Bringing Home Phoebe (BWWM)

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"I've never wanted your sister. I've always wanted you Phoebe." ~~~~ Beaten, tortured, abused and neglected. Phoebe had been through it all. She had lived through the worst and she was nothing more than a survivor. Suffering at the hands of her own family and loved ones was something that had happened to her her whole life. Up until she decided to escape her terrible fate. She had forgotten and left behind those who had hurt her in the past but all of a sudden they are back and persistent to have her back in their lives. All Phoebe wants is to discover the truth about everything. But she gets more than she bargains for. Reunions, laughs, tears and love. Even her sisters boyfriend? Will Phoebe let these people back in her life after discovering the truth about everything she wanted to know? Will she and her sisters boyfriend that she always had a crush on, become something someday? Only time will tell!

Romance / Mystery
Ruth Mah
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3 years ago

It was pouring heavily as fog tried to cover the streets. Pheobe was walking home and had no idea where she had left her umbrella, the rain bounced off of her beautiful brown skin. Her box braids were soaked and so was she.

Today she would be spending the last day of tenth grade with her friend Xi Reh. Plus she didn't have any friends at school. It wasn't like she was an outcast. She was just her own friend.

She never really had her own friends. They all belonged to her sister. Including Xi Reh and her main favorite Rico. She was so excited to see them. They were at her house almost everyday. Especially her sisters boyfriend.

Everyone called him Quentin which was his middle name. He always let Phoebe call him by his first name though. Said it was beacause she was his best friend. Phoebe had a little crush on him and he would tease her about it but she would never admit to it.

He was always kind to Pheobe. No matter how wild things got at her house he would always make sure she was left alone and that no one entered her room. Her sister was very lucky to have such a caring boyfriend.

Her sister Shontelle always had company over and all they ever did was smoke reefer and snort coke. Pheobe tried her best to ignore them so to do so she would spend her whole day in her room if she had to.

Her living conditions weren't the best but she wasn't going to complain cause she knew her sister wouldn't hesitate to kick her out. She had gotten out of foster care two months ago and moved in with her sister. Her parents abandoned her when she was ten. It was five years ago but it always felt like yesterday. As for her sister, she has been on her own since she was thirteen.

All she could be was grateful that her sister had took her in. Phoebe still wonders why she did it. Everyone knew that Shontelle hated her sister. Most likely for the check.

Before she could even step into her house she knew something was wrong. She always knew when something was wrong. Call it a sixth sense or whatever.

The house door was halfway open. Normally there would be music blasting and people out on the porch. But she opened her front door to reveal nothing. No one.

The house was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The place was still a mess so even if you did drop a pin, you wouldn't be able to find it.

Blunts and bottles were everywhere along with the lingering smell of weed in the house. Smoking and doing drugs was not in her interest so she was going to throw all the extra weed out.

She checked every room and they were all empty. When she made it to her sisters room she noticed that none of her stuff was there. Everything was gone.

Phoebe ran down to kitchen and found a letter posted to the fridge with a magnet. The letter read ' Two other people are going to be living here from now on but other than that the house is all yours. I will be back soon.'

Pheobe's head was spinning and her knees were shaking constantly. Her hands were trembling non stop. Shontelle said she would be back soon but Phoebe knew her sister. What she says is never to be trusted. She couldn't believe she was being abandoned for the second time in her life. And both those times by the only people that should matter to her. Her family.

Suddenly she heard shifting from behind the couch. She walked over there on wobbly knees with tears forming in her eyes and saw that it was Jae'Quan. One of her sisters buddies that comes to get high and drunk. He was one of the people here most of the time. She saw two suitcases and a trash bag by him and figured he was one of the two staying here.

She could not live with Jae'Quan. He was one of the biggest creeps that Quentin would protect her from. Her sister knew that. This whole thing was on purpose. Phoebe knew Shontelle hated her but she never thought it was real life hatred. She only thought of it as a natural sibling instinct.

If Pheobe knew her sister then she knew that she wouldn't have the decency to fill the house with at least one woman. She couldn't live in a house with men. She went to her bedroom and started packing. Her heart was beating so loud and fast that it blocked out any other sound. All she could hearing was ringing in her ear.

One minute she was packing and the next she was throwing things everywhere. Pacing back and forth in her room, she threw her stack of books off the shelf.

"Why me?", she exclaimed.

She slid down the wall in the corner of her room behind her bed and started to cry. She tried to keep it in but it got hard for her to breathe.

"Not again. This can't be happening." Phoebe cried clutching her arm. She was holding on so hard that her skin was going in her nails.

She didn't care how bad her sister would treat her, she just couldn't be alone. What has she ever done to her sister to deserve this?

Phoebe couldn't take it anymore and that's when she really started hyperventilating. Next thing she knew, she had blacked out.


All my chapters are going to have a flashback of an event that happened in Pheobe and Shontelle's childhood in the beginning. I want you to know how much Shontelle hates her sister and why.

Words: 994

Thanks for reading and stay blessed!

---- Rumah 💙

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