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The One That Got Away

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"I'm sorry.. it's just, it's her. It's always been her," I answered. "I've loved her for a long time, and I always denied those feelings up until now.. I can't lie to myself anymore and keep saying she's not who I want."

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Kaia’s POV:

“Kaia, if you don’t get up now you’re gonna be late for school, AGAIN!” my Mom yelled while knocking loudly at my door.

“I’m up! I’ll be down in 15 minutes!” I shouted back in response in case she went downstairs.

Kaia Navarro, 18 years old. And also a Senior attending Hamilton High School. Before you ask, no I do not know a KC Cooper. I mean, I wish I knew her though she seemed like a pretty cool girl. Also, just a heads up if you see italics like this, we’re either thinking or talking in our heads. Weird, I know.

“Kaia! Did you fall back asleep again!” my Mom shouted from downstairs.

“Not this time Ma!” I yelled back as I got up to get ready for jail— I mean school.

I just threw on a black cropped top, a flannel, ripped jeans, and black vans. After I headed to the bathroom to freshen up before going downstairs to tell my Mom I was leaving.

“Anak (Child),do you have a ride to school?” my Mother asked.

“Yeah, Jayse should be outside by now.” I reassured her.

“Alam mo (You know), I’ve always liked him with you.” she teased.

“Ma, he’s just my best friend.” I laughed as I headed out the door.

Jayse was outside staring at his watch as he watched me stepped outside, “That surprisingly didn’t take that long like usual, I’m guess you didn’t sleep in a little?” he questioned.

“Nope, I did not. And as usual, I skipped breakfast so.. can we get breakfast at Mcdo before school?” I asked while giving him the puppy eyes.

“I guess we can,” he sighed softly as we got into his car and headed to Mcdonalds.

“I just want a sausage mcmuffin, and 2 hash browns please.” I said happily dancing in place in the passenger’s seat.

“I’m surprised you’re dancing, you haven’t even gotten your food yet.” he looked at me with a 0-0 kind of expression.

“Wellll, you’re still getting me food so.” I shrugged continuing my happy dance.

Once we got our food, we headed to school. Of course I devoured my food by the time we made it to school, I was that hungry.

“Did ya know we’re getting a new kid today?” Jay asked me while eating his food.

“We are?” I questioned as he nodded.

“I hope it’s a cute new girl.” he responded.

“So you can hit on her?” I laughed. “If you ask her out on a date, I would feel bad for her.” I teased him.

“Whaddya mean? I’m pretty handsome looking.” he replied while doing funny poses as I laughed.

After he had finished his food, we headed into school. Everyone was talking about the new kid, wondering if it was gonna be a guy or girl. This person was the topic of the day.

“Kai! Have you heard that we’re—” I cut my friend Joanna off.

“Gonna have a new kid? Yeah, I have.” I chuckled.

“I feel like it’s gonna be a guy, I hope he’s cute.” Jo said.

“I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a girl.” Jay argued, and just like that they were arguing back & forth on this new kid’s gender.

“Honestly, why does the gender matter? If it’s a guy or girl, wouldn’t it be nice to make a new friend either way?” I questioned as the bell rang.

“I’ll get back to you on that question,” Jo replied walking off to her class as Jay & I did the same.

We both had the same first period, the most dreadful class.. Pre-Calculus, in the morning. When we were inside the class, we took our seats which was far across the room from each other because the teacher moved Jay for talking to me too much.

“Before we start today, I would like to introduce to you guys our new student.” Mr. Garcia said as the student which was a male walked beside him. “Go on, introduce yourself.” he urged the new kid.

“I’m Brendan, and I’m looking forward to meeting all you cuties.” he directed towards the females in the classroom, and just like that all the girls swooned.

Ugh, I can already tell this guy is gonna be annoying. His first impression for me was bad, I already know he’s a player.

“You can have a seat next to Jayse, Jayse raise your hand.” Mr. Garcia told him as he did so and the new kid sat next to him.

Judging by them actually talking, they seemed to get along pretty well. Which was perfect, two annoying people getting along. Once class had finally ended, during passing period the two were still talking as I was heading to my next class.

“Yo, Kai, wait up!” my best friend Jay called out, Brendan walking beside him as I waited.

“This is Kai? I thought Kai was a dude, you never told me it was a cute girl.” Brendan commented.

“Pffft, Kai? Cute? Nah.” Jay laughed as I rolled my eyes. “Anyways, Bren has the same class as you next, mind taking him along with you?” he asked.

“I guess not.” I answered, and with that he walked with me to our next class, English.

“I never thought I’d talk to such a cute girl soon.” Brendan said as we walked.

“Yeah, we’re just quietly walking not exactly talking.” I replied. “I appreciate the compliments, but I prefer for you to keep those comments to yourself.” I added.

“I guess my charms won’t work on a girl like you, eh?” he questioned with an amused smile.

“Oh? How cute, you thought I would swoon over you like every other girl.” I smugly replied.

“You’re hard to get AND have a prideful attitude,” he pointed out. “I think pursuing someone like you is gonna be fun.” he responded.

“I wish you the best of luck with that, because in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t like you very much already.” I pointed at a door. “This is our class, see you in.” I said leaving him behind.

Honestly, who does that asshole think he is? He really tried to charm me with his compliments, AND he mentions pursuing me because he thinks it would be “fun”. Well, I have two words for him. Good luck with that. Actually, maybe four not two words..

• - • - • - • - •

• - • - • - •

A/N: Helloooo!! I haven’t written in so long, so if this chapter is ass to you guys my apologies! I promise it’ll just get better & better from here!! Anyways, if you guys possibly happened to like this chapter please feel free to vote! And also please comment some input. Thank you very much for reading!

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