Save The Love

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Chapter 4


The next few days passed in a whirlwind. I actually got the position at Sean’s company. They must have been desperate to hire someone with no experience. I was following Cecilia around all week and I was still shocked at how she managed to remember everything.

“Today is my last day,” she murmured. “So, I am going to sit back and watch you do everything that I taught you. There’s no room for mistakes.”

“Sure, no pressure,” I rolled my eyes.

“You’ll be fine. Luke is very understanding.”

I nodded.

I’d been here all week and I still haven’t been introduced to Luke. I’ve seen him running in and out of meetings all week. He was in his office before I got to work, and he was still there after I’d left. I wondered what drove him to work such long hour’s day in and day out. I walked up to his office door with his coffee and knocked. My heart was beating so fast. I just hoped that my hands wouldn’t shake or there would be coffee everywhere.

“Come in,” I heard his smooth voice and shivered slightly.

I walked into his office and placed his coffee on the left-hand side as Cecilia had shown me. I wasn’t sure what to do. He looked extremely focused on his computer screen. He didn’t even look up at me. I turned around and slowly walked towards the door.

“Thank you,” he murmured. I turned around to see him looking at me. “I’m sorry we haven’t been introduced yet. This week has been rough.” His eyes had dark circles under them that only seemed to emphasize the blue. His five-o-clock shadow looked so sexy that I couldn’t imagine him ever being clean shaven. He smiled a crooked smile and a dimple popped up in his right cheek. Sigh. I noticed I was staring at him and quickly shook myself out of the trance I was in.

“I’m Madison, but most people call me Maddie,” I blurted.

He chuckled. “Of course,” he nodded. “Well I’m Luke, in case you didn’t know,” his eyes twinkled in mischief. I blushed crimson and lowered my gaze. Of course, he knew who I was.

“Would you like anything else, Sir?”

He laughed at that. “Madison, you do know we’re about the same age, right? Please call me Luke. I’m not old enough to be called Sir.”

I nodded.

“No, I’m okay for now. Please will you call Sean and tell him that I’d like to reschedule our meeting to 2pm if he’s available.”

“Sure, I will call Sean,” I grinned excitedly.

“I must let you know that Sean is married in case you have a crush on him,” he said sternly.

I laughed and he looked at me like he thought I was an alien.

“I know,” I smiled. “Sean is my brother.”

“Sean is your brother?” he frowned. “How come I’ve never seen you around before?”

“I moved back home a few days ago.”

He nodded.

I turned to walk back to my desk and get on with my work when the heel of my boot caught the rug. I spun around quickly looking for something to break my fall. I stumbled forward to Luke’s desk and face-planted on it. My arms flailed knocking the coffee cup onto his lap. I looked up in mortification. As if that wasn’t enough, to my utter surprise my eyes began to fill with tears. The door opened and there stood Sean in utter shock. I was sprawled out on the desk and Luke had a wet spot on the crotch of his pants.

“Kill me now,” I mumbled and began to cry in earnest.

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