King of shadows

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Madeline just wants to escape the expectations of her parents. She never wanted to be alpha and didn’t want to be tied to one man for the rest of her life Leaving her pack behind, she dances to pay for her college classes. That is until one night, her biggest tipper is none other her mate.

Romance / Erotica
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Six years ago...

Madeline sat in the mirror staring at her green eyes, that popped with the gold eyeshadow her cousin Tia was apppying. “ Your so lucky Maddie!”, she gushed. I heard that Eastern pack Alpha was so hot, that she- wolves compares him to a god.

My insides were burning with rage. I didn’t care how he looked, and she was wrong. Alpha Sage, was comprared to a god because of his ruthlessness. He killed without remorse. A monster, one that my parents were handing me to.

“ You can have him Tia”, I told her. She looked at me and sighed. “ I wish but I’m not the Alpha’s daughter or not was I born to be the next Alpha”. I stood up, pacing back and forth. “ I don’t want any of this, where my choice?” I yelled. “ keep your voice down she said using her phone to turn up the music on my Bluetooth speaker.

“Maddie, you know we need this. The pack needs this Alliance.” Tia said becoming serious. She was always the more mature one, no matter how girly she appeared. We both groomed to lead, but she always pick up pack politics better that I did.

“ No we don’t, our pack is doing fine without joining a larger pack. Ther hasn’t been a pack war in years.” I said try my best to keep my anger under control. “ All of sudden this Man, Alpha. Comes proposing an expansion treaty. Everyone is all happy to jump on the wagon”

“Actually, we do need this.” She stopped me. “ if you paid more attention in our pack meetings you would know that. The pack is struggling with resources and keeping everyone fed.” She sat on my bed and sigh sadly. “ Things just hasn’t been the same since my dad died.

I stopped and sat in for of her knees so she could finish doing my hair. “ I know Tia, I’m sorry” My uncle Benny was my best friend and the packs beta. He was in charge of negotiations and pooling the packs resources. My parents was struggling with it every since my uncle passed away a year ago.

“ Tia, I’m no good at this. Even you know it” “Maddie stop it-, “No, Tia listen to me. Your next in line after me. If I just disappear, everything will be yours. You can marry the hot Alpha, the pack can get its resources. You can make uncle Benny proud.” I made up my mind. I got up from the floor and grabbed my backpack from the closet, stuffing clothes in it.

“What are you doing Maddie?” Tia said eyes wide.

“Leaving” I said grabbing the necklace Uncle Benny gave me off my vanity. The same one that was wrapped around Tia’s neck.

“Maddie, stop this” she said trying to grab my backpack.

I grabbed both her hands in mine. “No, Tia. Listen to me. Listen. I need you to take lead the pack. Your better suited for this Tia. With me gone mom and dad will have no choice but allow you to take my place. I’m done with pack life. I just want to go to university.”

“ Maddie, your dad’s gonna kill me” she said nervously.

“Tia, I love you. Be happy please”, I kissed her cheek and jumped out of the window. Running as fast as I could away from the pack house.

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