His Morphine (Part 2, Optional)

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Dario Soraino isn't the type of man you fuck with. Especially if he is the most feared Don in the world. At only 24, he has control over three different Mafia's and has thirst for more power. Davina Kohl had suffered from his hands when she was 15. She has lived in fear and paranoia of his return for the last four years.

Romance / Erotica
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Author's note/ prologue

Author's note

Welcome to "His Morphine" from my new series, "Dark Reality".

My stories are dark. I have tried in the past to write happy stories. For example; a girl who goes to her first year of college and finds a guy and eventually marries him later on.

I'm unable to write like that. This is just a reminder that my content is very dark, and if this will bother you...then please don't read.

I'm not too sure on how many books will be in this series, but there will be at least two or three more. These books are not related by the character's, but are more so connected by their scenario. Meaning the characters have no relation with each other in these books, but all three will tell a story.

I also update my stories on random dates. I have no set time for the purpose of being a young adult with a lot of new responsibilities. I update in three's; meaning 3 chapters will be posted at one time and it will give you the opportunity to binge-read.

Thank you for your time. Enjoy!!!



As Davina pulls into the driveway, she notices that the lights are off, but her parent's vehicles are still in the driveway. They would've had the lights on in normal circumstances if they were home.

Next, she looks towards the family rock for confirmation, the rock being void of a red light adds to her rising anxiety. Dusk is soon turning into night as more confusion and fear hits her.

She pulls out her phone and tries to call her oldest brother, Jordy, but to no avail. She grunts out in frustration as well as a few curses and then proceeds to text her other two brothers that something is wrong and that they need to get to the house immediately.

Just as she was about to put the car in reverse and leave...she suddenly feels cold metal pressing against the side of her head. She had forgotten to roll up the window when she pulled in her driveway.

Her body is frozen in fear as the gun is pressed harder, and a accented voice speaks. "Take your keys out of the ignition and toss them on the ground. Now."

With shaky hands she does as he commands. The man doesn't bother with covering his face, so Davina makes sure to get a good look at him to report him, seeing as she lives.

Once the keys hit the concrete, another voice speaks for her next command. "Slowly get out of the car with your hands up."

This man is just as bold as the last, with no face covering. Maybe these guys aren't robbers...

Davina's breathing spikes as she is forcibly shoved against her car. The men chuckle behind her, speaking in a foreign language that kind of sounds like Spanish or Italian.

One man grabs her wrists and pulls them behind her back sharply, making her hiss in pain. She is then lead into her dark house with a million questions.

Absolute fear tears throughout her entire being at the horrifying scene.

Her father is kneeling with a gun sliding down his neck. There are several men in black suites surrounding her living room with automatics, wearing stoic and cold expressions.

Her tearful eyes travel to her left, where her mother lays lifeless, soaked in her own blood. A choked sob erupts from her throat as she realizes what the ripped dress means.

She then turns to the man behind her father, tears falling from her puffy eyes as the man smiles sinisterly.

His chilling voice brings her back to reality, "Welcome home, little Dove."

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