Love, Hate, and All Things Baking

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Baking has always been everything to Lilly Jettison. Finally tired of living her life the way her father tells her too she drops out of Med school and enrolls in 'Madame Cruzine Culinary school'. As she takes back her life she hits a few bumps in the road but does she have what it takes to be the Baker she's always dreamed of and begin the business her mother left her oh so long ago? Or will a certain hunky peer be what stands between her and her heart?

Romance / Other
Ester Gordon
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Chapter 1: The Big Move

Ive always been told I was a Wild Child... Mostly by my Father. But nonetheless what I just did set that in stone. So as I sit here on a plane to California with nothing but my Suitcase and all my savings, I think back to how I got here and what awaits me when I get to my new life across the country. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me show you how I got here.

24 hours earlier...

"Miss Jettison this is non negotiable" my Professor hands me back my test and I groan as I look down at the big D- written in red marker at the top next to my name. "Please Professor Goodman, I need to get my grade up. My father is going to kill me if he finds out I flunked my Exam" I plead but the Wrinkly old man that sits before me only shakes his head and waves his brittle hands to dismiss me. I grab my bag and jacket and leave the room. Shrugging on my jacket and stepping out into the chilly New York air. Hailing down a cab and slidng into the warm vehicle.

"Lilliana Meredith Jettison why is gods name did I hear from George Goodman that you flunked your test" my father shouts through my phone as I enter my Apartment. I take off my shoes and jacket and take a seat on my sofa. "Dad please calm down, it didn't bring my grade down that much Im still passing" I say trying not to anger him but as usual I do. "DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN" He shouts, I move the phone away from my ear alittle bit "Young lady, you know George is apart of the club, Do you know how embarrassing it. Will be when I have to face his and the others at Golf on Saturday?". I roll my eyes "Did you not study?" He questions. "I was studying but I just couldn't understand Father, it's just so boring and complicated" I answer. "Lilliana, your studying to be a doctor of course it's gonna be hard but it's a stable and rewarding career" he says sounding annoyed. "Yes Father I know, but you also know this isn't what I want, I don't wanna be a doctor" I feel tears begin to prickle at my eyes. "Well you wanted the college experience so as the one paying for it I suggest you keep your end of the deal and graduate at the ends of the year like we discussed" he sounds angrier than before "I'll talk to you on Monday when I'm back in town". "Ok, bye Father" I say defeated. As I hang up and walk into my kitchen I knock a frame off a nearby shelf and hear it as the glass shatteres.

I bend down and pick up the frame. Tears begin to trickle down my cheeks as I stare at Me in my Mother looking happy and smiling. Remembering that this was taken on my 16th birthday and I had just gotten my braces. I laugh at the memory but quickly sadden again when I remember this was just 3 months before my mother had gotten sick. I sweep up the glass and put the frame back on the shelf. But stop and look at the picture beside it. It was my Mother when she was younger and my Grandma standing in front of a bakery. It was their families bakery. I had never been there since it was in California but I remember the stories my mom had told me about it and her hometown. After Grandma passed she left the Bakery to my Mother. But when she met and married my dad they moved here to start their family. The Bakery was never reopened but my mother still owned it. She left it to me in her will. I wipe my tears and head into the kitchen to grab my Mother's recipe book and open to the page titled "Cherry Cake Roll" and gather up all the ingredients I need and follow the recipe step by step adding in a few other things to spice it up a bit.

After it's done baking I take it out of the oven to cool and cut. I take a few pieces and place them on a plate and cover it up before heading out of my Apartment and down to the end of the hall. I smile as the Old Woman I've known for the past 3 years opens it and gives me a cheeky smile. "Lilly! Why it's so good to see you dear. It's been awhile" she moves over a bit to let me through her door. "I know and I'm so sorry school as just been so hectic and I've picked up a few hours at the library but I brought you your favorite" I place the plate on the dining table and take a seat as she sits across from me. "Why deary thank you, you know I love your baking" she says grabbing a slice "I've always said you should open your own bakery". I give her a small smile "I wish, that was always my dream but my Father shot that down long ago". She reaches over and Pat's my hand "Lilly you need to follow your heart and do what's right for you". I think back to my day and really just my life these past few years and realize that I've been nothing but miserable. A thought pops into my head and I quickly put my thoughts into action. I say my goodbyes to the Old Woman and head back to my apartment. I begin packing my bag and dial up my Fathers number. It's night time now so I hope he's awake. It rings twice and then he picks up. "Hello?" He asks. I take a deep breath before speaking "Father what I'm about to tell you might make you angry so prepare yourself' and with that I tell him my plan and as expected he is angry again. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" He shouts through the phone "YOU WANT TO DROP OUT OF MEDICAL SCHOOL AND MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY?!". I take another deep breath and hang up on my father. I know this is a crazy plan but I want this, No I need this. I need to follow my own path and I need to escape my father's hold on me. I know this is gonna be hard but I spent the whole night looking up the Culinary school my mother attended before she met my Father. She said she had an amazing time there and that she loved that it was in her hometown so she didn't need to travel far. While I was online I also booked a flight to California. Or more specifically "Fordstown, California".

Present time...

So here I am, on a plane flying to a place I've never even been to by myself to restart my life at age 24. I feel the dread and regret in my stomach as I recall how I just completely flipped my life upside down. But in my heart I know this is what I want. So I sit back and close my eyes thinking of what's awaiting me in Fordstown and though I'm nervous I'm also excited to see what's to come.

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