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Chapter 2

Lucas POV:

¨Ding Ding¨

I slide open the crimson door to see it brush against the white washed walls. After I made my way to the nook in the back I sat beginning to take my laptop out.. On any occasion where I have work I spend my time at the Diner, I get to avoid the enemies I made in my job and also avoid skanks that want to pry there way into my heart. Breathing in the heavy scent of clean washed tables and the fresh smell of nature that peered through the open windows sent a wavering chill down my spine.

Full course breakfasts and caffeinated coffee was being distributed to the few customers that entered the home like Diner. This place offered everything you want in a life of private paradise. I had no means in sharing my life with anyone until I meet her.

Plates clattered in the background making small noises as if they were the only sounds for miles. No TV´s were played, No Flirting Waitresses, No rude customers, and most importantly No one that knew who you really were...that is unless your a regular.

¨The usual please¨ I asked without looking at the waitress, I knew it had to be Momma Brielle the owner because I always requested her. That older smile and warm laugh always made my day. She reminded me of my mom before I left to start my life away from the countryside. I needed action, but I needed to feel my power more.

My waitress stood still not understanding ¨Now which one is that Sir¨

I looked to see the most petite girl with the most welcoming body. Her light brown locks of hair fell to her back with a touch of curly strands covering her face. I looked into the blue/grey orbs that were placed perfectly as well as her button nose and full pink lips. They looked more than pleasurable to me. Her tan skin sent a glow throughout her whole body. The curves she acquired were fully indescribable, but they were also mine.

¨Sorry, I thought you were Brielle¨ I managed to speak. I didn’t need my lips to speak anymore I needed them covering her body.

I could tell she wanted to disappear into thin air just trying to stutter out a sentence. Who couldn’t be mesmerised by me.

I had dark green glowing eyes, medium light skin, dark brown hair and a 6´8 build paired with extreme amount of muscle. I was beyond proud for always working myself up from just a pre teen. If I stood up She would just pass the middle of my stomach. There was such a strong need to lift her up feeling her small legs trying to rap around my waist while hammering her against the wall. I needed to slide into her tight pussy capturing her sides and gripping her neck till it turned a slight color of red.

At that moment I felt my cock pushing through my boxers rubbing the inside of my pants straining against my zipper. The pain it produced made me feel a overwhelming sense of pleasure. I missed everything she was explaining to me..never thought I would be going insane over a creature that maintained innocence. Soon she was going to go crazy over me as I wanted. She must be about 19 years of age, and possibly go to the college in town as a sophomore. I inhale a mix of Vanilla and coffee. What a lovely smell from such a beauty. God I wanted to smell it all day fucking long. I was going to purchase every bottle of vanilla and every cup of coffee here and travel with it back home just so I could jerk off pretending I was being clenched by her princess parts. Her presence made me lose my conscience.

That’s when I understood something about her that made me want to scream out in joy. Her choker said in bold ¨Daddy´s Angel¨

Her socks were knee high. She even wore a long sleeve white cropped shirt to match her snuge light pink overall dress that reached her thighs. Fuck I need to excuse myself. I knew she was a tease by taking in her appearance.

¨Over easy eggs with a side of bacon and mixed fruit please. Can I also have a cup of Regular hot coffee, black please.¨ Her beautiful eyes locked onto mine then her notepad. I wanted more than a nod from her so when she shook her head yes I stated

¨Words Princess...You have my order correct?¨

Her eyes suddenly lit up feeling surprised. I needed her tied up bouncing on my lap right here right now. To just feel I can have power over her excites me. Her wrists were going to be put into locks and her legs were going to be covered in thick ropes. Slamming her down onto my lap was all I could think about.

I needed to hear the soft high pitch screams she could create. She was already so small I wasn’t quite sure I could fit, considering I am about 9 inches. But we all know I was going to make it happen. This is going to be the start of my best life. I didn’t want to wait but it was going to have to happen.

¨Of Course s-sir..¨ Her small soft voice emitted through the air.

¨What’s your name little one¨ I spoke in a dom voice. I knew I would get this precious to go into her little space, which I wanted. I wanted to break her. Make her small. Make her feel helpless and come running into my arms to be loved. I wanted to make her feel happy and cared. But I needed to make her feel little and pleasured.

¨I-Isabella..¨ The last 3 letters in her name were extremely soft and adorable. By far the cutest girl I ever laid eyes on.

¨My name is Luca baby¨ She nodded again..¨I-I Im going to get your..your meal now s-sir..¨

I would give up my own siblings just to hear her voice again. Isabella´s stuttering is a major turn for me. As she swayed away I got a glimpse at that adorable plump ass. This Angel was going to have that ass red soon.

Judging by her looks and actions Isabella is just knew to the Diner but new in town. I let out harsh growl on the inside thinking about her being so vulnerable and new. My baby is sure not prepared for this town and the people that belong here. Maybe there is more than meets the eye about her. They say don't judge a book by its cover but to me...she´s just such an open book.

Looks artistic, smart, sociable. Not like the rest of the girls are you baby.

I let out a resisting sigh.

The older woman here were noticing me feeling uncomfortable in my seat.

Isabella was busy bending over the counter to give my order to the chefs. I was able to see the bottom of her ass peer out from her tight pink overall dress. God it was so perfectly plump and tan. I got a glimpse of her matching pink thong. This sent waves of pleasure over me. These waves were large and heavy.

Bathroom it is!

