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This story revolves around a highschooler,Kylo, who just transfers to a school in Tokyo.There he falls in love with a girl of his class named Hayami. The story starts to change drastically when Hayami proposes Kylo.. Kylo gets to know about a power that he possessed but was unfimiliar with it. The story continues and as time passes Kylo matures and starts understanding the rules of this cruel world in which he was living in for so long.

Romance / Thriller
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OK, so its the 5th day finally. Issei, too scared too get off his room.NOT his fault, that is. Anyone would had been horrified watching that dreadfull scene...

2 MONTHS ago.....

Hey, there guys i’m Kylo Blaze. I’m from UK and recently shifted here in Tokyo.Hope we can get along well.

"So, class this is the new student I was talking about and he will be studying here in our school today onwards": said Mrs Yoshimura,while I was busy talking to one of my classmate.

“Hey bro nice to meet you. My name’s Issei , sorry can’t tell you my first name.”

NO problem,you don’t have to get so formal, this is your first year I take it.

Yeah!! I was amazed when I heard that a transfer student was gonna join us and that to from abroad.

C’mon that’s no big deal. Tokyo is full of amusing stuffs. Can you show me around the city.

Why not!!!??? After all we are friends right?


Thuddd....... A duster banged infront of us.

“Don’t think i’m gonna go easy on you two because you are just new to the school rules


I’m leaving you guys only this time,try not to make this mistake again.

Wuupphh... such a relief. WE both sighed.

Soon after that, we had our lunch break.

IT was when I was talking to Issei, a faint, shrilling voice,striked my ears.The voice was so sweet that I couldn’t bring my self to calm down. I just had to turn around to see, who was behind this voice.

And when I did, a gorgeous girl was there standing behind me.She introduced herself as hayami Ito. Issei and I were shocked for a second,as she suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

We all chatted untill the lunch break was over.We were so interested in each others talks, that we did not even bother to eat our lunch.I just transferred here in this school and it now it seems that i’m one of them...

So,the lunch break passed and I didn’t even had the chance to eat my lunch, not that i’m complaining,but when i’m around those two I just forget about everything else.

Not very, long after that the school’s main bell rung and before I knew I as waiting at the school’s main gate waiting for Issei and Hayami to show up.

“Hey, Why don’t we go some place to celebrate, to mark this day. After all today is a very special day for us!” excxlaimed Issei.

“No! Not today” i exclaimed. ” Can you please shift the plans. I’ll be free by this weekend”

“IS something the matter?” Issei interogated me...

“Of course not, Its just I’ve to unpack all my stuffs, and all..” I replied.

“So, why don’t I and Issei come by your place to help” asked Hayami.

’Its very kind of you, but I have to turn down this offer ” .. AS soon as I said those words, I saw it!!!.

I saw Hayami’s adorable,cute side which made me fall for her even harder now.

That day,I could think of nothing but that face pouting at me. Just thinking about it makes me want to marry her.

After that day,I didn’t saw Hayami that much and whenever I went near her she would just try to keep distance from me. The thought of me seperating from Hayami is a terrible nightmare itself.These thoughts just won’t disappear from my mind.So I went up-straight to hayami if I have done anything wrong to her.There was a moment of silence and the next moment she slapped me! I knew something was wrong, so I held her hand as thight I could and took her to the near by park.

There I asked her what had I done that made her so that she had too slap me infront of everyone.

“I had to or else he would kill me!” she replied.

She looked completely terrified.

“I Love YOU, KYLO”

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