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Chapter 3

Isabella´s POV:

I was left extremely dumbfounded by Luca.

Who the heck is this man and why the HELL does he keep pushing me to my limits. Excuse my language but he has no right to pry into my well being. That is unless he realized that I was regressing.

I hate men. They confuse and mess with your heart and head. Gosh this was everything like the books I used to read as a teenager. But holy hell I feel confused and broken. God why can't people leave me alone!!

I feel as if I am cursed with beauty now. I wish I stayed the way I was years ago.

Before he left I noticed the huge tip he had left for me, and don’t think I missed the little stunt he pulled that almost brought me down on my knees for him.


¨I will see you very very soon beautiful¨ He came up behind me pressing his member against the middle section of my back. Shoot!! I was beginning to turn into what was NOT supposed to be shown in public. I was about to submit but kept my ground and broke rules by looking up into his eyes. He began to quicken his breaking when he saw I was gaining confidence. If I was his than I knew I would get it really bad, beatings and all. When I turned to him he lowered himself to my ear. His minty breath hit my cheek finally speaking with such dominance ¨Mine¨ He growled. I spoke to damn soon.

¨ Only. Fucking. Mine¨ WTF WTF WTF WTF!!!

And with that he vanished leaving a mess in my panties. I clenched my thighs keeping myself from recieving more enjoyment. I was in pure bliss just by listening to his voice claim my body and mind. My heart want to fall to my knees and submit the little power I had to him, but my brain kept me from making such decision.

My hand covered my mouth instantly just in case my moans decided to escape....I was going to have to take care of that when I got home.

And just a side note, why did Luca look like someone I knew. Although I had have not known anyone with such height and muscle. I hated men that looked like they were on some steroids to gain muscle, Thank god he was not one of them. Luca was broad shouldered but very tall and muscular. His Aura spoke for itself.


He looked be 10 years older than me but knowing my past that’s how I prefered them.

Older with power

He left me all regressed so I had to head home just because I didn’t intend on people noticing my switch. Mama Brielle let me go early knowing I was acting off. I think she knew about me being what I am.

I grabbed my pink chanel handbag and dug into till I found my keys. The white 2020 jeep lit up in the parking lot. I named her Alaska back when I bought her at the beginning of the year, such a beauty.

The breeze hit me from the front sending chills all over me. I just wanted to crawl under my pastel duvet and snuggle into my stuffies while watching some Once Upon A Time.

I started my car but began getting shaky till I had no control over my weight. My hand slipped from the key console and I lost control beginning to break down.

I hated being so alone at tough times like this. It took all my courage this morning to be big and independant.

How was I going to drive feeling all torn up inside.

Luca just left me, and I was beyond scared to drive in the city already switched.

I was not prepared to be alone. I needed someone to help me but deep inside I knew no one was going to be able to. It's times like this were I wished I had someone to help me get through my struggles. And that FREAKIN LUCA just created more for me.

I had enough of BIG people problems!!!


Lucas POV:

I drove off into the town looking at all the beauty if offered. LA is not as bad as people describe it, it all depends on your perspective and location of the city.

I was struggling keeping still in my seat thinking about my little Angel’s face when I caught her by surprise. I feel extremely bad for leaving her the way I left her.

I needed her to know who her fucking boss was and how to respect him.

Thinking about her all little and vulnerable gave me a tense feeling in the lower half of my stomach. My mine was focused on her arms being shackled to my bedpost and her ankles tied all spread out for show. I almost lost perception of where I was going.

I just kept thinking about how sweet she was going to taste for me and how tight she is. God fucking dammit I think I just came in my fucking slacks....

I started to wonder about how my brothers were holding up the company. My mind was stuck thinking about my dad stuck in his movable memory foam mattress watching netflix while eating as much food as his body could hold onto. Lucky piece of shit.

That's when it hit me that I forgot my work notes at my seat. Hopefully Brielle held it off to the side.

I gave a call to the Diner hoping to hear Isabella’s voice when I heard another waitress.

"Hello this is Maddie speaking from The Golden Diner how may I help you”

“I believe I left my work notes at the booth towards the back of the diner, just wondering if someone can put it aside.”

She asked me to stay on the line so she could catch my booth . I heard her yell Isabella’s name to go grab it. Then I heard Brielle cut in saying she has to go home because she was feeling tired...Did I do that to my baby, I feel like a asshole.

I hear the phone being picked up by brielle,

“All set son just come pick it up before 9pm”

We exchanged goodbyes than I turned right into 94th street to pick up what belongs to me.

Ring Ring

I picked up my phone to see that there was an unknown number trying to reach me. I clicked the button on my dashboard to answer.

Brother there has been an incident, dad is not well to get out of bed and we have locked up 4 spy's in building A3. I need permision to dispose of them, lock them up, or question them. Take all the time you need, these fuckers are scared shitless.” I heard James chuckle on the other side of the line. James was always one easy brother to talk to, but always full of shit.

“Take them for questioning down to D19 and chain them, strip them of all clothes, shave there head for any signs of cameras or hidden mics. Check there mouths aswell and do NOT forget to check there body for trackers. Take there whole limb if any are found.”

James had more to say about the men and there stance under us. I had no intentions on listening due to the fact that it did not matter.

