The Angel that Fell into My Heart

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Castiel is still getting used to his human body, and he goes to Dean for help.

Romance / Fantasy
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A Simple Question, A Big Problem


I find Dean’s laptop in the living room, and there is some type of video pulled up. Oh my God! Why is the pizza guy spanking this lady?! After a few moments of trying to figure out why this random lady is being spanked by the pizza guy, I feel my pants get tighter around my groin area. I look down, and I widen my eyes. I get up, and I walk into Dean’s office. “D-Dean…” I stutter, feeling my pants becoming tighter. Ugh, why is he so hot?! My brain feels like it literally melted. Dean turns around in his chair.

“What’s up?” He asks, looking at me with that gorgeous smile of his. I rub the back of my neck nervously, pointing downwards. His eyes trail down my body until they reach my groin. His eyes widen to the size of baseballs. “Holy shit…” He whispers to himself. Dean stands up out of his chair, and he walks over to me. He closes the door, then he pushes me against the door. He grabs me by the throat lightly. I moan softly as he kisses me deeply. His other hand locks the door, then he slowly runs his hand to the button on my pants.

“D-Dean… I c-can’t take it any l-longer…” I stutter, feeling the bulge in my pants grow larger. Dean picks me up, and he lays me on the bed, unbuttoning my pants.

“Don’t worry, my little angel…” He says in a husky tone.

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