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Kelsi just wants to keep her head down and graduate. Liam need a little help with that part, but has the social and athletic part covered. Could the two of them help each other out?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

The library is the safest place at this school. It is the place where no one tries to talk to you, or assumes you’re lonely and need a friend, when you really just want to be by yourself. It is a place where people allow you to get stuff done, and they do the same. That is everyone but that is except for Liam Dilson.

Liam Dilson seems to be the exception to everything. He is the anomaly of his family. Neither of his parents are taller than 5’10, but he somehow found a way to grow until he reached 6’5. Most soccer players followed strict diets to keep in shape. He is somehow able to down three chocolate milkshakes, and then go be the star of the field, running faster, and kicking harder than anyone on the field. He is also somehow able to get every single girl in this school to have a crush on him. That is, everyone except for me. I can see right through him. I’m not going to lie and say that he is not attractive. He really is. With his perfect body, toned in the right places and a killer jawline. His hair is a sandy brown color, and his eyes a bright blue. The kind that you can recognize from the other side of the hallway. But, then it came to his personality, or lack of, and that was a totally different story. He was just another carbon copy of every other jock at this school. Loud, cocky, hyper mascualine, and more than just a little obnoxious

But, like I was saying, he was the only person without the common human decency to recognize that when a girl is in the library eating her lunch and studying for her history test, it means she does not want to be talked to.

“Hey, you’re Kelsi right?” I looked up and there he is with his bright blue eyes. I almost choked on my sandwich. Despite my disgust when it comes to guys like him, you can’t just not talk to an attractive person without being just a little nervous.

“Um, y-a” I stuttered. Damn it! This is not how I wanted to present myself. He probably thinks I am just another hopeless girl that has fallen in love with him. But, what the hell is he doing here? I mean guys like him don’t hang out in the library. Although I am surprised that he remembered my name. I mean we had been in the same grade and ad classes together for the past three years, but still, I didn’t know he had that kind of brain power. OK, maybe that was a little harsh, but still.

“You’re in my chemistry class” he stated very matter of factly. The power of his eyes were wearing off and I was finally able to be my cynical self.

“Yep, Thanks for letting me know that I share a classroom with you. Can I get back to my homework now?”

He didn’t miss a beat. He never does. “Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” He smiled. “Believe it or not thought, that information is actually going to be relevant to a follow up question.”

I roll my eyes.

“Anyway, we have the big chem test coming up. I currently have a D, and if I don’t pass, I’m going to be cut from the team.” He looks at me expectantly.

“And, why do I care again?” I asked without looking up from my textbook. I couldn’t let those eyes get me again.

“Because everyone knows you’re the smartest in the class,” he paused making sure that his buttkissing didn’t go unnoticed, and continued, “and I think you would be a great tutor.”

“Why don’t you just ask one of the hundreds of people at this school, who would die to have the chance to have the great Liam Dilson talk to them” I ask

He raised his eyebrow and gave me a smug smile,” What is that supposed to mean?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know,” I replied, finally relenting and looking at his perfectly structured face once again.

“Well to answer your question, you are the only person I know who actually knows what you are doing in that class,”

“What’s in it for me?” I ask. It seems just like Liam to expect someone to do this just for the honor of getting to be around him.

He looked around for a minute. “Well, I couldn’t really pay you..” he thought aloud. “I don’t know. What do you want?”

“No offense Liam, but I’m not interested” I reply, and then I slam my book and walk away. I am going to the bathroom to eat. It sounds disgusting, but at least Liam or any other high school drama would follow me there.

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