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Chapter 4

Isabella’s POV

I pulled my car into the Apartments Garage so I could rest at my place and take the longest nap ever.

The Apartment was beautiful, it even gave me a wonderful view of the city. It had a Grey theme to it so when I decorated it I hinted in spots of yellow and green to give my apartment a homey touch. My home had two bedrooms, beautiful kitchen, two bathrooms, One sitting room and one Living room, plus a gorgeous dining room.

It was a perfect size for me, there were certainly luxurious parts to LA. I was thankful for my scholarship because I only really had to put the money into myself and not my schooling.

I threw my bag onto my grey couch by the glass wall making sure I was being careful, I got to see all of LA through the glass wall in the living room. After I used the bathroom then I ran into my room.

I fell in love with it more than anything else. The walls were a light grey, my bed was made with a light colored wood which matched my beautiful coral and blue silk bed set. I had my pink and white bedroom tent in the corner with tons of stuffies and pillows in it. There hung pretty white lights from my ceiling giving my room some glow.

“Mr Sparkles....where you” I looked all over until I found my big white teddy bear under my bed.

“Now how in da world you get there silly, your so big I no see ya” I giggled for a while. Mr Sparkles was my best friend, he never lies or is a meanie to some people.

I picked up 4 more stuffies and brought them into my queen sized bed. Then it hit me, I couldn’t stop thinking about Da- I mean Luca...

I paused my TV show and got up to take a shower focusing on getting that MAN out of my head not to mention my heart. I undressed looking at myself in the mirror. I took in the view looking at my beautiful curves and facial features

My chest was extremely large which was a big set back in exercising. My legs were perfect and thic which matched my plump butt, and my very very tiny waist. I weighed about 125 pounds in all. My hair reached the middle of my back even with its natural beach waves.

I had enough of admiring myself in the mirror for once so I hopped into the shower closing the glass slide in door behind me.

I lathered myself in Vanilla body wash, after I did a quick shave all over my legs and Princess parts.

I washed my lower body then felt my hand scan across my clit, this was no accident on my part. I started of in small circles around my clit then shortly after my other hand gripped my left breast. My tiny hands pinched my nipples until I let out soft whimpers that were disguesed by the water coming down onto the granet shower floors.

“Luca...please” I whispered over an over to get a better sensation of what I felt. I pushed two fingers into my pussy till I hit my sensitive spots, soon after I was feeling weak. With the shower still running I walked out to grab my wand and lifted myself onto the kitchen counter. Thank god it was charged because I would be livid.

I started putting it at my pussy lips 0n level 3 so I could get to my high quicker. I let out heavy yelps and screams as I made the levels go up past 4 and 5. I began to stutter trying to form words which got me closer to my high.

I pictured Luca naked hovering on top of my gripping my legs against his shoulders slamming me with no mercy. I pictured his face filled with ecstasy and power. He was huge and Dominate over me, making me feel small and taken care of.

“P-please..fu.fuck me please harder, use me and o-own me please!” I shouted out. There was a tight knot forming in my stomach which felt unreal. I let go squirting onto the wand then again cumming over and over while keeping the vibrator against me.

I screamed clasping back onto the table tired and stressed relieved. That’s really what I needed to take a nap, I felt sore and so weak.

I really loved bdsm sex even though I was a virgin, I just know I preferred it over any other sex. I always listened to Ddlg, Bdsm, Cgl audios before bed time to keep me satisfied. I really wished I had someone to share my life with, then again who the fuck can you trust when your all alone.

I continued my shower after I was done then went back to sleep, I should wake up some time later to study and possibly go exploring.

When I woke back up I got into a light purple criss cross crop top and light washed ripped jeans. I matched it with a small, tight diamond choker. I put my hair in cute loose french braids adding small white fake flowers throughout it.

I picked out my mini light blue Luis Vuitton backpack, packing my credit card, cash, snack, drinks, and my phone. I locked up my apartment grabbing my keys heading out the door for the day.

I decided to take a long walk downtown by the Exposition Rose Garden, too my surprise I saw only a couple family´s with smaller children. From what I read online it was a huge tourist attraction. Maybe it wasn´t packed because school starts this week everyone is back where they came from to start there sessions.

I took out a sandwich I had backed and some apple juice that I put in my portable mug. I sat in the grass for a while looking out at the sunset. The yellow intertwined with the red turning the sky orange, the orange had mixed with the left over red perfectly to create a pretty pink color that filled the rest of the night sky.

I sat and thought about everything that I had ever gone through in the past 7 years.

It was all worth it, worth leaving behind my family, worth leaving the little friends I had, it was all worth leaving behind the records I had and the mistakes I made and move here. I will never regret it, and I will never go back from where I came from.

I just wish I didn’t leave the way I did, I wish I didn’t have to tear my family apart from me all those years ago just because I was stupid enough to get in so much trouble.

I had no love. No real family and friends that still wanted me. I was alone...I don’t like being alone anymore.

