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SULTRY zest is a story about a young woman Trina, who is the queen of Jair, adored and admired by some of the people in Jair, while some are jealous of her and say mean things about her; false accusations on how she earned her wealth and how she earned her title, The Queen of Jair, and The Best Urban designer, whose name is on several streets of Jair. She is beautiful and well spirited. By her side is her bestfriend Sage, with whom they met many years back when they were in highschool, they lived together and helped each other whatever the situation. But theres a twist, the real background of Candice's growth, her home, her parents, siblings and neighbourhood. How minx her mother was, believed in stereotypes and her hardworking dad whose efforts was in vain and frustrated with how his wife, Jennifer, behaved. How she overcame, beat all odds and became this great woman that she is. Been through all teenage intuitions fell in love with Riley Tomlin, her bestfriend fell in love with a couple of guys but ends up with Gary. And how she transforms her home at the latter, and tell her story to her children and their friends.

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Sultry zest

A week had passed by since I heard a word from Riley, my boyfriend. We had had a fight and I didn't expect it to be that bad. Through out the week he was not in school and I could not reach him through his phone too. Worry surged my chest, I had also made a move, asked his friends about his whereabouts even went at his place but all was in vain. Every bad thought started to pludge entry into my tiny head, I couldn't restrain myself from thinking that he might be laying somewhere dead or had been kidnapped by someone. I decided to inform the police about it at the Northway Presinct hoping that they would look into it. I decided to take a walk and go up Mount Elf, a place where, Riley and I, had called it our happy place, it was the place that we would go to,to clear our minds and search for a peace of mind, so many leaves of memory had fallen in that place,we both adored it. I sat on a bench near the cliff, this time feeling lonely, and no wall of the man I love by my side, my hands felt so cold, no hands to fill them up. I stared at the view of city, it became blurry as tears welled my eyes. I felt so empty inside but what more could I do, my otherhalf was nowhere to be seen, and it was like he didn't want to be found either. My heart broke more with the trickles of tears running down my face. I kept on wondering why such a small fight would make him lose himself and chose to disappear, a fight over my overprotectiveness and the fact that I wanted him by my side oftenly. My mind wondered about;maybe he had wanted us to break up because he had found someone else, maybe he thought I was not good enough for him or I was treating him like a child. I sat their for a while, until my tears dried up, as thoughts sped my way, darkness started to creep in, I knew Sage,my bestfriend, would be worried if I would stay longer. So I picked my bag and as I was getting off my seat, a hand fell on my shoulder,it was so gentle but whose would it be?And why just before I could leave? A cold chill ran down my spine, I couldn't say a word, my eyes almost popping out of their sockets out of fear. I turned around, making that hand spin on my shoulder. I found some little courage and whispered in a shaky voice, " Who i.. s .it?!" a number of times. Then a laughter broke the tensed air . I recognized that laugh, I knew it was Riley's. "Babe!" I called out, he didn't say a word but he took me into his arms, landed on his hard and muscular chest with a thud, I sighed in relief though still in pulpitation. His smell confirmed it, it was really him. Tears flowed uncontrollably, I hugged him tight and let my fingers dig into his back,

" I thought that you had forgotten our happy place, waited for you to come, the whole week, "he said.

" Let's go home then talk about it, for its getting late, " i said. And filled his mouth with mine, his smooth and soft lips slid in and out of mine, his tongue arouse mine and deep in the game they disappeared, I had craved for his kisses his touch but then it was not the perfect time, i was feeling my blood get hot, as pressure rose, I wanted him so bad, I knew he did too, but we had to assure ourselves of our own safety.I pulled away and he giggled, held my hand and switched on his torch from his phone, I felt safe and above all I felt ecstatic for the man I loved had came back to me. We went down the hill without saying a word, our bodies close that I could feel his breathe anytime he would turn to look at me. Atlast we reached the main road, street lights were on and it felt safer, we walked for another five hundred metres and we arrived at my place. The lights were out, and that meant that Sage was not around yet. Dirty thoughts started to veil my brain, but I knew that he would not stay long either. So I pulled out the keys from the pocket of my tight jeans and opened the door, as he stood right behind me, I knew he was staring at my ass,he praises them; of how soft and spongy they are,how attractive and how much he likes to have them in his hands. I didn't turn to look at him because I knew what to expect. We walked in, switched the lights on, and on the coach we sat.

