Never Falling Inlove To My Husband Again (NFITMHA)

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It is about to a girl who had a miserable life because of her husband and died with full of sorrow but God gave her a another chance to change her faith and her unfailing death

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* cough * * cough * * cough *

Ubo lang ako ng ubo dahil sa patuloy kong nalalanghap na usok, naramdaman kong bigla akong ibinaba ng asawa ko kaya agad ko syang tiningnan kahit na nanlalabo na ang aking paningin

" C-calix " I forced to call his name even my voice was so hoarse

He look at me seriously that makes my heart ache, I hold my tears to not fall, I know what's the meaning of it, mahigpit kong hinawakan ang dibdib ko kahit sobra na akong nanghihina, alam ko na kung ano yung tumatakbo sa isipan nya, everytime I think of it I feel my heart bursting, I hope I just mistaken!

" this place is safe so stay here and wait for me "

Halos pagsakluban ako ng langit at lupa matapos ko yung marinig mula sakanya pero di pa man din sya nakakaalis ng hawakan ko ng mahigpit ang laylayan ng longsleeve nya

I bit my lower lips " A-are you going to leave me here? "

" I will back soon after I save her "

My tears start to fall while holding tightly his sleeves, sometimes I feel jealous about her. what if I am like her, did he love me back? did he let me enter on his heart? Ano ba kasing meron sakanya at baliw na baliw itong asawa ko?

" Sya na naman ba? Bakit palagi nalang sya? Bakit sya nalang ang kailangan mong palaging unahin? Wala na ba talaga akong Lugar dyan sa puso mo? please don't leave me alone, don't go, I'm begging you calix, kahit ngayon lang ako naman ang unahin mo oh "

Agad na kumurba sa mukha nya ang galit at inis na iwinaksi ang kamay ko na nakahawak sa laylayan ng long sleeve nya

" Unahin? Are you use again that f*cking attitude? Do you think I will save you first rather than to her because you are my wife? ha! your are wrong woman, I won't wasting my life for a desperate bitch like you, in fact you don't deserve it " he gave me a cold stare " open your eyes woman, I just married you because of your shares and nothing else don't expect that I will love you back after you killed my parents and put viennera's mother into a hard situation, I would never falling inlove to a criminal, desperate, bitch and indicent woman like you "

Agad kong naiyuko ang ulo ko, hindi ako makapaniwala sa mga narinig ko mula sakanya, matagal ko ng alam yun at paulit-ulit nya ng ipinandikdikan sa mukha ko pero bakit ganoon? Bakit ang sakit parin marinig kapag nanggagaling Ito sakanya? I smiled bitterly when I realized something, kahit kailan hindi ko mapapantayan ang isang tulad nya

I suddenly raise my head when someone pulled my hair upward then the angry face of my husband is the first who face me

" And now you have a guts to stop me to save my woman and let her die like this! You are so shameful to my family names, I regret that I agree to marry you and become my despicable wife " pabalibag nyang binitawan ang buhok ko

Halos mapasubsob na ako sa sahig sa ginawa nyang yun, I feel my heart shattered into pieces, mapait kong tinitigan ang bulto nya na unti-unti ng lumalakad palayo sakin, siguro nga ganito kasakit ang kapalit kapag nagmamahal

I know he would rush to save her without hesitant, Bago pa man tuluyang makalayo sakin ang asawa ko ay muli kong tinawag ang pangalan nya at pinilit na bitawan ang mga huling salita na matagal ko ng gustong sabihin sakanya kahit na alam kong sobrang madudurog ang puso ko

" Calix can you please tell me if you tried to love me? " he suddenly stopped

" Then tell me how can I love you if you killed my parents? You are just a nobody to me, I just use you to get what I want and my heart.....was already occupy to the woman whose inside of this building and f*cking needs my help"

I froze like someone pouring cold water on me, all my strength I have right now was totally lost, his words stab me a million times, it's so hurt dxmn it!!! We suddenly stop on argumenting when we heard the familiar voice who seeking for help

" HELP ME!!!!! its a anybody's here......... I'm scared, please somebody help me "

" Viennera " my husband call her name softly

My heart aches again, the way how he call the name of his woman It's was full of joy and hope, this is the first time that I didn't feel any tense from him, ngayon sobra na talagang ipinamukha sakin na wala talaga akong Panama sa babaeng nasa puso nya even I tried my best to enter on his heart

Without a word he left me here alone, I laughed bitterly while my tears non-stop falling down on my face, I begun to hug my feet tightly and put my face between on my knee before crying silently

" How about me calix I feel scared too? "

You choose to be with here, you choose to save her rather than me maybe this is was the result that made my wrong decision, I so much regret it, the loud noise came from the top make me stop and look of it

The dread start to sprout all over of my body, I'm start to tremble, did I die like this? The ceiling where I am was going to collapse now and I don't have strength to stand myself and run away from this

" Calix I need you please help me "

" please come back "

" Calix I'm scared, please save me I need you "

I smiled genuinely, maybe this is now my end! If I will born again and change my faith I promise to myself that I would never falling inlove to you again my husband, I wouldn't let what now never happen again

I never let you use my weakness and use me to get what you want, if I could have chance to change it I will do everything just to get away from you, I promise that Calixster Ravinelle Aince Fumian

I clenched my first tightly and the warm last tears fall on my eyes before I heard loud noise of breaking, I look up then I saw all the concrete was falling to my direction, I let all of it crashed on my body before all went black

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