A Mistake

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going to celebrate her friend in the exclusive club 'the Box' Rachelle stumbled her way into some unwanted mafia business, with a dangerously attractive mafia boss in one hand and her freedom in another, how will she find her way back after the Mistake that changed her life.

Romance / Mystery
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Great just great, of course my bad luck has to kick in today, glancing at my watch it’s already 9:00pm and by now I’m late, really late to the party, looking over to the taxi driver “excuse me, I’m really really late could you please drive faster, safely but faster” the taxy drive glanced at me in his mirror with a very judgmental look shaking his head I just smiled and said sorry.

I looked down at my outfit feeling my anxiety shooting, besides being late now I have to attend Christina’s birthday party in my work clothes, a plain white blouse a grey pencil skirt and a blazer at least I have my heals on, whom am I kidding I look like a mess and not a hot one.

Ok 10 more minutes I can do this! Rambling furiously through my bag to see if I have some makeup laying around I usually do and voila, a red lipstick and a bronzer, it’s better than nothing I’ll fix myself in the bathroom once I get there.

Finally pulling up in front of the club thanking the driver and apologizing for the 10th time. Suddenly I’m in front of the very famous and fancy club in town “THE BOX” Me and my friends never get to be in those kind of clubs, just by glancing at the doors my wallet feels lighter, it’s usually an exclusive club but Christina’s boyfriend Tony had some connections and managed to throw her a birthday party and at the VIP section on top of it.

Looking over the sign lit by the purple led lights trying to calm my racing heartbeat, I don’t know why I have some very bad felling about this and with my luck I’m probably not wrong, ok you can do this Rachelle, I walked over the two bald scary bouncers dressed all in black

“Yeah hi sorry, I have a reservation on the VIP list under the name of Tony Brown please”

Yes they are definitely judging my looks I bet if I didn’t have a VIP reservation my ass will be thrown out, after many side looks and phone calls I managed to get in and let me tell you the interior of the place is amazing now I want to design a nightclub never got the chance to, I need to speak with my boss about this I only get to do retails and houses.

The mystery vibes of this club is perfectly translated in its interior, black and purple are the main colors, the enormous dance floor is all but matte black tiling centered by a disco ball reflecting all the dim purple lights, the bar contrasting the floor with a glossy black finish and a gigantic lit alcohol display that touch the ceiling on the other side of the dance floor 3 steps separates the “public area” to the VIP one, and OMG the VIP lounges are just glass boxes tinted black leveling over each other.

Moving toward the boxes in daze and after another interrogation with another look alike of the bouncers outside I manage to get in, what is this I feel like I shouldn’t be here it’s like passing through offices maybe I am dressed up perfectly for this huh, plus If the party is down stairs how the F do the VIPs enjoy their time do they just drink and watch from their boxes like some weirdos or what, ok I should stop overthinking this I’m such a Virgo, I should loosen up.

“Rachelle, Rachelle over here”

Looking to my left I see Christina waving at me

“Where have you been ha missy you’re late”

“I know, I know I’m sorry, it just had to finish some urgent plans and sections to my boss I’m sorry, but look at this place I mean bravo tony”

With that her cheerful tone came back and she start jumping like the child-adult that she is “I know this is amazing wait till you see the inside of the boxes man it’s another experience, but what in the hell are you wearing”

“hahaha its chic and artsy no, OK I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to change just guide me to the bathrooms so I can do some touch up and I will be back”

“Fine, just go straight ahead and then to the right, and be quick so we can get you some dick”

“Oh shut up!! I’m perfectly happy with my independent virgin self ”

With that I turned on my heals heading toward the bathroom while Christina yelling you liar behind me and a liar i was but I couldn’t admit to myself that I feel lonely let alone say it out loud.

Looking into the mirrors ok what can I do, let’s start working on my hair which is the only thing that I love about myself, my hair Is brown nothing special but its long and thick, one of the few benefits of been middle eastern my hair always been my safety blanket growing up I always was the “fat” sibling, phrases like you’ll be the most beautiful girl if you lose some weight, or like you have a beautiful face you just have to lose some kilos, the worst one was when my best friend whom I had a crush on told me he would date me if I was thinner as an attempt to encourage me to lose weight to witch I responded and with sassiness I may add who told you if I was thin I would even look at you, don’t get me wrong I always had something to say back but deep down they did a number on me.

Back to realty I let my hair loose from the ponytail using my fingers to come through some knots here and there till I felt satisfied my hair reached my lower back, I applied some of the lipstick and bronzer, thank god I put some mascara before leaving to work, at least now my face looks decent.

Glancing down to my outfit I took my blazer off pulled my skirt up a little, I need to make this work damn it, what else can I do looking down at my blouse I mean why not I opened 2 of my buttons making sure no cleavage is showing just enough skin, taking off my glasses putting them in my bag who needs a clear vision anyway. OK I think I’m done.

As I was putting my stuff back a women on the phone came in looking fabulous may I add dark short hair, blue eyes, red lipstick and a black mini dress that I could never pull off I’m jealous, why couldn’t I have colored eyes no I had to be basic brown, good for you girl . Now what surprised me the most that she was speaking in French fluently I rarely met people in the US that speaks French that well , at least not in my circle, now since I am Lebanese we speak 3 languages Arabic, English and French so of course I’m gonna listen to the conversation I’m curious ok don’t judge me. But unfortunately my cell phone went off and it was Christina


“Are you taking a dump or no don’t tell me did you drown in the toilets were the hell are you”

“I’m on my way bitch bye”

Looking up I saw the women eyeing me in the mirror so been the awkward person that I am, I just smiled and apologized and of course she ignored me and went back to her phone, but before leaving I swear I heard her say “les corbeaux noirs sont devenus fous et ils prévoient de saboter la réunion de ce soir” ok That was weird.

(The black crows have gone mad and they are planning on sabotaging the meeting tonight)

Finding my way back to our party box I saw the bathroom woman walking beside me how she managed to catch up I had no idea well this is awkward, should I say something no just keep walking almost there suddenly I hear her say “you’re finally here....nous avons un problème”

Confused was she talking to me looking up boy was I wrong the most intense grey eyes met mine and I was captivated look away Rachelle you probably started drooling by now it felt like I was staring for hours and suddenly I had a 10/10 vision without my glasses, Christina was right I do need some dick, thank god he looked away first tilting his head he opened the door of the box opposed from us and ushered the women inside without saying a word so, I did the same.

Hii guys i hope you enjoyed the first chapter of this story please leave your comments i would love to read them and see what you guys think so far.

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