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It's senior year, and the only thing on Antanasia's mind is graduating and getting as far away from her hometown as possible. The last thing she expected was to fall in love with the new guy.

K. D. Kenna
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Antanasia woke to the sun's harsh rays beating down on her face.

“Ugh,” she groaned, pulling her black sheets over her face. Her fan must have moved her black-out curtains during the night. Just as she drifted to sleep once more her alarm blared.

“La dracu! (Fuck!)” she yelled throwing her sheets off as the sun assaulted her crystal blue eyes once more. She leaned up stretching her arms upward.

Antanasia hated mornings. She would much rather stay in the safe haven of her bedroom. The walls were painted black and the rest of her room was adorned with crystals, dream catchers, books, and many other things that most people would consider ‘witchy.’ She loved the fact people found her odd. They would often call her the goth girl, the bad girl, or just simply call her a witch.

Antanasia swung her legs over the edge of her bed before rising to her feet. Her bare feet padded across the wood floor as she made her way towards her closet. She flung the doors open surveying her all black wardrobe.

“What to wear today,” she mumbled to herself. Eventually she opted for a blafck dress with black fishnets, and her signature knee high black studded boots. She walked to her full length mirror deciding to leave her hair down today. She ran a brush through her raven black waves.

“Good enough,” she said walking to her vanity and quickly doing a simple cat eye as well as applying black lipstick on her full lips. Giving herself a once over she smiled before placing her key necklace around her neck. She never went anywhere without it.

Finally happy with her look she opened her door walking down the stairs. Her boots made a thumping sound as she decended the stairs.

“Buna dimineata (Good morning),” her mother hollered from the kitchen.

“Buna dimineata mama,” she replied as she walked into the kitchen. “Where’s tata (dad)?” she questioned.

“He had a meeting early this morning,” her mother replied with a small smile. “Toast?” she questioned offering Antanasia a plate.

“Thank you mama,” Antanasia replied taking the plate and biting off a piece of toast.

“Are you excited for your senior year?” her mother asked taking the seat across from her and taking a bite of her own toast.

Antanasia shrugged looking into her mothers crystal blue eyes that mirrored her own. “I’m just ready to go to college.”

Her mother nodded taking another bite of her toast. “Have you been filling out applications?”

Antanasia nodded glancing at the clock. “Yes I have mama, but I need to get going.” She rose from her seat taking a few more bites of her toast before grabbing her keys off the counter and walking towards the front door. “Bye mama!” she yelled as she turned the handle of the door and headed out towards her car.

She hopped into her black 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS and pulled out of the driveway heading towards her school. The first day of her senior year was officially upon her and she was more than ready to get it over with.

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