Set Me Free (sample)

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The first time Emma gave love a chance, it nearly cost her everything - including her life. How can she ever trust a man, let alone love - ever again? Just because you can't see the scars, doesn't mean they aren't there.

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**trigger warning: this story contains scenes of sexual and physical assault, violence**


“You knew it was going to be a long day! Why wouldn’t you clean this fucking place up before I got home? Jesus Christ you lazy bitch!” The punch in my gut knocks me to my knees. I should have remembered. Why didn’t I remember? This is my fault. He had auditioned all day so of course he’s tired. I worked too, but I could have gotten up earlier, or left work sooner…

“I asked you a goddamn question! Now you’re too good for me? Huh? Is that why nothing got done? You were out fucking someone else? Huh? Whore!” I scramble quickly to my feet as he grabs me by my hair so he can punch me again. We have to be careful so no one sees my punishments, or else they might not understand. I’m nothing without Jarrett, and I’ll die without him. He only does this for my own good.

He reminds me every time.

“No baby, no. I love you. You’re my everything,” the voice is mine, but I stopped recognizing it a long time ago. Separate and detach. It’s easier. I stopped being me a long time ago. Only his version remains now.

“Prove it bitch. Prove I’m the only one you love.” As if by remote control, I drop to my knees in front of him and undo his pants. He’s angry, so something I already don’t enjoy doing is going to be even worst. As soon as he’s free of his pants and shorts, he pushes his cock into my mouth. I know the tears running down my face only excite him more, as does my sounds of choking when he cuts off my oxygen. I’m no one to him at this point – simply a wet hole for him to fuck. I touch him where he likes it, perform exactly as I’m expected to. The better I do, the faster this will end.

“Oh ya! Take it all in!” I’m sure the neighbours can hear him scream as he ejaculates into my mouth, watching to ensure I swallow every drop. I smile, showing him it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Maybe if his ego is appeased, that’ll be it for tonight. He smiles and starts stroking himself, already starting to become erect again.

I won’t be getting off so easy tonight after all.

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