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Following on from master to follow silver into mother hood and the struggles that have been following her. Silver has cheated death and now it shacked up with her best friend and once love interest Freddie living out the rest of there days in peace. Silver knows there will never be peace until she is reunited with her mate who's baby she is carrying. PLEASE READ MASTER BEFORE READING MISTRESS AS THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES

Romance / Erotica
Suzanne Barlow
5.0 2 reviews
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Silvers pov

The thick smog of air brushes past my heated skin cooling me for a brief second in the scorching sunshine that is beating down on my skin, I was sat outside on my old crocket swing bench trying to read up on the new plans that were being escalated in the medical community looking for the cure to save the wolves, it was interesting but too far off from the research me and Freddie have done and that’s because humans are mostly ethical meaning they try not too test humans but why would they try run tests on humans when they done have the issues.

I sigh to myself rubbing my hands over my face ‘Freddie?’ I shout knowing he was trying to fix the aircon in the small cottage we call a home ‘Freddie!!’ I shout again slightly louder when I’m meet with silence, I huff wiggling out of my swinging chair about to go looking for him when he suddenly appeared slightly mucky with tools in his hand ‘Its fucked’ he gestured to the generator to the left ‘we are going to have to replace it’ he muttered kicking the ground with his boots disappointment shinning in his big blue eyes.

‘I’ll try the emergency team out here as I have the next few days off’ I mutter settling back into the comfy swing which dipped at the sudden weight of Freddie joining me his arms scars slightly glowing in the sunshine ‘Have you read these yet?’ I offer the paper to him but think again looking at the black grease on his hands and thick forearms ‘Yes’ he glanced over the papers with not much interest ‘it’s quite smart’ I mutter flicking through the pages.

‘I’m not interested in how you two are feeling’ his frown twitched into a genuine smile then burst into a grin when his hand connected to my bump ‘Still feeling like I’m wearing a beach ball’ I grumble placing my own small hand over Freddie’s rough ones his blue eyes sparkled at the gesture.

‘I need to see the wolves midwife again since I know this is definitely not going to be a human length pregnancy’ I smile down at the small bump I had grown soo attached to and every time I went to a scan and heard the swooshing of the babies heartbeat I cried happy tears because I was carrying the impossible but I was the impossible a hybrid stuck in a war between wolves and humans.

‘I’m sure the peanut just needs some time brewing besides it has you for a mother it needs the rest’ Freddie winked “The wolves told you the baby is an heir so it needs more time to cook for it too come into its powers,” he reminded me. I lifted a delicate shoulder. “I’ve been pregnant for 6 months, but I have a baby that’s developing like a 4 month old foetus .” I shot him a look, but he only smiled back at me, revealing all of his teeth. he didn’t have his razor-sharp fangs descended, but then, I’d only seen them when he was in a full-on rage. ‘Normal, you studied it remember’

I knew he was right, the moment I was out of hospital I registered as a part time doctor and studied the affects of pregnancy on wolves and was pleased to find they have longer pregnancies and it was confirmed by the wolf midwife I have been seeing in private.

‘Do you think we should look into an alternative cure and…..-’ ‘When I saw you on that hospital bed wasting away into nothing we decided we would leave all that alone silver!’ Freddie jumped up from the rocking chair making the chair sway with the movent, quicker than my eyes could follow he was suddenly pulling his dropped tools from the floor ‘we are part wolf!’ I splutter wiggling off the chair to stand ‘We are part human, we were raised and born here and when you went there to help THEM, you were used as a whore!’

My knees buckled at the harshness of his voice, husky and unforgiving ‘One wolves action doesn’t account for ever single wolf!’ Freddie’s face turned sour and tinged slightly green as he observes me his eyes flickered head to toe but landing back on my baby ‘I cant lose you or my baby’ I shake my head the pain erupting behind my eyes as I think about his words, digest them until they are floating around inside ‘Its maximus baby’ I whisper as the first tear spilled down my check they seemed to begin racing uncontrollably one after the other at the thought of my mate and I could feel his own emotions in that moment of weakness the loneliness that was twisting him inside out, the hurt he was experiencing was eating away at him piece by piece .

I knew we were miles apart but I could still feel his every emotion, in the night when I’m alone I sometimes dip into his thoughts trying to suss out what he was doing, wondering if I had been honest the moment I meet him about who I am and what I wanted how we could have been different, how I could have saved the wolves it included sacrificing myself in the long run but wasn’t that my oath as a doctor?

‘He was never a father’ Freddie’s turned away from me then ‘The moment he tried to take your womb and kill your child, OUR CHILD. That’ he gagged on his words ‘That’s the moment he was no longer a father and the moment I stepped up to give you everything! That was the moment I decided I was the father’

I shake my head at the angry wolf as Freddie’s yellow eyes watched me like I was going to disappear into thin air in front of him ‘I love you… both of you and not just when it’s convenient, I can’t lose you, I won’t’ his voice wobbled as he turned and stalked inside the small cottage I knew was humid inside which would make him more crabby since our heightened body tempter did nothing to help the warm weather.

I run my hands over the small bump knowing how much I needed to do something instead of having Freddie wrap me up in cotton wool and treat me like a glass house, I knew he had suffered for the months he has seen me on the hospital bed but I was alive, I had lived and the scars were now healing due to my wolf DNA but it’s been two months and my stomach flutters at the thoughts of running away to be Silver the doctor again.

Without a backward glance I pull the keys for my truck and begin to drive out of the dusty desert we find ourselves living in, the yellowing cottage was beautiful, decretive, and delicate just how Freddie seemed to like his women.

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