Love triangle

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A chilling weather soon stepped foot at an early September 1st as the breeze blows with people wrapped in warm clothes to get to early mornings shifts a perfect day for shopping gloves


"Triangles me love triangles" an odd girl says munching on japanese rice as she briskily walks over to a near store to shop gloves and scarfs

Walking through shelves she set eyes on a pair of gloves her eyes sparked and went for it running at full speed towards and reaching out as another hand covered hers and the glove she's been holding ,meeting a pair of autumn brownish eyes as they clashed with her emerald ones

"Excuse me mister me got it first!" She says pulling the gloves to her chest glaring at the guy

He gave an irritated look and grit his teeth

"Ha?! I saw it first !!" The guy says strutting towards her with cool flaming strides

"Sorry mister but me got it first no givies backsies" she says raising a brow at her baby talks he glared "whats with your mouth baby tongue? Ya 5 or something?"

"Me say you rude me no like hot blood volcanos like you mister hot head" she says accusingly and dashed away leaving the guy speechless for a second before going after her unlucky for him she took off running after paying her products

"Damn woman wait till I find you again"


"Hey sis what's up?" Seth says to his sister looking up her body for any injuries

"Me found a mister hot head that stole my triangle gloves but me got away he was a scary nutcase goof" she explains

"Dang sis you still talk like baby and shit when are you taking that appointment I told you about to help you talk well so me and the damn world could understand a hundred things your spouting" her brother says irritated and worried

"Me good for now no need human to help me speak human" she says walking upstairs to her triangle decorated theme room she changed into her oversize triangle printed hoodie with some shorts with small triangles and a black knee high socks with triangle prints

"So AC hows your shopping? I heard you ran into this mister hot goof head guy" her mother says chuckling at her daughter's choice of words

"Mother he was a hot headed goof who wanted to take my gloves " she says matter of factly

"Baby you'll be going to school on Monday at least try to be normal " her dad sighs out

"Me look normal you just not normal like me daddy your abnormal"

"Hahahaha!!!" Her brother burst out laughing but soon calmed down when their mother glared

"Darling we must keep her happy whatever she wants we give it's for her sake" her mother says rubbing her husband's thigh teasingly

AC saw what she did and questioned her mother


"See ya sis" her brother Louise says going to his group of friends she stood their looking at the odd humans walking to the same building

Walking inside she bumps into a long haired girl with dull eyes

"Oh my excuses me no looking" ac says smilling at her the girl just nods and walked away

But soon was being followed by the odd girl with curious steps

"Why are you following?" The ravenet says

"Me don't know where me going me follow you"

She replied bluntly and oddly

"Ya sure know a way with words" she began walking again "I'm George"


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