His crystal

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Chapter one


“you have new neighbors!” My best friend lea yelled

Ugh... people

yayyy...” I said on Unenthusiastically.

”Come on C this may be good for you to socialize and stuff”she said as she did my hair

“What’s the point of socializing lea...I came in to this world alone and I’ll leave alone”

She huffed and continued my hair.

”You know...” she began “you do owe me a present-

“No lea no way!”

“Come onnn all you have to do is go meat them and introduce yourself!”

”No lea I don’t want to”

”CRYSTAL AMANDA MOORE you will go and meat your neighbors” she ordered

Ugh is she my mom. Is it that complicated to understand that I don’t like conversations?

“Fine” I sighed

”Yess!” She said hugging me

“Lea...I can’t breathe” I said chuckling

”Oops” she giggled

After getting dresssed in my Gucci slides a sweatshirt and shorts I headed out side to go introduce my self.

Their house was a nice two-story gray mansion with a wooden pavement...Not bad.But not to sound cocky or anything my three story million dollar mansion was nicer.

When I finally reached the house I took a deep breath and Knocked hoping for no answer.

Well here goes nothing...

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