The Village

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An exclusive housing community asked a young doctor Sara Walker to join their ranks. At first she believes it is too good to be true. However she can find nothing wrong with the complex when she goes. One by one she makes friends with the people on the street only to have something big happen.

Romance / Mystery
Kat Thomas
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Chapter 1

The small complex that was right before her didn’t seem to be anything other than a normal subdivision in a very small town. However the story of the place was legend in the area. It was it’s own town in a matter of speaking and she didn’t know if it was where she wanted to live but she was excited to finally see it in person. The Village it had been deemed and was still called though it was a smaller section of the wider town it seemed that a person had won the rights to the land from the town by way of a poker game.

The ownership and the rights to make it a town were passed from generation to generation when finally some thought to make it “The Village” a small exclusive subdivision of the main town. It was a tourist destination all it’s own but no one could get in without a pass or an invitation. She looked down at her hand and wondered how she was even on the rooster to be given the chance to have a house there. She was just a small time doctor struggling to make ends meat.

As she pulled up to the complex and was met with a few guards at the small hut by the fenced in wall. “Hello.” She began as she rolled down her window. “I’m Doctor Walker. I was given this pass.”

She handed the pass over and the straight faced guard looked at the paper and began to crack a small smile. “Welcome to the village, Dr. Walker.” He said as he waved her through. He had stopped her on the other side of the fence which had been moved for her to drive through. He explained that she needed to go to the office building and where it was to sign in to get a tour going. She nodded and started to drive slowly through the small area. The houses were mid-sized but each had a small lot of land around them. Some were overly decorated and others had nothing personal in front of them. When she finally arrived to the small office building which was nothing more than a converted house she pulled up and then got out of the car.

“Welcome to the Village. How can I help you?” a woman said as she walked into the door.

“I’m Dr. Walker I am scheduled to have a tour today.” She said.

“Ah yes. If you please give me a moment I will have someone here in a jiffy to take you on a tour.” The woman smiled and started to pick up the phone to call out. When she hung up the phone she looked over to the small woman who was looking around the office with it’s maps and pictures on the wall. “It will be one moment doctor.”

“Thank you.” She said as she smiled. “Has the village always been so exclusive? I mean I don’t know of too many other complexes in the area that have armed guards.”

“Oh yes. When the idea was formed of this complex with the founders great grandfather his goal was to create a small but extremely well guarded complete community. Though people may believe it is for the ultra rich and is full of luxuries beyond reason it simply is not. We are all just a part of the community. Something that he saw was downing down hill with some parts of the wider society. This is a place where everyone knows their neighbors and we all come together and help one another. A throw back to a much better time.” The woman said.

“Well that does sound nice.” She smiled, “Can I ask how people are chosen? I don’t think I understand why I am here.”

“Dr.Walker in certain circles your name is mentioned quite a bit. More importantly you are the self made daughter of a celebrity and as I understand it a sibling to a few more.” The woman replied.

“Oh.” She said as she looked at the ground. She was about ready to leave because she knew this was because of her families connections and not because of her. She should have known better.

“Dr. Walker?” a man who was a little older than her walked into the building. He was dressed in a suit but had a name tag on it with a logo for a local hotel in the main city about ten miles away.

“Yes.” She said as she looked up to met brown eyes looking her over.

“Hello. I am Hideyoshi Toyotomi. I will be your tour guide today.” He said as he placed out his hand. She took it and shook her much smaller one. “If you will please follow me.”

“Lead the way.” She said as she walked out of the building and she listened to him as he went on about the amedities of the complex. A swimming pool both indoor and out, natural trails throughout the entire complex and a few leading away from it, a spa, a few exclusive shops and beauticians, and a few other things. Though she was listing half heartedly it was hard not to imagine herself living there. It seemed nearly perfect.

“You don’t work for the complex do you?” she asked.

“No.” Hideyoshi replied. “We all help out if we can.”

“So they just called you and asked can you take this person on a tour before work?” she asked.

“I do this often for the complex. It makes it easier to get to know the new people in the neighborhood.” He said with a smile.

“How many times do you do this?” she asked.

“Maybe ten.” He replied. “We don’t often get new vacentcies. Of course all ten took the spots. Most people if not all of them take the spot if it is offered to them.”

