looking weird?

Why everyone is looking at me?

"You look beautiful." He said to me.

This was shocking. How would I look beautiful with scars on my face?

"Yes, she is." Kate looked proud.

"Where are my manners?" He smiled and offer his hand for a handshake to Kate. "I am Christian Morris. I think you know my mother, Dr Autumn Morris."

Autumn was the words that caught my attention. So he's Dr Morris's son. But she looked quite young to have him.

"I am looking forward to compete with your husband." He said when Kate shook his hand. His voice was full of determination.

"Even I am bored of his habit of praising himself." Kate laughed. "So what is your plan?"

" I don't know but all I know is I am not giving up." He looked at his wristwatch. "I am here to meet someone. Have a good day."

I am not giving up. This words ran into my mind and I decided that I don't even want to give up.

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