The summer with waves and tides

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You go on a summer vaction to hang out with you bff in los angeles but will you be able to keep your hands to yourself even after living under the same roof with a hot actor?

Romance / Drama
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The misunderstanding


"The plane is landing, please put your phones on flight mode" the airhoste pleaded

I let out a sigh as i wisper to myself ,"finally! LA here i come".

Well the reason i'm here is beacuse i'm going to have the best summer of my life along with my best friend lisa!!

Lisa and i became friends in elemantary school. She stood up for me when some girls were bulling me because i was new and i was a quiet nerd. You see- the "easy target for bullies"

Since that we've pretty much spent our whole lives together until graduation, when she went away to some art academy in LA an i went to california to study medical

But now i've come here to have a blast with my bestfriend!!!

"Welcome to Los Angeles"

I stood up from my seat and rushed outside the plane.

I could feel the excitement coarsing through my veins.

I rushed out of the exit door and called an uber. I looked out of the window and all i could think was about me meeting my bff after a whole damn year.

I got out of the taxi, paid the fair only to find myself standing in front of a community park. I thought i got the address wrong so i checked again. "Nope!" I sighed

I called lisa only to find that she lives on the other side of the park, so i started walking towards it.

I saw a crowd of people nearby so i decided to look whats going on when suddenly a man pulls my arm

"What are you doing here? We need to finish the scene before evening!"

He pushes me on a stage, thats when i realise that its some kind of movie shooting talking place here.

I see a man walking up to me and believe me when i say he is HOT! He had brown fluffy hair and beautiful green eyes.

He smirked and said "i knew you'll come back mija"

I was so lost in those eyes that i fogot to tell them that i wasnt the actress they were looking for

"I-I am not-" i stammer

When he cuts me off and puts a finger on my lips

"Its okay, i love you and i forgive you"

"Wha-" before i could say anything he pressed his lips on mine and then he put his palm of my cheek

"And CUT!" shouted a man which i'm guessing is the director

But im too lost in those pretty green eyes to even say something. We both keep looking at each other

When a women shrieks,"WHO IS SHE?"

I jump apart making space on between me and him

Then the director scoofs, "what part of "the actress is a fair lady with brunette locks" did you not get james?"

The boy besidehim apologises,"im sorry boss i got confused" he lends me a hand to get down the stage and says "sorry for the misunderstanding!"

But i cant answer him i still have my eyes locked with the man in front of me

But i finally get down the stage and move out of the crowd

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