Girls in Suits

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Sarah Hart is an Art student in college who wishes to be a photography student. She lives with four of her highschool friends and has a past that not even they know. Enter Arianne Jessop, also an Art student, who is unsure of what she wants to do. She is shy and sweet and wants nothing more than to fit in and make people happy. Will Arianne be able to help Sarah? Will she be the light that Sarah has always needed in her life? I guess you'll have to find out.

Romance / Drama
Amber Snow
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It was a cold summer afternoon when Sarah stepped into the daylight from the inside of her crowded house that she shared with four of her friends from high school. They had decided to stick together as they were all in either the same university or theirs were both nearby, so they bought a house together, mostly paid for by Emily as she had gotten into acting and modeling when she was 14 so she had made a small fortune for herself. Because of that, she would keep the house after everybody moved out. Sarah herself was the second eldest of the group, Josh being the eldest and she's currently in her third year of college out of four, majoring in Art. She had always been an artsy kid and she can't remember a time when she didn't want to be a photographer. She's had a few shows here and there and she currently does freelance work to earn some cash as they split the bills between everyone in the house.

She walks to the large garage and pulls out her key to unlock it. She was usually the first person out so she was used to the cold 6 am air as a breeze blew through her raven hair, tousling it around her face as she bends to pull up the garage door. Her arms go taut as she pulls at the heavy metal door, the metal handle biting into her cold flesh as she pulled it up swiftly over her head and holds it up with one arm, her leather jacket sagging off her arm slightly as she reaches for the metal bar that they use to keep the door open as the garage door had broken too many times to fix. She had always been handy but even she couldn't fix this door, it was a lost cause. She put the bar in place and slowly removed her hand and sighed as it stayed up. She ran a hand over her face, flattening her wild hair in the process before moving to her bike that sat comfortably beside the two cars they shared. It was a good arrangement as Emma usually stayed in and Daniel and Emily usually went everywhere together as they had been dating for almost five years now so Josh had the other car to himself. She had the honour of having the bike to herself though, as everybody else was scared of getting on the powerful motorcycle that she had worked on for years to get it as flawless as humanly possible.

She got her black helmet off the handlebars and tucked her hair into her jacket so it wouldn't be tossed around by the wind as she drove. She put on her helmet, pulled up the kickstand and pushed it outside before reversing the process with the garage door. She then lifted up the compartment under the seat and stuffed her backpack inside of it before confidently hopping onto her bike, seeing Stephanie leave her house across the street. Stephanie was a kickass old lady and Sarah had quickly gotten along with her when she first moved here. She had such confidence just wafting from her and she had owned the bike before she gave it to Sarah as she had gotten into a crash on the bike that made her unable to ride it again. Not to mention the fact that Sarah used to have a thing going with her granddaughter, Elle, which is actually how they met, by her coming home to find Sarah and Elle in her pool. She had been really chill about it though and invited her to stay for dinner. She smiles when she sees her and gives her their secret wave and Sarah smiles brightly before doing the same and starting up the engine. She then pulled away and the powerful yet almost silent bike sped off down the street towards her campus, her jacket flapping in the wind behind her.

She turned the corners smoothly, maneuvering around the cars on the road expertly as if she had been riding the bike since birth when in actuality she had only had it for around two years. She got to the large campus of Silverpine University in no time and pulled up to the large gates, getting her student ID out of her pocket as the guard approached to let her in. He scanned the ID halfheartedly and nodded pressing the button on his controller to let her in, the large gates swinging open silently, denying the expectation of a loud creek like in the movies. She took off once again towards her building. She passed a few familiar-looking people although she didn't know most of them, before finally arriving at her building and pulled up next to the road, smoothly coming to a stop. She smiled as she saw a group of freshmen here for their first day staring at her as she pulled up, some intimidated and some in awe. She kicked down the kickstand and pulled off her helmet, revealing her face as she shook her hair free before running a hand through her helmet hair.

