Save The Love

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Chapter 2


I wiped away the last of my tears. I smiled one last time at the children before climbing into the car that was waiting for me at the curb.

“Maddie are you going to be okay?” my brother Sean questioned.

I nodded and wiped my cheeks. I didn’t want my mother to see me this way.

“We have a long drive ahead; would you like to get something to eat before we go?”

“No thank you,” I murmured. “I just want to get there and start unpacking.”

I looked at the school in the side rear-view mirror and sighed. This was the best job I’d ever had. I loved all my students. In the beginning it was difficult getting accustomed to the new city, but I found friends here that soon became family. The last year was a difficult one for my family. My mother suffered a stroke and she was stubborn enough to still want to do everything for herself. I finally agreed to go back home where I could keep an eye on her. Sean had a busy job and a demanding wife, and I knew he tried as best as he could, but he simply couldn’t manage.

“Maddie, my company is looking for a few PAs, maybe you should apply,” Sean’s words made me lose my train of thought.

“I am a teacher, I don’t have experience in being a personal assistant,” I mumbled.

“You know how scarce teaching jobs are. It’s the reason you had to leave home.”

I nodded. I felt a pang in my heart knowing that I wouldn’t be able to teach for a while. I guess I would have to try my hand at being a personal assistant.

“I’ll apply for the job.”

“That’s great since I already handed in your application and you have an interview tomorrow. You should be prepared because they are definitely going to ask you why you chose to apply for a position that is outside of your experience.”

I rolled my eyes at his highhandedness.

As we approached my childhood home, I smiled. There were so many memories that I’d made here, and I did miss home but I knew this time coming home was not what it used to be. This time I had a million responsibilities resting on my shoulders. As I climbed out of the car, I noticed Sean’s wife Clara opening the front door.

“You took forever,” she rolled her eyes. “Can we go home?” she put her hand on her hip.

“Hi Clara,” I interrupted her rant.

“Hi,” she rolled her eyes. “Sean, please hurry up so we can leave.”

Sean began unloading all my belongings from his trunk and I went to assist.

“I’ve got this. You should go say hello to mum, I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you.”

I nodded and went inside to meet my mother and for the time-being housemate.

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