Ghostly Desire

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Everyone talks about wandering souls.... Who can't rest in peace. But what happens to the ghosts who already are resting in peace somewhere? They might have some dreams which left shattered when they were alive. They might crave something which is unattainable. Can they fulfill what they aspire after dying? Well.... It is possible in the world of ghosts.... Somewhere between the land and sky. They have society of ghosts, classes of ghosts, traditions and rules.... But what they don't have is money. But to replace money they have powers. Each ghost has some special power and to do business they exchange powers! Amazing right? Then live a ghost life with ghost Clarissa and ghost Edward. Bumpy ride.... Will soon start with novel!

Romance / Fantasy
Sonam Gokhru
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Sitting by the window, Clarissa looked at the clouds passing through. Indication of rain on the land now does not affect her. The fear of lightening or the luxury of getting wet is totally out of question. Nobody could have guessed a world between the clouds. A world without superficial people, opulence and selfishness.

World of Ghosts! Bare souls.

It's been ages she died, left the magnetic field of earth full of selfish people.

"Ghost Clarissa." She turned to face her Father in the ghost world.

"Father. Can you skip this ghost word? I am still not habituated to this word yet." She smiled a bit while detaching herself from the window.

"Ahhh! A bit of human nature in the soul?" Oliver, her ghost Father asked with smiley eyes.

"Can say that." She shrugged.

"Well. I have a bad news then." She looked at her Father with a knowing look.

"Father, in this world I only heard a single kind of bad news. And, I can surely say that I don't want you to confirm it." She averted her eyes and picked the ghost magazine.

"I will not confirm it darling. But would like discuss that now my powers will shift to you. After my soul is transferred to another human body, you are the heir of one of the oldest ghost's powers. How will you survive using these powers?" She looked at her Father.

"Father, I have no idea about the power you hold." She said.

"There are many. They will be secret till you yourself discover them." Her Father smiled.

"If I can't discover the powers then?" She asked.

"Ghost Registrar will help you. There's a time limit, if you can't discover them then Registrar will mediate the process." She nodded.

"And, may I ask who is the Registrar?" She knows the answer will be silence, but still attempted to ask.

"Nobody knows him or her. And if they do, they can't reveal it." She looked at him in shock.

"Why? We let the world in the hands of unknown soul?" She asked.

"An unknown force binds many things together." He said patting her head.

"You know Father, I am a curious soul." She smiled.

"Ohh yes. That you are. But I am sure you will find a way to satiate your curious mind." He laughed.

"Souls do not have mind Father." She said.

"Ohh! They do. Souls creates mind of their own darling." He said.

"As you say Father." She said.

"Ohh. One more thing. There's a new entry in the world. Ghost Phoebe." Her Father's elated expressions on small occasions will be missed dearly. Hope she had the power to stop the transfer.

"Good. So, I have work then." Working at the Admin office of Ghost world, touring new souls was her responsibility.


"Who is she assigned to?" She asked as she knows her Father is the Register protector.

"Ghost Edward. She is assigned to be his sister." She nodded.


Edward welcomed Phoebe in, while the other party was in daze.

"Umm.. Where am I?" Phoebe asked while looking at villa in between the clouds.

"World of Ghosts. You are dead in the human world now." He said.

"What? B..but I.... Is my child okay?" She asked as a tear escaped from her eyes.

"He is okay. Very cute actually." He said smiling faintly.

"Ohhh. It's a son? I hope he looks like Chase. Though I will never be able to see him grow up." She sniffed.

"You can go and see all your family members. There are few rules in here. The administrator will give you tour and explain everything to you." She nodded and was relieved that she can go and see her son.

"Do you know what is my son's name?" She asked with her bright smiling eyes.

"Aaron Martin." He said.

"Beautiful name. Chase and I never discussed any names. He said it should be spontaneous, I am afraid I would have named him potato or something. After a long delivery session, obviously I would have felt hungry. Now, I can't devour some exotic food items...."

"Settle down here. Collect your thoughts as you are not a human now. You will be called Ghost Phoebe formally. In few moments, when you are ready to adapt to and accept this new world. Just call my name, I will present myself to you." She nodded pouting knowing perfectly well that her continuous talking is not appreciated here.

"One second!" She shrieked. Edward is not habituated to someone shouting near him. When he was alive then also loud sounds were the thing he hated with passion. Without any choice he turned looking at her questioningly.

"Who are you?" Ohh! He didn't introduce himself.

"Ohh! I am Ghost Edward, your brother in this world." He said.

"You are so dull for being my brother. Can I exchange you with someone more lively?" If he was alive, he would have killed himself after hearing this! Or puked blood! But now his male ego is battered in front of him.

"I am sorry sister. But you can't do that, it's the Registrar who have ability to work on these things." He retorted.

"No need to be cross. Okay Ediee. I will call out your name and you will appear from the walls like it happens in movies?" He smiled at her innocence.

"Yes. But I don't think you need time for adjusting. You already accepted this world." He said.

"What else a dead can do?" She muttered.

"Many things! You will realize that, once you see the world here. You will this world more beautiful, transparent and amazing. Though it doesn't offer full transparency, it has it's own secrets waiting to be revealed." He added meaningfully.

"Ohh! What I don't understand is - why ghosts need a villa? I mean we are souls now, we can freely roam without thinking of cold weather, rains and such petty things." She asked.

"Petty things? I assume you left human world way back? We need a place not because we are humans in human world, but we are humans in this world; with few variations of course!" He said and disappeared leaving her in confused state!

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