1 into a 1000 nights

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Rayan who just lost his virginity with a strang girl after that rayan falls in love but the girl doesnt want any realationship with him. So rayan doesn't give up and try's to earn her love but in the travel he will know new girl that will try to change his mind

Romance / Drama
Jonathan Wayne
Age Rating:

What's your name ?


Rayan the protagonist who knows a mysterious girl and had something with her that night so rayan in is way will find clues and answers of what happened that night.


6:00 am

"phone ringing"

"Hello" — Rayan answer

It was Rayans best friend Francis

Hey ready for finals me you had a great time studying all night hahah Francis — laugh h iam picking you up for school, come out I'm out of your place.

Iam on my way downstairs — Rayan say and hang up.

What's up man — Fransis say.

What's up — Rayan say and gets into francis car a old 1979 Pontiac trans am he inherit from his grampa a years ago .

So Tell me — Francis ask very excited.

Tell you what ? — Rayan answer Back

don't play dumb you know what I'm talking about iam talking about cherry "our best friend " are you gonna ask her out in the party we are having tonight — Francis said.

I am nervous I had never date no one — rayan said ver shy.

What!!! Francis sream and stop his car you are kidding right ? Tell me you're kidding Ryan ?.

Iam telling you the true. — Rayan murmur .

Oh shit noo JAJAJAJAJAJA — Francis keeps laughing.

Shut up — Rayan says very annoying.

we arrived to school and in the moment I had the feeling somebody was stalking me so I turned around but I didn't see nothing suspicious.

Are you okay men Francis asked me.

Yeah iam fine let's go to class.

Hello class — Mr.Peterson Shouts , open your book in page 317 and resolve the questions 1 through 8 if you have any questions I'll be in my desk get started.

— "Pts pts Hey rayan turn around.

What do you want Ethan ? Rayan asked.

Are you coming tonight party ? — Ethan murmured.

Rayan — I don't know ?

What do you mean — Ethan asked very confused.

I'll think about it — Rayan said

Francis will change your mind — Ethan say.

Mr. Peterson — Shouts you can talk when class it's over 10 minutes before test ends.

Okey Everyone I'll collect your quiz so no more writing pencils down all right that's all for today — Mr.peterson .

I walked out of class and I find cherry coming towards me, she look very pretty today she was wearing a white shirt and blue Jean's and she tied up her long red hair and she had some sunglasses on.

Goodmorning Ray — Cherry said.

Goodmorning cherry you look great today —rayan said very shy.

Thanks cherry ask with a smile, are you going tonight's party ?.

Iam still thinking about it but we now that francis is gonna convince me like always so yes I'll go

Great see you tonight — cherry said.

Sur.. "the bell ring."

Oh I gotta go see you later — cherry murmur

Okey see you — Rayan murmured

Wow that was pathetic — Francis Shouts .

Rayan jumps — What the hell you scared me to death.

Francis — iam sorry for that would you like to go to my place when school ends ?.

Iam going — Rayan asked.

Were ? — Francis asked confused

To tonight's party — Rayan says.

We need to get ready for tonight and you are not going to that party with a captain America tshirt right — Francis said very excited.

Okey see you at front door ohhYeah that's my man — Francis

After the bell ring me and Francis went to his house to get ready for the big night francis take out a bunch of cloth and make me model for him for 2 hours and finally dicide for a shirt of bottoms dark blue and my blue Jean's and a pair of converse that I borrowed for his closet.

Are you Ready — Francis Shouts.

Sure — rayan said.

We get downstairs and we jump into francis car and we get in are way to the party but first we make a quick stop in a store francis went in and I wait for him and 10 min later he gets back and gets in the car and throw me a pack of Condons I didn't say nothing and put one in my pocket we head toward to the party it was a big house and you could hear the music 2 blocks back so we enter and everybody was looking at us.

Francis we should... francis ? Shit. — Rayan Shouts

I went to the kitchen and a guy hand me a beer I just was staring at the party and the time start passing.

The party was getting great I start looking for cherry between the crowd so I found her best friend rose.

