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Rachel is a simple girl.Never in her wild thoughts,she thought of getting married to James Rodriguez,one of the hottest billionaires' of L.A.But it is an arrange marriage.James is a cold,ruthless playboy who don't trust women due to his past.Will his nature break this marriage or are they actually destined to be of each other?

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Chapter 1

"You’re looking gorgeous honey!", those words were of my grandma who was adoring my simple yet lovely gold dress I was wearing."Yeah, I know. this dress is amazing.Lily has a great style."

I was going to the most grand party of the year where all the rich people come for charity purpose. No, I was not invited there.I work in an event management company.Lily is my boss.. This party is handled by our company.Lily is eight months pregnant,her doctor told her not to work too much so she told me to handle the party. It’s a great responsibility but i have to do it..For lily, for my job, for my grandma.

My name is Rachel Smith. My parents died in an accident while I was six years old.. Since then grandma took care of me.. She took care of me more than my parents.. We are not filthy rich but my grandma tries to fulfill my all wishes.. But now it’s my turn to handle all her responsibilities and take care of her..

"Grandma, I am getting late.. I have to go. Bye, take care" saying those words, I grabbed my clutch and went towards the front door."okay honey, take care. Bye.Love you." I heard my grandma’s voice as I exited from my house."’Love you too grandma" I shouted so that she can hear me. I took a cab and left for the hotel where the party was. I was nervous because this was my first time handling such a big event.. I work under lily, but she considered me so responsible for this job so i won’t let her down

James P. O. V

I was getting ready for the party in my room when I heard my mom’s voice from downstairs.."What is she doing here right now?" I said that to myself. I went downstairs and saw that my mom was seating on the sofa.

‘I thought we were gonna meet in the party’ I said to my mom approaching her. ‘Yeah I thought that too but there was something important I wanna talk about’ my mom said it to me standing up.I little bit knew what she was going to say. But I wanted to hear from her.. I nodded to her signalling that I was ready to listen what she has to say."Son, in two months there is going to be Boards meeting in our company in which there are going to select the new president of the company. Either it will be you or Charlie."my mom said.

Yeah, right I know that. Our family come in the most rich families of L.A.. My dad set up a huge business and after his death, the company’s responsibility is upon me but due to my playboy attitude, the board members are doubting me as the president and they are thinking of Charlie, my uncle’s son as an option.. But he is full of not a good fit because he is just like his father.. Playing games and dirty tricks for wealth, power and position.. If company comes into his hand, the company is going to collapse..

"Mom, I know that.. I am trying to convince the board members". I said that to my mom in a frustrated tone because I was tired of this discussion.. "Honey, I came here today because I do have a solution for that". my mom said that to me.. ‘What solution? ’, I asked her in a confused tone.. ‘Get married.. Maybe after that they will think that as you are settled, maybe now you can handle the company well’.. my mom said it to me.. She had a point, but you cannot get married in two months.. Besides, I don’t trust women.. Anymore... But maybe I have to marry to save my dad’s company..

′ I will think about it.. But now we have a party to attend’. My mom heard me and left the house for the party. After some time, I also left for the party with my personal assistant, Shane..

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