Romantic Love Story

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In the Rockies Canada Novel.!

Romance / Adventure
Jerry Smith
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Spring Time Love!

It was in the spring time love was in the air Sasha and I were back together again, but not looking

for sasquatch at this time but for making love to Sasha. She such a sweetheart in my eyes She

had a body of a Angel from Heaven.beautiful as the light shine Her blonde hair. We had a new

home up on the mountainside by the lake, the sun was shining It was Friday morning. I ask

Sash if she was in the mood to go on a walk with me around the lake. and the mountain trail.

Sasha and I made love on this beautiful day, We got back to the house by 1:00 P.M. than ate lunch.

Sandwiches, chips, pop . It was time to take a short nap , I had steps and dock build down on the

lake which we could go swimming, fishing launch boat from it. I had a hot tub up at the house

build a room around it with roof and door leading inside the mud room.Sasha and I had time In

the hot tub at night . We had a light light in the room I had benches in the room to get dry off

and get dress before entering mud room. Sometimes we sit in hot tub in our swim suits and

Sometime in our birthday suit. Kissing and drinking wine, Making love in a hot tub, some time

Outside lay a blanket on the ground had a bottle of wine, crackers, cheese, summer sasauge.

Enjoyed each other love Had sex out in the open skies Sasha and I, not a person insight it

was like enjoying mother nature back in time of Adam & Eve. We got dress headed down to the

house we loved each other for ever more got engaged, got married within a year. We had our

first children twins a girl & a boy we name them Samantha & Jesse. That didn't stop our love

making spring was almost over summer around the coner. People comming back to the lake

Sasha and I were happy family life and still making love together In our lovely peaceful home

On the mountain side in Montana wet south for the winter to live in Florida!

The End Sorry !

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