10 minutes later I pull up to the shop then give into a nice stretch. The cold air hits the back side of my neck giving my a deep sensation. I loved the cold.

When I walk in I miss the smell of Vanilla because I only smell coffee.

“Thanks Brielle, I owe you one” She pushes me out the door before other customers arrive.

Then smell of Vanilla and Coffee hits me again. Turning my head back and forth I still see no sign of my princess.

I get into my car waiting just incase, the music I set puts me to ease about by little girl. God all MINE, I can't get anymore lucky.

Searching mildly around the lot I spot a girl that shared similarities with my Isabella...Then reality smacked me across the face like a huge plank.

Its my baby..but why is she crying.

It broke my heart seeing her all stressed and upset. I never wanted her to cry, I just wanted to pick her up into my lap stroking her hair telling her all was ok. God is it so wrong that my cock just hardened thinking about it?


I saw her straighten up herself and take a orange pill bottle out. I was fine with her taking her regular meds that I read in her file but none said to take them at 11:10 AM. She threw her blue and pink stuffie in the back, which is fucking adorable. Maybe she found her safe space and lifted her big girl pants up. She began to drive slowly onto the empty street. I knew it was way to early to take her now, she is still mine and always will but its just that I wont make any harsh approach yet.

I layed back in my seat visioning her plump pink lips form into that cute smile she had plastered on her face. How amazing it would be to hold her small body in my huge hands. Those eyes glistening in my head. Her amazing ass pressed into me as I slapped her countless times. That's the only time I wanted her to be full of tears, under my body being pounded without any say. I wonder how wet she would be by being tied up hanging by rope I would hold. God I wanted to torture that pretty cunt, make her cum countless times.

'My little fucking cum slut, god dammit you make daddy hard.'

I was going to mark her and claim her before anyone else could.

She was going to wear MY collor and MY marks. Her body is now mine and I will do as I please with it.

I will play with whats mine. She is mine to Fuck, Make love to, Protect, Love, and Care for till the day I die.

I reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. It was semi hard but grew at the touch. I waisted no time on pulling it out while stroking in against my steering wheel.

Doing this in public gave me more sensation just thinking about someone spotting me.

I started to squeeze my shaft tight while my other hand came and played with my tip rubbing the precum in. I grunted in pleasure and pain. I was going fucking crazy thinking about this innocent angel. Fuck she was going to need a extreme punishment for making her daddy feel this way.

My cock twitched in my hand after a minute of loud groaning. God I never had such an intense session of anything so sexual. Sex didnt even feel this amazing.

I let my cum shoot out onto my car leaving white stains that were going to need to be washed. I watched it leak down my dick onto my balls and black slacks.

I need a nap.


I reached my mansions garage stepping out while grabbing my things. I was going to need to work extra tonight because I spent all my time on my kitten and giving my cock attention.

I felt ready for round 3 and 4 but I decided to let sleep take 1st place in my To-Do list.

"Hi sir, did you have a good day" Gabe, my butler asked.

"Fucking perfect.." I smiled at everyone that heard me. My smile was genuine, I never really smiled; just grinned. My personal Maid, Jenny and cook, Leonardo came to greet me and take my things as they heard me coming in with such excitement.

"Sir..your um-m.."

Then I saw My second brother Jamisine come in behind the small croud of servents.

"Jesus Christ brother what the hell happend to your pants.." He screamed in shock.

I looked down to see them soiled still poking out from my semi hard cock. "Uhhh..Why the fuck are you hear what happened with those fuckers that you were suppose to lock up."

Jamie looked me up and down realizing what a hot mess I was. My hair was messed up, pants soaked, face red, and legs shaking.

"There fine...must of fucked a good one hmm.."

I shook my head No..."I got off twice all myself fuck off Jamie"

He grabbed the file I had my butler Print out when I was out eating. Jamie looked into it with huge eyes. I could tell he was drooling, I think he even forgot to breathe. I snached the file from his hands while jogging upstairs. It was my little Isabella.

"Care to share Big Bro, its not everyday you meet the sexyiest little angel on the planet" He chuckled loudly.

I cant believe he had the audacity to say that about MY baby girl.

"If you ever...ever fucking try I will wash all your hard work away and make you dry of sex for as long as you fucking live, you hear?

He shook his head No and left me in the house. What a idiot!

Why in hell was he hear anyway all he did was gloat and leave.

He is so lucky he is related, I would cut his limits in a second if he was not apart of my life for threatening to take whats mine. I will leave a quick voicemail for my other brothers, in the mean while I need to change my locks.

Jamie was always...special, looked up to me for anything and everything...But thats what I am most afraid of. I am going to make sure he lays not even a glance on my kitty, and if he does he will never ever again to anyone.

I can't wait to wake up and head on over to the Diner.

This is going to take some time before I can take away my Kitten. Its going to be hard for her to trust and love me, but I already trust and love her, I wont say it verbally but its true.

This teenager is going to be the death of me.

I feel the need to run back and take her in my arms forever.

Only am I soft for her.

I can't believe I just meet Isabella 2 hours ago, but we still have a whole life time left so I can wait, my feelings aren't going anywhere my love.

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