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Helen is an average 15 year old girl living life her and her twin brother Max go to high school in LA to see their old friends Mady and Mat but things are different when max gets hot and becomes a huge flirt.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

"come down Helen!!!" my mom shouted. "OK!" I exclaimed I am Helen Masters and today I go to LA for High school finally get to leave my crazy Latino mum and brothers except for Max he is my twin my favorite brother. "Helen I am leaving you," Max shouted
hearing that I knew it was no joke carried my bag kissed my mom goodbye waved to the rest of my brothers and jerked my bag into the trunk, and jumped in the car. "Sorry," I said. "Classic Helen." he said giggling."I can't wait, we will finally have a house to ourselves. and we can finally see Mady and Mat."I said."can't wait," Max said with a little smirk. Mady is my best friend who moved a few years ago cause her dad got a new project and Mat is her annoying older brother and my brother's best friend we bought a house beside theirs.
we got to the airport and got to LA really fast Max slept the whole way. Waiting for us was the driver our dad sent us. We got in and the drive was smooth I couldn't wait. We got to the house it was huge and outside was Mady and Mat were outside I ran over to them and hugged Mady while Mat and Max were hugging I noticed how much taller Mat was than Max then I remembered he was older. Mat had also gotten really hot. The driver helped take the luggage into the house. we all walked in to find our dad decorated the house the way we wanted. Mady went to go get something from her house that she got for me. Max went to go see his room. And I was left with Mat he smirked and said "so how are u Hell." "Don't call me that Matthew" I said knowing he hated being called that. He laughed and moved closer making me rest my back on the wall "eww get off me" I said "Nah I'm cool call me Matthew again and you will see what happens." he growled "okay Matthew" I said then he pulled my hair and then he smirked then went on to see Max. I just went off to my room and started unpacking then Mady walked in and handed me a friendship bracelet with our initials and said"I missed you so much I have so much to tell you" then she went on and on while I unpacked it was 6 p.m when Mat and Max walked in and asked if we wanted to go out to eat "okay, Mady when we get back I have something for you." I said, "you have something for me?" Mat said hopefully right then Max slapped the back of his head "actually yes " I said with a smirk across Mat smiled back "does it involve a bed?"He said winking at me "yeah a big white bed" I said "but your bed is blue and mine is red" he said confused "I know I am talking about the hospital bed you will be on after I beat you up." he smirked and Max and Mady burst into laughter then Mat went outside to start the car and we followed.

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