Hey you came — Rose shouts because of the noise music.

Where is cherry ? — I said.

She might be laye don't worry she will come, don't be sad let's have a great time we are offical collage people now — rose Shouts.

Yeah — I scream.

After one hour dancing with rose I went to the kitchen to grab a drink.

So I see this girl walking toward me she was really beautiful she catches me with her beautiful green eyes I was frozen.

Are you waiting for someone — she asked

Iam pretty sure she won't come — Rayan.

I'm sorry to hear that — she answer.

Don't worry about it, By the way we have not presented my name is Rayan.

Nice to meet you Rayan my name is... they interrupt her.

Listen everyone the DJ Shouts congratulations everyone for graduating from high school and have a great night and let's get started and puts some music.

Let's dance I like this song — she say

We head toward the dancefloor and start dancing , after some couple of drinks,She make me a question I'll never forget.

Let's go somewhere else — she shouts

She grab my hand and takes me upstairs we enter a empty room and close the door.

meanwhile at rayan's house

ring tone.

Door opens, hi it's Rayan home ?

Rayan mother — no he went out with a friend he might get home late , Do you want Do you want to leave a message ?

Cherry — Can you tell him that cherry came and call me please.

Rayan's mother — I'll tell him... are you my sons girlfriend ?.

No we are just friends, goodnight — Cherry murmured

Goodnight sweetie , how come rayan never mention her she is so pretty what a dickhead he is .— Rayan's mother answered

Back in the party

We start kissing when we enter the room I lean against the wall and we get toward to the bed and I stop and I asked her.

You're sure about this — I said

Iam pretty sure have you done this before — she ask.

No never I'm glad to hear it — she said.

I lay on the bed and she get on top of me and keeps kissing me and she take her shirt and the bra off I was In shock I saw my first pair of boobs.

Can I touch them I asked I was saying in my mind please say yes please say yes!!.

Sure but just a little bit okey. — She murmur.

I reached out my hand and grab one, ouch more gently she say , iam sorry I answered it was soft it was like be touching a cloud, It enough she say she was very excited.

Let's continue — she murmur

Okey I said, I lay her on the bed and I started to take away her panties and next I took off my boxers I lower my gaze.

something is wrong — she asked

Can you touch me a little my friend it's asleep I don't have if you don't want — I murmur Okey she answer, I couldn't believe she is gonna do it, she grabs it and she say wow his size is changing now it's hard that's enough I was very excited.

Wait I reached my Jean's ans and take one of the Condons francis bought for me and I put it on iam ready I said.

Okey please be gentle — she say

I will I answer back, I grab her hand and get into her in that exact moment I feel how every cell of my body vibrate we started having sex, she released my hand and started to scratch my back, so I started sucking her tits and kissing her neck just like I remember in a porn video I wanted her to enjoyed after 15 minutes we had finished we both were sweating looking at the rooftop .

how i was — she murmured while she was recovering her breath.

You were awesome I say and I ? — Rayan answer.

You were great, we should leave know or someone can find out what we did here— she answer.

Sure I answer so I started putting on my clothes and I hear her say iam sorry for I did to your back.

I'll be fine don't worry about it, we finish changing and before we open the door I asked her.

Would I see you again ? .

Maybe but don't be confused we just have sex we are not dating and anything and if you see me again treat me like a stranger. — She said

Can you least tell me your name — Rayan asked very depressed .

Its raven, I'll leave the room first so wait 5 minutes and then get out, before she leave the room she say I had a great time good bye rayan— she said.

I had a great time too and good bye raven — I answered.

She leaves the room i sit on the bed an just close my eyes and start thinking what just happen this night I look down and I saw the left her necklace I got up the bed and grab it and I tied it to my wrist and I walk out the room and get down stairs and start seeing things a little different, I find francis in the kitchen.

Where have you been — he said.

Somewhere I answered can you take me home I said.

Okey let go while we where on the front yard I starting barfing are you okay you did drink to much men Francis shouts, he puts me in his car and drive me home... Raven I murmured

Author note : I hope you guys like the first chapter have a great day

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