She then stood from the bike and saw one of the freshmen being pushed towards her by her friends. She smirked slightly before opening the compartment and grabbing her bag, replacing it with the helmet and stashing her keys in her pocket, turning to the freshman who was walking up to her nervously. She couldn't help notice how cute she was and smiled slightly as she closed the compartment and leaned her elbow lightly on the handlebars. "Can I help you?" she asks with a smirk. "Umm... yeah well we were just... a bit lost..." she stumbles over her words and smiles running a hand over the back of her neck, under her red scarf that rested on her shoulders over her black denim jacket and black and white striped shirt with a rainbow pocket on the chest, which was one of the first things she noticed after her dazzling chestnut eyes and freckled cheeks and nose.

She smiled and nodded. "Of course, what's your hall?" she asks and straightens up, looking down at the adorable redhead. "Umm, I'm not sure." she says and chuckles nervously. She scoffs humorously and smiles. "Let me see your schedule." Sarah asks and holds out her hand. "Oh okay." she says relieved, handing over the schedule she held crumpled in her hands. She studies the schedule, first searching for her name and smiling. Arianne. What a beautiful and fitting name. She then lightly shook her head and looked at the actual schedule. Design: B:2.3. Also an art major. Interesting. "Oh okay I know where that is, It's on the second floor." she says and looks up smiling. "Are you all in the same class?" she asks and she shakes her head. "No, but we're all in B.2." she states and she nods. "Then you're all on the second floor." she says and gives her back her schedule, pointing to the classroom arrangements.

"The letter is the block or building you're in, the first number is the floor and the second is the room." she explains as she leans over her shoulder. As she does she notices that Arianne sucks in a breath and glances at her every now and then. She smiles when she catches her eyes occasionally. She then straightens up and smiles. "I'll walk you." she says and smiles and Arianne smiles sweetly in return. "Thank you." she says and they turn to her group and towards the building. Checking the time she sees that she has five minutes until her own lecture, so she had to hurry as she was on the fourth floor. "Have you explored the campus yet?" she asks the group although directing it at Arianne as they enter the building and head towards the stairs. Arianne goes to speak but one of the guys interrupts her. "Yeah, it's awesome! And like, so huge!" he exclaims loudly and she tries not to cringe at his breath that could frankly be smelled from across the room. Arianne looks sheepishly at her and mutters under her breath as they start climbing the stairs.

"I haven't really seen a lot of it." she says softly and Sarah nods. "You should, it's always good to get your bearings around here." she says and smiles. "I could even give you a tour if you liked." she says and shrugs as she had nothing to do today after her lecture. "Really? That's so nice of you but-" Arianne starts but the same guy interrupts her. "Nah, we've already seen everything right Jessica?" he says loudly and wraps his arm around another girl who looked like she belonged in a cheap cosmetic commercial. "Mhm." she says nonchalantly while chewing gum and fixing one of her crooked long red nails. "How about you Arianne?" Sarah asks her directly and smiles as she looks over, getting to the top of the stairs. "I..." she starts and looks at the other girl in the group who shrugs and nods. "Sure." she says and smiles and the other girl nods too. "I'll go too." the other girl says and she seems like she's pretty cool too. Sarah looks over at the last guy in the group and he shrugs and nods. "Great, then I'll wait outside after my lecture. It ends at 12:30." she says and smiles directing them to their classes with Arianne being the last. "Thanks for helping us, I know my friends aren't the most 'welcoming' of people." she says and chuckles. "Don't worry about it." she says and smiles at her.

They stand in a moment of silence which she finds surprisingly comfortable although she could tell that Arianne was a bit uncomfortable. "Could... could I ask your name?" she asks as she rocks on her heels and looks up at her. "Sarah." she says and smiles. "Sarah Hart." she says and instinctively holds out her hand to shake, something that had been drilled into her by her father for years. "It's nice to meet you Sarah." she says and takes her hand, smiling when she says her name. "Same to you Arianne." she says and smiles, holding her hand a slight moment too long and squeezing it lightly as she let go which made Arianne blush slightly and smile sweetly. "I'll see you this afternoon." She says and almost jokingly does a little bow, never taking her eyes off of her before smiling and turning on her heel, walking towards the staircase with a smile on her face, looking back over her shoulder as she reached the stairs, seeing her looking on with a lost smile that she quickly tries to hide when she sees her look back but Sarah sees it and smiles brightly in return. Now she had to sit through a 6-hour lecture before she could see her again. With a sigh, she walked to her lecture hall and tried to keep her mind on the lecture and not on the adorable redhead that graced her with her presence this morning.

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