“Wait so like every person here just takes the spot?” she asked. “No one turned it down?”

“Why would they?” he asked. “A nice place to live that is safe and you have thee help of your neighbors whenever you need it. It is simply to good to pass up.”

“What is the drawback?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I mean there has to be something. Something here that makes it hard to live.” She said. “I still don’t understand the rent or mortage thing which is it.”

“It is a rent payment.” He said. “Completely affordable as well.”

“I am not seeing the catch.” She said as she looked around. It was everything he said at least on the outside that she could see.

“There isn’t one.” He replied. He took her to the next street and then to one house that was on the edge of the complex. The fourth house on the hill. Though all the colors were the same not every house was the same. They had about nine different floor plans she could see on the exterior as well that each house had it’s own personality. “This is the one that is available.”

“This one?” she asked as she looked at the house and he opened the door. She didn’t see him put a key in.

“This one.” He said chuckling. “Go have a look around.” She walked in after him and was shocked to find the inside was brand new. All the appliances were stainless steel and the colors though like the outside were muted they were warm and made the structure seem like a real home. She walked threw the downstairs and then she spotted a staircase that was tucked away in what she had thought was a closet. It led to a second floor that had two more bedrooms and a bathroom and a loft area that over looked the beack end of the house. It also had a balcony that was over the backyard. She walked back in and back down the stairs to what was called the master suite. The whole entire side of the bottom half of the floor was a part of this. She walked through and saw the bathroom attached and then the large walk in closet that she looked at and smiled. The closet alone was bigger than her current bedroom. She walked out to find him leaning on the counter in the kitchen playing on his phone. “What do you think?”

“I think it is nice.” She said.

“Good.” He replied with a smile that was warm. “I will take you back to the office and you can discuss the terms with them. I do hate to cut this shourt but I do have to get into the city. Work calls.”

“Thank you for your time.” She said as they walked to the office.

“Oh this is no problem. I like to be one of the first to meet our new neighbors. I live in that house.” He said as he pointed to one a little down the street from the one he just showed her. “if you need anything feel free to come and ask me.”

“Thanks.” She said as she looked up at him, she still wasn;t sure she would be moving in here but it was nice to know a person on the same potential street. They parted at the entrance to the building and she walked back in.

“Dr. Walker did you like the house?” the woman asked as she perked up when she walked into the building again.

“I did.” She samiled.

“Good.” The woman said. “If you would like we can go over the terms laid out for you. They are all personalized and ready for your inspection.” The woman handed over a folder to with an address and her name on it. Though she normally was not called anything other than doctor it was weirs to see her full name printed out on the folder. Sara K Walker was there in gold letters at the top of the folder. She opened it as she stood at the counter and started to go over the paperwork. She looked up at the woman.

“I don’t think this is right.” Sara said as she looked up to the woman behind the counter.

“How so?” she asked,

“This can not be what you are asking for in rent charges.” Sara said and the woman seemed to chuckle a bit.

“We do get that a lot. Yes it is.” She replied, “The charges are only to cover the land taxes and a few small other things. The houses were paid for a long time ago and the founder and his family think it is more important to help others and keep the idea of a real community alive.”

“So you are telling me this is a monthly payment for renting that house?” Sara asked again.

“Yes, Dr. Walker.” The woman again chuckled. “That is it. No other hidden fees, nothing like that?”

“No ma’am. That price is the price for you for as long as you stay here in the village.” The woman said. “It will never go up. That is it.”

“This is not real. It can’t be.” Sara said to herself.

“It is very real, I assure you doctor. Remember you were hand picked to join us here. A doctor in the Village would be a great help if something happened to one of the residents. Your presence here would be one of the best additions here in recent times. We have people from all walks of life from airplane pilots, to firemen, to police, having a doctor as well would be wonderful.” The woman said as she smiled.

“I don’t think that I can say no.” Sara said as she looked it over again. This would save her money and headaches of trying to figure out things out to plan for the future and expanding her practice.

“Is that a yes?” the woman asked.

“I will take the house.′ Sara said with a smile.

“Welcome to the village, Dr. Walker.” The woman beamed at her as she signed the paper on the bottom.

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