"Where were you all this time, I had searched for you everywhere...?" words pouted out of my mouth angrily.

" Been on Mount Elf all this time, "he retorted lightly and took my hand.

"It doesn't make sense, alone on the mountain, there are no houses there," i said.

" Beautiful, don't worry about that now, I'm here, and am fine too," he leaned forward to kiss me. I knew he was evading the question but I also wanted him so badly, I had been starved for a whole week, almost fainting for my addiction had it's claws deep in me. I leaned towards him and on a kissing bus we both boarded. His prowess in kissing was amazing, his lips felt like petals of flowers falling off, his lips as sweet as Four Cousins, I wanted him to my fill, I wanted to kiss him without stopping. I smoldered in his touch, his hands splew fire over me, igniting all the nerves on my body, the same sensual feeling I had felt the first day we made love, his hands devoured my breast, he capped them played with my nipples as though he was playing guitar. We gasped for breath as delicate moans escaped from both of us, he then made me lie on my back, his body on me, I could feel his arousal, I could also feel my wetness flow,my panty getting uncomfortable, I craved for him to complete me, but suddenly there was a knock at the door, I knew that it was Sage. We both groaned at the knock, our sneak into paradise was destructed. I saw pain fill his eyes, but what more could we do? He went to get the door. Sage showed up at the door, and hugged him. She knew him, I had shared everything about him and I saw anger feel her face, "Where have you been? We were worried." She said and headed straight to where I was sitted. I stood to hug her and we sat down. Riley closed the door behind him and sat on my right. The air was tensed, Riley felt like running away because all our eyes were all on him. " We are waiting," Sage and I muttered in a chorus. "That's a story of another day it's a long one, "he said and looked into my eyes. I wanted to tell him how that arouses me, how his eyes are like a match stick to it's box, but we were to have a real conversation, sex thoughts would brew poison to it. Sage looked at her phone and I knew that look, something had disgusted her, she looked like bombs of angry words were about to be unleashed. "Ssup gurrl," i dragged my words and pulled closer to her." Babe, I'll see you tomorrow," Riley said and bent to kiss me , "Byee, Sage," he said. "Bye, Riley, but you'll have to tell us what was going on," he kissed her forehead and laughed as he went towards the door,I admired his great physique, broad shoulders and his gait as he walked away. I ran after him and before he could lock the door, I held his hand and locked the door behind me.He looked into my eyes, and he knew what I wanted, he kissed my lips again, and said, "Look at what you do to me babe," pointing at his crotch. I laughed heartily and felt it with my second finger. He pulled me close, and his right hand grabbed my ass, I was horny and many things didn't make sense to me anymore," I'll see you tomorrow babe," he said as he let me lose, he kissed my nose and down the doorstep he went, I giggled and went inside.Entering the house, the air was acrid, Sage laid on her stomach, her head in between the folds of her hands, i went sat on the arm of the chair and tapped her back, " Sweetie, what's going on?"She sat up lazily, wiping away her tears and said, " It's my mother..." and burst into tears again. Her mother had been in and out of jail for a while then, for drug trafficking, assault and also for drinking and causing chaos wherever she would go."What has she done this time?" I asked curiously, as a moved to sit near her." She has been arrested again, for robbery and violence," she said and I could hear pain and turmoil flow out with her words." Am so sorry sweetie," I embraced her allowing her tears flow down my shoulder." What did I ever do so that God gave me such a mom. Why can't I have a normal life just like the rest? " It pained me too."We all have our own problems sweetie, no families are perfect sweetie, lemmie tell you about my family, this is a story that I've never told anyone, you'll appreciate your own family, " I began. She sat looking at me, and I began to tell her my story.

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