Simply made for HIM

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I was standing in the middle surrounded by my classmates while facing him but I couldn't even look at him in the eyes. Regret and sadness was all I could feel whereas his face was full of anger. I decided to keep quiet because I didn't want to lose him. I was about to walk out when I suddenly found myself in his arms and my lips against his and there I knew I was made for him.

Romance / Drama
Zirsh S.
4.7 55 reviews
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Chapter 1

I woke up at the annoying sound of my alarm, it was the 14th of August of another boring year which meant the first day of school after the summer break.

I got up and took a shower, did light makeup, put my uniform on. I know I hate my uniform but I can’t break the rules since I have strict parents.

That doesn’t stop me tho.

I got dressed in my white shirt, blue tie, a grey skirt and a grey jumper on top.

I walked to my closet and took out a black leather jacket and quickly placed it in my bag then I left my room.

I went to the kitchen to grab a bar of chocolate saying goodbye to my mom and left the house.

Once outside I took the jacket out replacing it with the jumper and plugging my earphones in with full sound I made my way to school.

I always walk to school because it’s supposed to be a five-minute walk according to my parents but for me, it feels like hours because I’m super lazy.

After what felt like half-day I finally made it and walked through the double door where my eyes instantly landed on him.

Those gorgeous green eyes and light brown hair and that fucking perfect smile that I would die for. It’s him, I’ve been waiting 2 months to see him, he is no less than a real-life Peeta from the Hunger Games Trilogy.

There are soo many girls that would kill to be with him but don’t get me wrong he is not a player or fuck boy, he is the quarterback of our school team, the best looking and hottest guy.

He is my first crush since I stepped in this school which means four years since this year I’m in S5 or 11th Grade as many of you know.

He is the one and only Leonard Wayland AKA Leo.

He is in my Italian and History class and I even tried to talk to him but it feels like no words come out of this damn mouth when standing in front of him, only feel butterflies in my stomach.

I’ve been staring at him for who knows how long when I hear the first-period bell go and realize I was drooling.


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