In the air

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A whimsical romance between two wolves. One dormant wolf and an alpha. Ryder. Alpha of the Bluebell pack. He has waited for years for his mate. Finally smelling her scent, he tracks her down and saves her from rushing water. Something is different about her but he has no clue. He will soon find out what she has come from. Veda is running away from something, she become trapped in the woods and is running away, from what we don't know. She has no idea she is a wolf, mainly because her wolf has stayed dormant since her 16th birthday. When her mate finds her, it awakens the process for her transformation. How will she handle this and will she tell what she is running from? Will she finally trust someone to tell her secret?

Romance / Drama
EA Austin
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Chapter 1

I can feel the air around me. The crisp air hitting me, Blowing my hair in the wind, flapping, slapping me in the face. I keep venturing into the dark woods. I can hear water. Trickling water. Using only my hearing, I make my way towards the flowing water. Gushing and raging rapids as my hearing becomes more heightened as fluid noises embrace my ears. The light trickle of water. The beauty of our surroundings. My want to stay surrounded by this beauty blossoms day by day. But I feel as if I’m stuck in mud so to speak. I can’t move from the forest. Kinda like that feeling of knowing your home and getting cold feet at the same time. I can finally feel myself becoming one with the surroundings. Maybe I should take a peek. Taking a chance with using my sight, my eyes peak out slowly. Observing the moonlight descending upon the rapids from a waterfall.

Snapping of branches, tells me I’m no longer alone. Venturing towards the falls I notice a makeshift cavern underneath, creeping into it, I kneel and peak between the raging waters. And the rocks. Wolves are coming. An enormous brindle coated wolf comes and sits at the embankment of the water, smaller black wolves follow and they begin to howl. What is going on? As I try to look out further, my hand slips from the rocks and I feel myself slipping. I tumble for what seems to be forever towards the water, my body is engulfed, sent shooting light years further into the water and my breathing becomes more challenged. Fighting to swim towards the break of water, my lungs feel heavy and my eyes give way. Darkness is around me, I can feel the water but my body isn’t responding. Heavy arms snatch my tortured body and bring me afloat to the surface.

“It’s her!” What?

I can smell it. The sweet scent of the my mate the moon goddess has sent for me. It is faint but my nose keeps telling me to follow it. She isn’t too far.

“Ryder are you sure it’s her?” Lucian questions.

“Of course it’s her. I’ve been smelling the sweet scent of black currants and pink peppercorns since yesterday and my wolf has been hounding me to follow it!”

“Okay sir.” Lucian becomes quiet and ventures ahead. The others keep following the trail. That’s when I hear the water. She has been smart trying to keep away from me. Although I’m not sure she knows of what she is. Maybe she hasn’t fully changed yet, but from her smell, she seems to be around the age of 18. Why hasn’t she changed? Maybe her wolf has stayed dormant and patient, making it harder for me to find her.

A howl breaks me of my thoughts, Macy has found the full trail. Racing in a full sprint, I transform into my wolf and race towards the falls. No one has dared to come here. Why would she come? To hide? What was she hiding from. I scurry to the embankment and sit, staring at the falls, she is probably in the cavern. Lucian and the other wolfs come racing towards me and heel. Then the howling starts. I can see red an blond peeking through between the water and the rocks. The. My fear is escalated.

Her weak and petite frame falls into the water. As quick as I can, I dove in, transforming mid way to swim towards her. My arms grow tired from fighting the current and as I finally wrap my arms around her and bring her to the surface. Gulping for air, I resume swimming and reach the embankment.

“It’s her!” I scream into the air. I look upon the moon and bow my head to the moon goddess. Thanking her for bringing me my wonderful mate. I look upon her face, her pale skin. Freckles on her face, her golden and copper tinted hair, flowing majestically with the wind and the droplets of water rushing down her face onto her neck. She was so beautiful, so mystical and so angelic. I can’t wait until she awakes.

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