Memories of the Future : Kings & Queens

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A rollercoaster love story

Romance / Adventure
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External Defeat


Authors Note:

I have ownership of the book cover art . I graphically made this book cover art myself.

The City location is in Schenectady (Skin-Neck-Titty ), New York & the surrounding regional area's. The building's/house addresses are NOT real. This book contains sexual content, along with graphic details & vulgar language .

My book will make you rekindle your relationship with your second half, plus your emotions. The book is mature rated only. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy my book as much as I like it.

Reminder, the chapters will update when I have the time to get to it.

The novel Blindness begins amid the chaos of traffic. A traffic light turns green, but not everyone starts moving their car. There’s one man who waves his arms and shouts something instead. After pedestrians approach him to see what’s happening, the man gets out of his car and yells, “I’m blind!” His driver is passed out in the seat next to him

Instantly the crowded high way started to disperse as the ambulance rushed down the side of the medium. A faint women’s voice startled the man as if he knew her voice already. Soft yet vibrant.

Woman’s voice - “ ____ are you okay ? “

Man clearing his voice “ Ehh Mhmm , Hello is there anyone here ? “

His voice crackling like the sound of lightning hitting the ground.

Woman - “ it’s me mr ____ , your going to be fine “

Man “ Thank ....... “

Ambulance arrives on the scene as the man faints.

Very next day man wakes up in the hospital screaming “ Jill ! in his sleep “

Nurse - What was that Mr ____

Man - “ Where is Jill nurse ? “

Nurse - “ My name is Jane sir not Jill “

Loud Intercom - “ Nurse Jane Jill is on line 2 it’s an emergency Nurse Jane line 2 please thank you “

Man - “ Is it My Jill “

Nurse - “ We shall see Mr ____ We shall see “

Man falls asleep on the hospital bed .

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