I sat thinking about my past realizing I should focus on the now. I had the rest of my life left to do what I want to do, after all I am 19 years old.

When I finished my meal, I started to notice how dark the sky had become so I decided to pack up my things and leave for the night.

I started my jeep up pulling out of the grassy parking lot onto the paved road. The city was busy at night but no problem, I just hated the honking and screaming at other cars.

I was fucking terrified forget what I said before.


A driver scared my shitless coming out of nowhere honking at me over and over until I moved. I had to wait because of the red light but I guess people are really impatient.

I started feeling weak and scared to where I had no perception of where I was going anymore so I sped through the red light at 80 MPH until I saw a intersection open I could pull into.

I got out an held my hands to my head pulling my hair till it burned.

Flashes of black and white spread across my memory like paint. The screams, skin slapping, bone crushing, knife slicing sounds filled my head. I had no control of how I could stop everything from coming right back until I saw big beaming lights attack the front of my car. I was able to pull out of my trance and calm down once I saw a distraction come my way.

Jamie´s POV:

I was driving back from my brothers listening to to radio, I was in a rush to get back to my dogs and the sunday driver ahead of me took there time.

I hunked 3 time´s most likely scaring them shitless until they took off at a fast speed

When I saw the car ahead of me bult off in its direction. I new this had to end badly. Over 1,000 drivers drove at night and one was bound to hit a car driving 80 MPH on the freeway.

I followed the car and could not believe my eyes when I looked at the collision in front of me. I knew exactly who was the driver and I felt like shit, I was in so much trouble.

Luca´s POV:

I layed in bed thinking...just thinking. Nothing much to think about except my baby girl.

My cock hardened at the thought of her sleeping peacefully in her bed. Fuck I just can´t seem to get over myself. I decided to let sleep take over so my head could fill itself with visions of my Kitten.

I sat at my office working on some files, answering emails, and drinking small amounts of whisky.

I heard a soft knock on my door “come in” I said.

My kitten came in wearing one of my sweatshirts that had reached her knees.

“Kitten baby come here” I pulled her up onto my lap while stroking her face. As she settled into me I felt her princess parts rest on my panties, this is going to be fun.

I placed my hands on her hips rocking her back and forth on my knee, I knew she could feel it against her clit so she tried to wiggle out of my grasp. Instead I held her hands down on her lap so I could reach in my desk to find the cuffs. I smirked at her whimpering trying to hold in her moans.

I locked up her hands throwing the keys across the room into the trash can, her eyes light up in arousal and fear. I smelt the pool that was forming on my knee which brought me pleasure.

I pulled on the leash to her collar I had bought for her, it was baby blue decorated in diamonds. I lightly tugged it while bouncing my knee on her slutty cunt. Bella thought she could take power by stroking my cock through my pants teasing me, I don't like being teased.

I pulled harder and bounced more until I heard loud cute moans escape her mouth. Her beautiful ocean eyes looked up at me with innocence. “Daddy love´s you Princess“ I groaned really loudly

I lowered my head down into her neck sucking her sweet spots decorating her body with hickeys and bite marks.

She just kept on whimpering and moaning into my chest. I knew she had to be close so I grabbed the dildo from my desk attaching it to my knee. Her eyes were glossy with ecstasy.

I lowered her down onto it pumping her harder and harder. She screamed my name asking to cum but I kept Denying. I felt her trying to get out of my grasp so I no choice but to tie her up.

Once I had rapped her wasit and arms with rope I grabbed all ends pulling them so she whimpered in pain. I slapped her down onto the dildo until she accidentally came.

“Bad kitten, I gave you no girl needs to suffer the consequences“ I looked down at her and smirked. She looked so fragile and nervous.

I undid my pants and lifted her onto my cock. Her body was so tiny and her cunt was to tight. I was at least 9 inches long and 3 inches wide on her. When I let her go ontop of me she collapsed on my cock shaking and moaning. I grunted loudly yelling swears out loud.

I let her adjust for a minute but my beast took over. I gripped onto her sides for deal life pumping her onto me.

Just by sitting in my lap Isabella reached my chest, she was so sweet and tiny. I lifted her chin up before slamming her down into me again, there was no way I was going to last long. I felt her twitching while getting tighter, I knew she was sore and weak but I just needed her so badly.

Her eye rolled back in her head and her body fell into mine giving me control to claim her.

I chanted the words “Mine“ Over and over again.

“ kitten your so

I was woken up by my phone´s ring tone. I looked down at my pants and my cock hardly went limp it stood up harder than a rock not budging and my pants were creamed.

I picked my phone up sighing at the ID

“This better be fucking good Jamie and I swear if you touch-“ I was cut of by my brother, he was wheezing like her just ran a marathon

¨I think you should come down here..¨

I scuffed at my brother´s words ¨Why, and where are you¨

¨Well...the freeway..¨

¨Again why do you need me¨

¨Well...becauseisabellascaristotalled¨ He slurred out, I only heard Isabella´s name.

¨What did you just say...¨

¨Her car is totalled..¨

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