The Affairs of Waldron's Wares

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Vivian Waldron can't recall the last fifteen years of her life. Honestly, she can't remember anything before being incarcerated. She's spent the last few years in an underground facility that strictly deals with the supernatural. In these compounds creatures of every folklore and legend lurk, chained to its reaches. She doesn't have it all bad though, being one of The Innocuous, she's been given the authority to roam freely. Whereas for The Perilous are further underground, unable to see a lick of light, as they groan and wail for release. When Vivian begins to uncover details of her past life, a mysterious Damien Lanphier, makes an appearance as the substitute warden, causing an undeniable fate for her sheltered world.

Romance / Drama
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I - Chocolate Swirls and Grief

I’d been staring at the silver platter plated with a slice of chocolate gateau for over ten minutes now. The elegant swirls of beige icing and the silky texture didn’t entice me to indulge.

I looked up from my plate at the two familiar guards that kept me company this evening. Jasper eyed me as he stuffed his mouth with the rest of his slice. A smear of chocolate kissing the corner of his pink lips. I looked to my right at Terry, the larger individual holding up near the corner. He too had stuffed his mouth to the brim of cake, and now was grabbing for a second serving.

“What’s wrong, Viv?“Jasper asked, placing his empty plate onto the marbled counter top of my small chamber. He sauntered over to me and crossed his arms looking down at my plate. “Are you okay?”

I averted my eyes looking back down at the beautiful slice with a perfectly swirled rose on the top with ivory sprinkles. “I just-”

Terry fell in step behind Jasper and looked over his shoulder eagerly. “You gonna eat that Vivian?”

Jasper elbowed the husky man and pushed him aside. “You normally down your slice before both of us.What’s wrong?” He knelt down in front of my minuscule dinner table attached to the side of the bed. I slowly looked up immediately going to the smear on his mouth. His curls of brunette hair framed his face lovingly, and his blue eyes, somber and worried waited for an answer. I could barely focus with the large smear of chocolate, it made my lip half curl up.


I beamed, pointing at the corner of my lip. “You got something there.”

Jasper rubbed the back of his hand over his mouth and stood. A small color of rose bit at his cheeks. “It was good. Terry’s already downed two and I’m pretty sure he’s eyeing yours, sweets. I suggest you eat it quickly.”

I shook my head and rose from my bed. My white silky gown wrapping itself around my legs. “I’m not up for sweets today.”

A look of sheer horror crossed their faces.

“What?” Terry towered over me, his eye widened. “You’re not sick are you?” The back of his hand immediately slapped against my forehead searching for a delusional fever.

Jasper sighed, pulling Terry away. “She’s upset because Cress is leaving. Aren’t you?”

My lip quivered into a pout. “He’s leaving only for a couple of weeks. I shouldn’t be so melancholy.” I walked over to the mounted mirror that stretched far across my wall, looking at my pale complexion. “He’ll be back in no time.”

In the corner of my eye I could see my plate being snatched by Terry. I closed my eyes and wrapped my blond platinum hair around my shoulder.

Jasper shook his head and took a position next to me, also looking into the mirror. He stared at my reflection, frowning. “It’s okay to miss him.”

Ever since I was taken in, Cress has been there for me. He’s the only thing I can remember. After six long years I still haven’t regained a trace of my memories from before.

I was found in a large home, remnants of a party, full of littered bodies. I remember them giving me small details but I do recall personally being surrounded by blood.

A lot of blood.

“Yeah. I’m just a little worried is all.” I turned away, tentatively running my fingers across the spines of books that were on a nearby bookshelf. Books I'd read a dozen times over. “He didn’t say anything to me. He didn’t even say bye.”

He frowned at me. “You know why. It’s not that he doesn’t care, Viv, but if anyone were to find out he does. He could lose his job. We could lose our job.” He turned to Terry who was spaced out and lounging on my favorite recliner.

This place had become my home. The only home I've known. Considering my memories haven't resurfaced. I've never been treated like a prisoner, not really. Except for when they first brought me in.

They experimented on me, injected me with unknown substances and watched me every hour of everyday. I was afraid and I had no idea who or where I was. Surprisingly my sanity had not diminished like other inmates and Cress saved me.

To this day I am surrounded by other inmate who've not only become my friends, but also my family. I was content.

I sighed, and forced a smile. "I kno-" Before I could utter another word suddenly my door slammed open.

We all turned. Two piercing daggers of sapphire found me and pinned me to the spot. They roamed over to my bed at the missing plate and immediately went to Terry whom was now rubbing his swollen belly. His hands gliding his shirt up exposing the darkened skin under it.

“What the hell is this?”

Terry's eyes popped open, and jumped up, straightening his shirt.

“Sir, I-”

The sapphires snapped to Jasper who was calmly straight as a but noticeably sweating.

“I see that you two enjoyed the cake. Especially you, you glutton.” His finger pointed at Terry menacingly. He stalked over to me, his height making me feel smaller and smaller by the second. “Did you even eat a slice?”

I nervously looked away. “I wasn’t feeling well.”

“You asked me to make you a cake. I made it and you didn't even bother to eat it. Maybe next time I won’t feel well enough to make another.” He began to gather the platters into his hands.

“Zack, plea-”

“No. I don’t want to hear it. Better yet, how about no dinner later?” He stormed out and slammed the door behind him.

Jasper and Terry’s shoulders slacked and a sigh of relief carried through the room.

“Damn he’s scary.” Terry muttered, returning to the recliner.

Jasper's attention returned to mine. I had already made my way back to the bedding.

"I think you two should leave now. Before someone starts to wonder." I wrapped my arms around my legs, pulling them to my chest." Cress wasn't going to show. I was sure he'd already left.

"But Vivian. Today's your-"

I cut Jasper off with a slight raise of my voice. "I know. I love that you two came. I really do. But I don't want you two getting in trouble because of me." I forced a smile.

Terry reluctantly lifted from the recliner and walked to the ivory door. He opened it slightly, and turned over to Jasper, whose eyes still bore into mine. "We'll see you at noon, Viv. It's not much longer." He then turned and slid passed Terry.

Terry then spoke the two words I longed to hear all day.

"Happy Birthday."

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