I went into the one person bathroom and locked myself in. The grey stall was in the back so no matter how loud I was the sound would be too far for anyone to catch my voice. The sounds of the dishwasher, plates, and light elevator music floated in the air. I was able to zone the noises out and imagine the tiniest girl spread out on my bed.

Isabella was on her stomach. Ass in the air, locked in handcuffs paired with the cutest coller. I was able to see the prettiest pussy I ever had laid eyes on. Virgin cunt was all I needed. I was going to be this girls first and her last.

As my cock sprang from my black dress pants I immediately grabbed it and began to get off. With a squeeze of my cock and tilt of my head I pictured My little screaming in pleasure and pain.

¨Oh fuck-k babe..Isabella you g-good baby.¨

My words became raspy and deep. The gasps I let out were heavy. They matched the way I dug my nails into the sink.

My eyes rolled back as I groaned over and over. I saw the ecstasy on my face when I turned to look at myself in the mirror. This only added fuel to the fire that I was about to let go. A heavy dark gasp left my mouth as I felt my cock twitch. My left hand pounded the sink plenty of times to leave a bruise on me. Soon I found my release. Hopefully I could stay free of feeling so overwhelmed when I get back to my table.

But I was so wrong.

I walked down the hall, everyone presumed there place at the Diner giving me no attention whatsoever. No one suspected a thing from me..good.

My meal and drink was placed at my seat in the back next to my unopened laptop and my briefcase.

Isabella gracefully came skipping toward me. This set my briefs up higher, this was clearly noticeable. I scuted under the table so Isabella didn't suspect anything. Little did she know this was going to be her fate very soon. Not only did I want to make her mine but I wanted to take care of my baby girl for the rest of my life. There was no huge age gap. I was only 28...9 or 10 years not that terrible. But I didn't care if I was 40 she was still going to be taken by me for good.

She looked so happy and calm. I was going to break it soon. She was going to feel owned. I wanted to make her happy. I only was going to make her feel this way.

¨Thank you love¨ I pronounced when she came over here to take a once over; check to make sure everything was to my pleasure. If only she knew how she made me feel. She would know soon.

¨Anything else sir¨ I shook my head. She began to walk off so I grabbed her wrist to stay. She looked curious but also in a submissive way. ¨Yes..sir-r¨ She was back to stuttering again which I was so proud of.

¨Why is there no name tag on you hun¨ I spoke.

¨Well its my first day here..and I had no time to do so yet¨ Her soft voice was like music to my ears.

I nodded, ¨I'm sorry for being rude¨ I chuckled...never thought that would happen.

¨Its ok Luca..¨ She smilled so kindly showing off her pearly white teeth.

I wanted her to say it again. I NEEDED her to say it again.

¨Whats my name love..¨ I asked her

¨L-luca..¨ Fucking fuck..I would have preferred Daddy....but for now her saying my name makes me want to go back to the bathroom. I'll finish the job when I get home.

I nodded as she scurried off away into the kitchen.

Oh sweetheart, Doesn't she know not to give such information to a stranger, Me for instance. This was going to be easy to get what I needed but fucking hard to wait and control the best that wants out. I liked the chase which I was sure will happen. Just by knowing your name, estimated age, and current school plus grade I already know everything there is to know about you.

I pulled out my laptop and typed away on the keys. Every key click I made was a new fact I found about Isabella. I sensed the same vanilla and coffee smell so I lowered my sceen and dug into my eggs more. Isabella came to fill up my cup again as she noticed it was emty. Such a smart girl.

I went back to working on her.

There's her facebook...

There's her snapchat..

There's her instagram

And there's her personal phone number.

We had 2 mutual friends which I found confusing.

My brother 4th Luis and a middle class model.

How the fuck is my brother her mutual friend.

Either way it didn't bother me. I could easily take down my brothers. I was the oldest plus the wisest. All 4 of them worked under me. I am the CEO of the black empire. We deal with illegal sells under the FBI´s nose´s. We work with the Mafia, Big gangs, etc. My dad is the Phoenix Mafia leader and once cancer takes over him I can claim my space.

All of her socials were public..looks like someone want to be seen.

I would take a look at them once I reached home.

I was able to find out she was in her second year of law, previous dancer, her past boyfriends, past friends, but I was curious to why She was put up for adoption at age 15. He biological parents were still alive. She has some erased records with the cops. My baby's been bad I see...She was going to be punished to her limits sooner or later.

She was going to be so much happier with me. She deserved someone with my power and ability, even more than what I have.

Once I finished my food I looked into her more.

Her usernames...PrincessPeach19...for sure a little.

I was able to get a hold of her home tome, family, schools, and all websites she has ever signed up for. She appered a mystery to me. Why does she have a record. Why was she put up for adoption at such a old age. Why is she friends with MY family.

Ohh Princess you need to be more careful, there are stakers out there you know.

She came over again to meet me with her award winning smile. Isabella placed the check down on the table.

Her small arms picked up the plate and silverware in the left hand and the empty cup in her right.

I began to pack. I needed to get home so I could work. I spent no time here doing it at all.

I left her a 100 dollar tip and walked out the door because I only payed cash for the meal.

As I walked out I saw her approach the table in disbelief.

¨I will see you very very soon beautiful¨ I came up behind her and whispered. ¨Mine¨ I growled. ¨ Only Fucking Mine¨ I spoke deeper to assert my dominance.

I walked out leaving her high and dry.

Now off to the store to pick up bottles of Vanilla and boxes of black coffee.

See you tomorrow Little one.

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